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Clams Casino Has Every Reason to Be a Great Dish. Now It Is.

Nice article :-D ... I have no experience cooking clams. I'm a little surprised that purging process has not been done before arriving at the grocery store. These look great. I think I'll try them.

The Food Lab: The Best Meatloaf

I just asked the front desk of my local Giant grocery store and they had Marmite.

The Food Lab: The Best Meatloaf

Okay Kenji, just made the meatloaf. Absolutely terrific! I have made a bunch of your recipes but this is my favorite :-D

The Food Lab: The Best Meatloaf

Yay!! Kenji meatloaf :-D ... I have been waiting for this

The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich Chicken Chile Verde in Under 30 Minutes

Is there an economical pressure cooker that you can recommend?

Use the Microwave to Dry Your Herbs for Long-Lasting Intense Flavor

I have always wanted to try making rosemary infused olive oil but warnings of botulism have scared me away from it. I wonder if drying the rosemary with this method would be sufficient to avoid that problem?

Sorry, New York; Why Los Angeles is the Best Pastrami City in America

Wait Kenji, how can you say she's absolutely right without ever having tried pastrami in LA? That's not science :-)

How to Make Meatball Pizza

Chicken Fried Meatballs LOL :-)

Why Diners Are More Important Than Ever

The statement I most agree with is that the diner experience is not focused on the food. Whenever I see a diner I have not tried before I like to go in. I enjoy the atmosphere of them and I like to find out how long a place has been around. Unfortunately the food is rarely very good. I usually try the meatloaf hoping that I will find a good economical place to get my favorite dish.
It seems to me that if a diner would limit the menu and just do a few things really well they could keep costs under control and still keep people coming back. Breakfast is a slam dunk ... its pretty hard to mess that up, but give me a descent meatloaf, some good chicken and dumplings, and an above average burger and fries ... that's all I ask.

How to Export Your Recipe Box When Ziplist Shuts Down

This is weak! I don't expect to get great pizza by going to Dominos and I don't expect Serious Eats to outsource basic important functionality of their site.

Pizza Hack: Is Copper Better Than the Baking Steel?

Next year they will come up with the copper/steel bonded and grooved baking steel for $250 ... sigh!

Pizza Hack: Is Copper Better Than the Baking Steel?

Ha! I thought for sure that this article was going to mean that I had to replace my baking steel with a copper slab. Turns out I have to replace my baking steel with another baking steel. Darn it Kenji, make sure you don't have any more bright ideas about the 2015 baking steel before it goes into production (shaking my fist)

Serious Eats Remembers Gray's Papaya

I don't get up to NYC as much as I would like. However, whenever I do there are a few things that I always do. These things help to ground me in the big city and make me feel at home. Grays is one of those things. Always the upper west side location. I first stumbled across it years ago when I was waiting for a space show to start at the Rose Space Center. I had a little time to kill and walked around looking for a quick bite. There was Grays, the dogs were so satisfying and inexpensive. I honestly don't think I have ever been back to NYC without going there. I always keep an eye out for a new space show too :-)

In Defense of Eating Alone

I eat alone at the bar all the time. I bring my Kindle and read or strike up a conversation with bar tender or patrons. Best thing that ever happened to eating at the bar was the banning of smoking in restaurants!

Burger Trends and News: 2013 Edition

Down this way (Wilmington De) we have Jakes (Way Back) burgers. they are really great. Occasionally, I get up to Philly for the shake shack burgers which are great as well (maybe even a little better). Never was a Five Guys fan.

Burger Trends and News: 2013 Edition

I love the waffle bun idea :-). I really need to try that. I wonder if kenji's stuffing waffles would work well with a burger? Maybe a turkey burger with stuffing waffle bun? Heehee

Poll: Do You Cut Your Burger in Half Before You Eat It?

Hey that Dear Mom burger looks pretty good! If you said I could have one as long as I cut it in half then I would oblige you :-)

Introducing the Serious Eats Edition Baking Steel and KettlePizza Backyard Pizza Oven Kit

Yay! This is so exciting. I would really like to see a video of it being setup and used. I think that would be a nice advertisement of the device for the holidays.

Poll: How Do You Like Your Burger Cooked?

Its easy to say medium rare. For a thicker burger I prefer a traditional medium rare, meaning pink in the middle with no uncooked portion of the meat. With a smash burger I find that the meat can be plenty juicy and tender while still being cooked through (no pink). Regardless of the doneness, I always want to have a nice bark :-)

The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

Hey Kenji, I got a pizza steel for Christmas! What if I place the steel on the rack above the pan for this process. Will it help? Thanks again.

The Food Lab: Can I Dry Age Beef At Home?

Thanks Kenji, great article! I look forward to the results from the tests in progress. What I would really be interested in is a DIY dry age room project so that I could do the job properly myself at home with a small dedicated room/closet and sell whatever I don't eat to a local restaurant :-)

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

I started using a thermometer on chicken breasts on the grill so that I don't dry them out. Its actually a digital model designed to leave in the meat and stick the digital read out on the outside of the oven. The pen would work much better for quick grilling tasks. Thanks for the chance!

Philadelphia: Thin-Crust Pies at The Original Tacconelli's Pizzeria

Sounds like something that could be fun once in a while (once every couple of months maybe). There are too many good pizza options in the area to regularly bother with that much fuss in my opinion.


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