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Video: Ask Paulie Gee, Week 1

There is only one question that Paulie Gee should answer. Where does he get the bloody tomatoes from?

The Food Lab: The Science of No-Knead Dough

Where the dough is in contact with the sides of the dutch oven, the primary form of heat transfer will be conduction rather than radiation and given the plastic nature of dough, the contact will be good. Only the upper surface of the dough will be heated by radiation.

Copper Top Ovens Wins San Francisco's Nomadic Pizza Throwdown

"That's just how we roll."

The man should get a life and play more GTA IV!

Daily Slice: Spring Vegetable Flatbread at Rioja, Denver

She'll have your eyes out - calling it pizza in a "fine dining" establishment.

Pizza Protips: Altitude Adjustments

I'd be interested to see what happened to bread and cake if baked at sea level and then suddenly exposed to the reduced pressure at several thousand feet. The gluten in the bread would probably hold it together, but the cake might be interesting

Pizza Protips: Altitude Adjustments

You left off the geek option - fit your kitchen with a hyperbaric chamber and prep and cook your pizza at effectively sea level,although it might not be a good idea to put at WFPO in there.

DiGiorno's Frozen Pizza and Cookies

But the "creative spelling" of Wyngz isn't creative. It's because they are made from reformed white meat so they can't call them boneless wings. 'cos they ain't.

Pizza Protips: Bakers' Percentages

Don't buy a regular scale if you want to use this method, buy a scale that support baker's percentages. For example:

Chicago: Cuckoo for Pizza at Coco Pazzo

With the Funghi e Gorgonzola pizza, was the butternut squash puree in place of the tomato sauce?

Dear Slice: 'I Have a Very Odd Request'

I'm with Tupper Cooks! on this - wrapping a present neatly on a car seat isn't difficult (I do it all the time) so doing it on the counter in the pizzeria should be easy and adding some ribbon and a bow or two is a piece of piss. Although don't forget to take adhesive tape and some blunt-nosed scissors with you (you don't want to stab yourself in the side from sharp-nosed scissors in your pocket) and remember to drag the end of any plastic ribbon across the back of the scissors to put some curls in it to make it look even more girlie!

Better yet fill a regular pizza box with hand-made chocolates to scoff while watching the film and give her that. No girl would ever forget that!

A Look at Burger King's Latest Whopper Bar in NYC and Their New Pizza Burgers

Did the burgers for sale look as good as the display versions? I've never seen a Whopper (or any other fast food burger for that matter) that looked like the display images.

Multiple Studies Show the Health Benefits of Eating Pizza

This means there are now three good reasons to visit Italy and I'm not referring to the sons!.

Classic Cookbooks: Elizabeth David's Ratatouille

A traditional after-dinner coffee cup is larger than a demitasse as it would be used to serve regular coffee rather than espresso (something foreign that mods and beatniks drunk), If you look at old dinner services, you will see tea cups which are typically about a third of a pint although some teacups used for breakfast might contain up to half a pint, then you will see what looks like a small teacup which is for after-dinner coffee and that will contain about a sixth of a pint, so two after-dinner coffee cups is about the same as a regular teacup. Why she didn't just say a cup is unclear although the ratatouile I remember eating back in the sixties on holidays in Provence was always oil-rich, so much so that my father, who was oil adverse would never eat his (yummeee). Maybe she was trying to hide the quantity of oil used so that the typical frugal cook would not think there was too much oil in it. I think with the arrival of nouvelle cusine things changed for the worse with this dish.

Oh, and try cooking it, once you have added the chopped tomatoes, overnight in an unglazed earthernware pot in a low oven and it is truly sublime or if you have an open wood fire bury the pot after seailng the lid with some flour and water paste in the embers before going to bed. Ratatouille with toasted (Poilane-style) sourdough bread is great for breakfast!

NYC: Soho's Mercer Kitchen a Pizza Anachronism

As an Alsatian, Jean-Georges should be able to turn out a mean Flammkuchen or Tarte flambée, so maybe he's aiming at pizzaesque tarte flambée.

NYC: Soho's Mercer Kitchen a Pizza Anachronism

It is the restarant for a fairly expensive hotel and most certainly not a pizzeria, so I wouldn't expect it to produce cutting-edge pizza. It also looks like it is part of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's empire which explains the good ingredients and (maybe) the poor base (he's an Alsatian not Italian).

Reality Check: Red Baron Pan Pizza Supreme

Pizza must be baked in a regular oven. Never use a toaster oven or portable oven. Failure to follow all instructions on package may cause smoke, and rare cases, fire."

Pure CYA. Their lawyers don't want a call from your lawyers after you burn down your house..

Paulie Gee: 'You're Welcome to Poke Through My Garbage'

Do you think this is a Roman pizzeria where the pizzaiola won't even tell his own brother what brand of tomatoes he uses? Did the four girls witness "severe consequences"?

Paulie Gee: 'You're Welcome to Poke Through My Garbage'

"severe consequences"

Ha! Next he'll be telling us the Gee is an familial abbreviation of Gualtieri.

Photo of the Day/Comment of the Day: Pecking Order

But not as good as this quote

It's even happened to Charlie Hallowell at Pizzaiolo in Oakland."

"When people come to Pizzaiolo and say, 'I don't eat wheat or cheese,' I'm like, 'Why did you come to a pizzeria?' " Hallowell says.



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