Paramus, NJ: Burgers, Cupcakes, Kettle Chips, and More at Bucu

Checked this out yesterday and it's fantastic. I do agree that the burger needs to be done at medium because medium well (what they usually do) is just a little too far done. That doesn't mean it's not good I just agree that cooking it slightly less will make it a whole lot better. And the cupcake shakes are GREAT! Had a red velvet cupcake blended with vanilla ice cream.

Eating Our Way Through The Menu at Red Ribbon Bakeshop

just a heads up but there's one right across the hudson in jersey city so not necessarily in the state of ny but pretty damn's about 5 minutes from the journal square PATH station

Street Cart Battle!

53rd and 6th is my personal favorite. Apparently the same for many people in the tri-state since a ridiculously long line could be found at midnight into the early morning hours

Sugar Rush: Momofuku Milk Bar's New Cereal Soft Serve Flavors

i just got back from there today and it is AMAZING

of all the flavors i liked the subtlety of the cereal milk the best. Fruity pebbles wasn't too bad either, but i like it simple

Boston Restaurant Recommendations (seafood and Asian especially)

I'm heading to boston tomorrow just to explore with a friend. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good restaurants to check out...preferably on the cheap end. Need a place to check out for lunch and dinner. Since it's boston I thought i should checkout the seafood so if anyone can recommend any good seafood. I'll be arriving at South Street station so any good restaurants recommendations around there would also be appreciated.

so key points:
- affordable (i'm a college student so is my friend)
- metro boston area (i'll be walking all of it)
- seafood = awesome

oh yeah is boston a good place to find clam chowder? It's my first time going to Boston

Best Korean BBQ NYC

I'm looking for a good korean bbq restaurant that's good for large groups. Preferably for groups about 10-15 people. I've seen many reviews but they all seem to say the same thing so i'll base it off of peoples experiences.


Pastries and More at Epicerie Boulud

Boulud Sud, the newest restaurant from esteemed French chef Daniel Boulud, may be getting a great deal of critical attention these days, but I've been finding the attached cafe-boulangerie-patisserie—Epicerie Boulud—just as fascinating. Daniel and crew are doing so much and on so many fronts that I can't fit all my thoughts in one post. So stay tuned for a full review later tonight. Right now? Let's talk about their pastries. More

Epicerie Boulud: Extraordinary Sandwiches and Desserts from Daniel Boulud And His Crew

With Epicerie Boulud, Daniel Boulud and his crew have raised the bar for sandwich-pastry shops in New York. It's a genre that was already improved by Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery, a mere long baguette's length away in the Time-Warner Building—but the sheer breadth, depth and astoundingly consistent quality of the offerings at Epicerie Boulud will make it the envy of Keller and every other world-class chef who attempts to scale the sandwich shop-bakery mountain. More

What to Eat Near the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a can't-miss destination for many New York visitors. But a day at the Met requires serious fuel. Wandering between the grand halls, rooftop sculpture displays, and room upon room (upon photography exhibit, upon gallery), hours tend to disappear quickly. So before you venture into the belly of the beast, or once you get back out to the steps, here's where to eat. More

A Look at New Amsterdam Market

We'll let the photos speak for themselves, but aside from the excellent array of foodstuffs, the New Amsterdam market was a pleasure to peruse: few long lines, plenty of space, and a sheltered space to keep out the sun. Not that we don't love all outdoor markets here at Serious Eats, but compared to some of the chaos out there, this is certainly a pleasant way to eat your way through through your Sunday afternoon. More

The Vegetarian Option: Sa Aming Nayon

Filipino food may be ready to have its breakthrough moment in New York City. Philly Pinoy provides a new reason to head out to Red Hook, and now Sa Aming Nayon, newly opened in the East Village, is getting a lot of positive attention. Of course, Filipino food is best known for pork and seafood. In fact, almost every dish in the "Vegetables" section of Sa Aming Nayon's menu features pork and/or shrimp. Luckily for vegetarians, the staff is happy to accommodate us. More

The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC

When deciding on this list, certainly history, setting, and pedigree had an impact, but in the end, it was all about the flavor. We didn't care whether the joint was 80 years old, or 8 months old, as long as they served a tasty pie. And here they are. Our favorite pizzas in the city. A mix of the old, a mix of the new, a representation of most of the boroughs, a bit of something delicious for everyone. More

Good Bread: Scratch Bread

The goods that come out of the Scratch Bread ovens are the baked equivalent of one of those Robert Rauschenberg paintings that combines found objects with carefully haphazard splashes of color. Bite into one of their sweet and greasy plantain bread cakes, and you could discover surprises like a whole dried chili pepper or a coffee bean. More

In The Midnight Hour: Izakaya Ten

By definition, the Japanese izakaya is a place meant for drinking, home cooking, and—most importantly— late nights. Izakaya Ten, on a stretch of 10th Avenue known for its vibrant art gallery scene, does the legacy proud with cramped confines, intimate lighting, and menus as boundless as the amount of shochu and sake its patrons imbibe. Seafood takes center stage, to no surprise, and a number of Japanese cooking techniques are at play: yakitori (grilling), mushimono (steaming), and pitch-perfect deep frying among them. In a neighborhood saturated with ambiguous "Mediterranean" outfits, the restaurant is a welcome distraction, and has been five years running. More

Our Top 10 Ice Cream and Gelato Spots in NYC This Summer

Summer is here to stay, and while you may be tempted to huddle inside in the air conditioning, it's worth stepping out into the city for one of these frozen treats. Ice cream, gelato, soft-serve; it's hard to say which we like more. So we rounded up our favorite scoops, swirls, and (ice cream) sandwiches in New York City: some old friends, and some new favorites. More

The Beagle in the East Village: Amazing Food with Cocktails to Match

There are any number of spots with sophisticated food and drink programs, where skilled bartenders work alongside skilled chefs. And we can certainly name a few bars (Terroir, Ardesia) where the small plates are as carefully thought through as the wine list. But we couldn't have named you a place where not only are both cocktail bar and restaurant exemplary (even destination-worthy), but they also complement each other—where a clear degree of thought is put into their pairing, not just their separate programs. That's what we found at The Beagle. More

Duck Lunch at Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Here's our CliffsNotes version of Momofuku Ssäm Bar's new duck lunch: Go. Bring a friend. Order the duck bun and the rotisserie duck over rice, with scallion pancakes, and share those two plates. If you're of hearty appetite, add a side of broccoli (if you're down with fishy-creamy dressing; we are) or potatoes (if you like your potatoes soaked in rotisserie drippings; we do). You will leave full of duck and very happy. There's more to say, of course; but really. Duck bun. Rotisserie duck. Remember those two things. More

Where to Eat a Pre- or Post-Theater Dinner in NYC

Of all the questions visitors to New York have ever posed to me, "Where do I have dinner in the Theater District?" has to be the most common. The theater-dense stretch of Midtown, between 42nd and 54th Streets on the west side of Manhattan, puts you near the lights and sounds of Times Square and the dozens of chain restaurants that reside in it—but better restaurants are a little hard to find. Still, there are plenty of good eats even in this part of town; here's our guide. More

30 Savory Bites from Taste of the Nation, NYC

Monday's New York edition of Taste of the Nation proved to be an epic meal. The highlights among the savory dishes included an insanely rich Spanish mackerel crudo from the Union Square Cafe, a cup of creamy stracciatella with sea urchin, caviar, and nasturtium granita from Roberta's, and a suckling pig croqueta from Bar Basque that came with a dropper of salsa verde and a slow cooked quail egg. More

Taste of the Nation, NYC: 10 Delicious Desserts

Even after all the savory dishes, the sweets at Taste of the Nation demanded our attention. Though spring rhubarb was a recurring theme, the stars were two non-rhubarb offerings: Telepan's incredibly delicate milk chocolate peanut buttermousse cake and Aquavit's blueberry soup with yogurt foam and egg made from goat cheese parfait with a sea buckthorn yolk. More

First Look: Beerparc, the Beer Garden Extension of Foodparc

Last night we checked out Beerparc, the new biergarten-inspired outdoor extension of Foodparc (that's dog-friendly so we leashed up Dumpling and brought him too!). There are four new food vendors set up including Harold Dieterle's stall called Soi 29, Zak Pelaccio's Fatty Snacks (yes, the Fatty Family grows), a sausage stand from Edi & the Wolf, and inside, a raw bar from Ed Brown. Naturally, there's beer, too. More