I am the quintessential entrepreneur, now on my 3rd (4th/5th) career. Cooking is my therapy - Start-up businesses get pretty intense, so chopping, dicing, kneading and punching (dough, that is) has always been a great way to relieve tension.

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Favorite foods: It would be easier to name what I don't like. But on the short (hah) list of favs, Lobsters, oysters, most seafood; also beef;poultry;veggies; spicy dishes top the list and win over most sweets, though there is always room for a good lemon meringue pie.
  • Last bite on earth: I try not to think about it - only because I can't decide!

Deep-Fried, Meatball-Stuffed, and More: 3 Ways to Play With Your Matzo Balls

Chicken skin disposable? Yikes, Bubbie must be spinning. What about gribbenes (cracklings) made by coarsely chopping that skin and frying like you would if rendering the fat.


Thank you for your suggestions. Haven't quite decided which way to go, but will let you know how they turn out - A very tasty new year to all.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Souvenirs to 'Smuggle' Home

Can't help but share one more "import," and while not edible, certainly our most enduring. On a stay on Ambergris Key off Belilze, a hermit crab showed up on our porch, and despite efforts to relocate him, kept returning. So, at the end of our stay "Ernie," as he was affectionately dubbed, found a place in with my scuba gear where he became an international traveler. Once again, our employees were the recipient of a rather off-beat souvenir, as Ernie became our company mascot, and spent many years providing hours of "work relief" as, at least once a week, someone would leave his habitat open so he could roam freely as the rest of us could ditch work on the pretext of searching for him.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Souvenirs to 'Smuggle' Home

...and, oh yes, I almost forgot about the Swiss raclette ( a full wheel) shipped back home to our employees packed in with a crate of circuit boards. Our french software (sic) distributors kindly conspired with us to surprise them by including a special Swiss raclette melter. By the time we arrived back in the office, everyone was truly sated!

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Souvenirs to 'Smuggle' Home

It's probably too late and no one will ever see this, but my all-time coup was from Honfleur, France where I stumbled on the best camembert I've ever tasted before or since at a local farmers market. I re-labeled the container and packed it among my cosmetics as face cream!

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $15

While y'alls talking about gifting, can anyone suggest a citrus reamer (hopefully suitable for key limes) that HASN'T been made in China? My sister is conducting her own personal embargo, but I will sure miss her signature pie if she can't find a reamer made in Europe or the good ol' USA.

Brussels Sprouts

This is an age old debate. Most of us weren't introduced to brussels sprouts as kids, and only discovered them in our adult lives. Last year, there was a host of recipes posted, and I made one that was pan-roasted with garlic and balsamic vinegar that barely made it around the table once, they were so popular. I will probably do the same thing this year - though I'll double the recipe! Hmm, bacon, now that's a thought....

Split Pea Soup!

.... thanks for all your good thoughts. The final version (and, no, I did not send him out into that raging blizzard!) included uncured ham and bacon that I fried before adding. The result was delicious, and perfect on a snowy evening.

Split Pea Soup!

Anyone every tried something like chorizo sausage or andouille?

Split Pea Soup!

Thanks, all - now to convince my other half to plow his way over to the market for that ham hock, mmm........

What is your fantasy food business?

I would open a soup kitchen. Soups would change daily. Each season would inspire the types of soups offered. It would feature 3 or 4 different soups daily, along with an assortment of the crustiest, freshest breads to mop up the last traces in the bowl. Fresh fruit would be featured for dessert, with perhaps a cookie to add the sweet touch to a perfect lunch.

Cook the Book: Mama Voula's Spanakopita

Over the years my spanokopita has evolved from the recipes like Mama Voula's to "What's in my refrigerator today?" As a result, these spinach pastries have become a staple at the dinner table or at a pot luck. With or without the pastry wrapper, the combination of spinach, feta, and whatever else is handy always turns out well. So, my advice is to experiment with your ingredients. After all these years, this is one "kitchen sink" dish that never fails to be delicious.

Chocolate Pixies

Thank you so much. I can work with these. The ones I used to make had a cake-y texture - but brownies will do. Where will I find Ina Gartens recipe?

Have a wonderful holiday.

something special

there used to be a place on 11th Avenue - the Landmark Tavern. It was always one of my favorites, but I'm not sure it still exists. It was like being in Ireland! Good luck, and let me know if you find it.

Happy 40th.

Some basic Thanksgiving information

Sorry to hear that - but we've all been there or similar at one time or another, and this year has been trying for most. Keep a light heart, and dear ones close, and you can get through anything.

Some basic Thanksgiving information

Thank you so much for your comments. I was thinking the potatoes could be done the day before, so it is particularly helpful to know that I should wait on those.

About the brining, my fridge just won't hold a pot that is large enough for the turkey! I am thinking that if I can roast it upside down than that would help keep the breast moist.


HELP! - I was just given 4 pheasant. (Is that the same as a french hen, of which there were only three?!?!?) Does anyone out there know what to do with them? It has been suggested that I can cut them into pieces and deep fry, but something tells me there is more to making them palatable then this...

and just in time for xmas??

Leak Proof Crostatas?

I love baking formless pies (crostatas) out of all the yummy summer fruit. Why dirty a pie pan when you don't have to? Anyway, about 75% of the time my fillings find a way to seep out before the pastry is finished cooking. I inspect each one for cracks and holes before it goes in the oven, and once tried making the crust thicker. So far nothing has stopped the seepage. Does anyone have some advice on how to stop the flood? Thanks in advance for your good suggestions.

Split Pea Soup!

So, I'm sitting here at the window in my Rocky Mountain home watching our first snowstorm of the season, and I am thinking of soup. What better way to spend a snowy afternoon then in the kitchen brewing up something warm and comforting to enjoy this evening?

I spot some split peas in my pantry, and can immediately taste the sweet/savory flavors of a good hearty split pea soup. So now I am thinking about all the great advice I've read in this forum, and whether anyone would care to share their favorite version of this traditional comfort food?

Chocolate Pixies

You were all so amazing in your response to my thanksgiving query, I am appealing to you once again.

Years ago I found the most amazing recipe for chocolate cookies rolled in powdered sugar. They looked very much like the ones on the home page, but were much simpler to make; no rum or pistachios, just pure unadulterated chocolate! Alas, the recipe got lost some years ago, but my family's annual wish is always the same - to make these cookies. So, I am appealing to all you serious food addicts this year. Does anyone remember these Pixies, or have a chocoholic favorite they'd be willing to share?

BTW, my 24 pound stuffed turkey got roasted upside down in a 325 degree oven - it was the best turkey I've cooked in years...with no mishaps turning it for the last 45 minutes.

Some basic Thanksgiving information

I am challenged this year. For the first time in years I only have one oven, and am in a small apartment, so I am wondering which dishes can be prepared ahead and reheated as the turkey rests.

Second, I enjoy cooking my chickens breast side down, but have never tried this method with a large, stuffed, turkey. The bird is 22#, and I do not have the room in my fridge to brine it overnight. Each cooking site has different advice, but Cooks has always been a trusted adviser. Please help

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