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Paramus, NJ: Burgers, Cupcakes, Kettle Chips, and More at Bucu

Checked this out yesterday and it's fantastic. I do agree that the burger needs to be done at medium because medium well (what they usually do) is just a little too far done. That doesn't mean it's not good I just agree that cooking it slightly less will make it a whole lot better. And the cupcake shakes are GREAT! Had a red velvet cupcake blended with vanilla ice cream.

Eating Our Way Through The Menu at Red Ribbon Bakeshop

just a heads up but there's one right across the hudson in jersey city so not necessarily in the state of ny but pretty damn's about 5 minutes from the journal square PATH station

Street Cart Battle!

53rd and 6th is my personal favorite. Apparently the same for many people in the tri-state since a ridiculously long line could be found at midnight into the early morning hours

Sugar Rush: Momofuku Milk Bar's New Cereal Soft Serve Flavors

i just got back from there today and it is AMAZING

of all the flavors i liked the subtlety of the cereal milk the best. Fruity pebbles wasn't too bad either, but i like it simple