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3 Takes on Halo-Halo, the Traditional Filipino Dessert That's Popping up in NYC

New Orleans has the sno-ball, Italy's got the granita, and the shaved-ice dessert of Colombia? That would be the cholado. In the Philippines, the sweet treat goes by the name of halo-halo, the Tagalog word for "mix mix." And with Filipino food having a moment in New York (three such restaurants have opened here in the last two years)—not to mention the stifling 90-degree weather—now was a perfect time to dig in. More

We Try All 18 Kinds of Trader Joe's Trail Mix

@vonmoishe That mix sounds really good. None of the ones I tried had blueberries. Unfortunately, I didn't see it at the Chelsea NYC location; I purchased every single bag that had "trek," "trax," or "trail" in the name. Will have to keep an eye out for it next time!

The Best Delivery Snack Packages in the U.S.

@sirrix The code for Graze is working now. Let me know if you have any other problems.

The Best Delivery Snack Packages in the U.S.

@Sirrix Thanks for letting me know! I've reached out to Graze and will get that updated ASAP. @Marble89, I'll definitely check out Munchpak, thanks for the tip!

Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

I'm eating a Tim Tam right now!

Gluten-Free Cupcakes We Love in NYC

@organicgal You're right, Jenny's Way seems to be missing. Here is the contact info: 263 E 10th St.; (646) 682-9501; www.jenniferswaybakery.com. Sorry about that!

We Try Every Flavor of Amy's Candy Bars

@bf None of the bars are vegan since they're made with butter, but I'm told you should keep an eye out—there may be a vegan version soon!

First Look: Roni-Sue's Chocolate Gets Its Own Shop on The Lower East Side

The exact address is 148 Forsyth Street (between Rivington and Delancey). Hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 8PM; Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 8PM. Hope this helps!

We Try Every Flavor of Newtons Fruit Thins

@kimbo_slice I think those are a flavor of Newton Fruit Crisps, which I also want to try!

First Look: Emphasis on Fresh, Local Ingredients at L'Albero dei Gelati, Brooklyn

@Mr. Nick: They do add a touch of organic raw sugar and grape sugar, but it is subtle (at least it wasn't too sweet for me!).

We Try Every Flavor of Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola Bars

@ sarcon: That should have said "we." The truth is, he is the one that does most of the cooking!

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