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Roast Suckling Pig Help!

simon: i have never done this before so this is why I am asking this question. haha

gastronomeg: i may need help eating it if my family doesn't tear up the whole thing. =D

Markbb: thanks for the tip!

Vietnamese pâté recipe anyone?

Kitchenlove, I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandmother lives in Hong Kong and I get to see her every few years if I'm lucky. So I understand how you would want home-cooked recipes written down.

There is a pate recipe in Andrea Nguyen's book "Into The Vietnamese Kitchen". She also has a website with recipes and other info.

I am going to try to pick up the book and test out the recipe this weekend. You've inspired me to do some experimental cooking! I'll let you know how it turns out. =)

Vietnamese pâté recipe anyone?

kitchenlove... great question! i love banh mi too! I found this recipe online but haven't tried it yet.

A friend recently recommended a place to buy Vietnamese white pork salami in NYC. Not sure if you live in the area, but please let me know and I will post up the store's information.

I hope this helps!

Group dining

Eating with a large group can definitely become difficult, especially when people start ordering a lot of cocktails, wine or bottles of wine. Then, when the check comes... it's all over!

Some restaurants can be great at accommodating large groups by offering prix fixe menus. You can also ask if you are able to create your own menu by picking out what they currently offer. This makes it easier everyone - you, your group, the restaurant and your wallet. =)

I come from a family of 7 so I absolutely understand how hard it can be!

Cook the Book: 'Prime Time Grilling'

I'm with jjjustinnn. I definitely need a pair of tongs to grill. I don't know how I would grill without them.

Sweet & Savory dishes... love it or hate it?

Dominic - Thank you for the link to your recipe. And I do agree with you that it's probably because most restaurants err on the side making dishes too sweet. Growing up in a home where my family usually eats plain white rice... I don't think I can mix fruit with rice. I think that would be too extreme for me to handle. haha =)

Sawyerriley - Call me a weirdo... but I find PB&J kinda gross! Even though a ton of people love the combo, I can't bring myself to eat it.

Some people eat cream cheese & jelly on a bagel...ugh. I don't where these combos come from!

Carriebwc - I feel the same way you do! Keeps those things separated!

Thank you everyone for your input! Hopefully my boyfriend won't think I'm so nutty for knowing that other people feel the same way I do. =)

soup season....

Pork dumplings in chicken broth with fish cake, cabbage, shitake mushrooms and scallions.

Rice porridge with some salted pork, soy sauce and scallions.

I need new knives - any recommendations?

Global knives are a bit pricey but I really love the ones that I have. The handles are comfortable & rounded (which is a big thing for me), light and cuts extremely well.

Apple Picking in NY

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll be sure to look into these places. =)

I haven't gone apple picking in ages so, I'm definitely looking forward to get some nice apples and other goodies.

Jennefur - Cider donuts sound delicious! I'll have to pick some up!


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