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Best Single Bite in NYC

Thanks for all the replies. I have been to Otafuku and thought it was great, but want to try something different this time. Bon Chon is tempting but only if I end up in the area. Been to Momofuku when it was Chang's only place and, at least at the time, the buns were good but not "spectacular". Good thought on the Spotted Pig, Kenji, as that was another on my short list. Everyone seems to love the gnudi there, although it does not really leap out to me as a must have when just reading about it. As for Xi'an, I get some pretty tasty Szechuan in my area, so not sure if Xi'an is worth it or not. Maybe only for a one of a kind dish there or something.
Any good bone marrow small bites also in town? Had it a Blue Ribbon years ago and it was great, and just missed it in London at St. John's, but always on the lookout for it.

Best Single Bite in NYC

Great suggestions, korovka! Now I may have some trouble choosing! I wonder if Don Antonio's would deliver to a hotel? At least one of the nights that may be a solution without me feeling too bad about going out. Ippudo and/or Nam Pang may be leading the pack for the other night. I love classic banh mi, but get some pretty good versions in Chicago so will skip that.

Best Single Bite in NYC

I wonder why Pok Pok got rid of the wings? Maybe that is why their website now has nothing listed under the menu portion. Unless the pad thai is completely redone, that is usually one of the items at a Thai place I cannot even order anymore as usually it is so pedestrian and boring - overly sweet and not much contrasts going on.

Thanks for the Kung Pao pastrami rec - it sounds very tempting.

Has anyone tried Num Pang and their sandwiches? That also sounds pretty spectacular.

Best Single Bite in NYC

Sorry - I meant Pok Pok Wings, since that is in NYC and Pok Pok Ny is in Brooklyn.


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