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Oddball Liquor Laws Around the U.S.A.

PA -- the worst place I have ever lived for liquor laws. If you wanted to have a party, you had to go to three stores -- one for food, one for wine/liquor and one for beer. And woe betide you if you want a sixer and not a boring case. Or to buy beer or liquor on Sunday. Glad I live in NY now, where you can at least get decent beer in the grocery store and buy a bottle of wine on Sunday (even if it's not until noon). I love visiting friends in AZ or CA, as they all have one stop shopping with competitive prices.

12 of Our Favorite Food Movies

Munich. The dinner scenes with all that Israeli food...

Bake the Book: Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook

Violet Crumble. Too bad they don't sell them in the US anymore! Crunchie is not the same.

Which Beer Goes Best With Halloween Candy?

The desert is hot and sandy. Dessert is sweet.

Share Your Sweets: Apple Pie

@Eric, have you thought about using crushed up candied ginger?

Best Hard Cider Bar in NYC

Apparently there's a cider week now (to go with all the ice cream days and bacon days and whatever else). There's a whole list of locations:

Cook the Book: 'The Mile End Cookbook'

Corned beef on toasted rye with mustard, a pickle and a Dr. Brown's cel-ray.

NYC "noob"

Totto Ramen, Tulcingo del Valle, Azuri Cafe, Shorty's, Gazala Place, Tehuitzingo (bodega with food in the back, not a restaurant per se), Szechuan Gourmet, Pam Real Thai (it's not Queens-quality but will do in a pinch), and Casellula are my go-tos around there. But you should really take advantage of your easy access to Queens-bound trains -- there a lot more to New York than just one neighborhood.

3 Delicious Applejack Cocktail Recipes for Fall

"appealed to women 'who' didn't have experience with alcohol"?

What We're Eating: Lard Bread

When I still lived in Williamsburg, I would haul myself to Lorimer Street Market on Saturday morning to get their fantastic lard bread. Get there before 11 or 11:30 -- it can go fast!

Soda: My Lifelong Fresca Obsession

Fresca is the only diet soda I can tolerate. I'm not a soda person except for grapefruit soda or ginger ale. My favorite grapefruit sodas are still jarritos and the TJ's Italian grapefruit soda, but they are filled with sugar.

Homebrewing: 3 Ways to Chill Your Wort

I use an ice bath because I do small batches and have a double sink with a sprayer in my kitchen (in Brooklyn, no less -- it's possible). It has never taken me an hour to chill my wort! I do a dual bath and stir the wort every minute using a sanitized long spoon. Basically, if you have the wort in one bath, partially filled with cold water and ice, you can use a sink sprayer on the side of your pot to cool it down quickly. I also start the second bath midway through, so I can repeatedly plunge my pot back and forth in water that is never allowed to warm. That and spraying the side of the pot with the lid partially on (don't want beasties getting in there) usually puts me at about 10 minutes maximum to cool down a 2.5 gallon boil to 100, at which point I can add it to my sanitized carboy with top off cold water. Then it's only a few minutes until the mid-70s range, and it's yeast pitching time. A wort chiller would be better, but for now, ice bath gets the job done.

The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home

This post inspires me to throw a chicken sandwich party. And invite all my friends. Some of whom married! (clutches pearls tightly)

Why Street Vendors are Vital to NYC Food Culture

I live a few blocks away (in a lower income renters' building, so many folks in the neighborhood consider me a second class citizen too) and what I don't get about this whole story is why that vendor chose the corner that meets Montague Terrace to set up shop. It is a pretty isolated corner compared to a few blocks away. Is he allowed to be on the southern end of the promenade proper? That would be a great spot -- away from most apartments and near a lot more potential customers. Moving across the street might solve the problem.

I love the quiet, secluded feel of the area, but sometimes the people on BHB make me want to pull my hair out. We have enough of a struggle getting edible food to come to Montague street. I don't think a hotdog vendor is our biggest problem.

Soda: Manhattan Special's Non-Coffee Sodas

Where in NYC did you guys pick up the cherry flavor?

Good Bread: New Loaves to Love at 5 Great Bakeries

I hope you had the sticky bun at Roberta's, it's one of the best treats in their baking arsenal! I still dream about the bun I had last time I went during the day (they aren't available in the evening).

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'Breweries of the United States' Poster

My closest brewery is also my favorite local brewery -- Sixpoint!

Homebrewing Protips: Shortcuts to Make Brewing Easier

@bbqcoma I use oxyclean FREE (do not get the scented one -- I buy it at Brooklyn Target here in NYC). Just a very small amount in some hot water in a plugged sink for a couple hours and then you can just rinse very well inside and out, and use brush if there's stubborn gunk from the label. I don't have a dishwasher or a ton of space, so this is how I clean bottles initially. I do a load of bottles, then let them dry a bit and cover the tops with saran wrap until it's bottling day, then sanitize and fill!

Dear Hosts/Hostesses, Please Learn This Simple Rule.

@midgebrooklyn When I went to Pok Pok, they said an hour and we waited 40 minutes (barely enough time to have a beer at B61 and come back!). I think it's also a much better set up when restaurants will text you and give you a chance to come back, rather than make you wait outside on the sidewalk(cough cough Caracas EV). I could see how later in the evening they would get really behind though.

NYC Food Events for the Weekend (and Beyond)

It's also the Burmese food fair on Sunday in LIC and the Lebanese festival in Brooklyn Heights on Saturday and Sunday!

we need hot dogs for a book party

You should see if Bark Hot Dogs, Asia Dog or Crif Dogs would be able to work with you. They have proper restaurant kitchens and might be able to cater a special event.


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