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Cook the Book: 'Vegetable Literacy' by Deborah Madison

The favorite in this housee is roasted baby tomatoes with S&P. So simple, yet it never fails to delight.

Marinated Kale and Chickpea Salad With Sumac Onions

I made this recipe exactly as written and it was quite good - my guests demolished it all. I was wondering what the purpose of rinsing the onions is? It would be great if it were possible to eliminate those steps with little ill effect...

Raspberry Rosewater Cupcakes

These were amazing! Because of dietary restrictions, I made these non-dairy and they were still a hit. My only qualm - I couldn't pick up the rosewater flavor at all.

Turrón de Chocolate (Chocolate Biscuit Cake)

Is there a more mainstream cookie brand or type you might recommend? Does the type of cookie impact the end result very much?

Serious Heat: Chocolate-Chile Icebox Cake

how does the flavor of New Mexican chile powder differ from regular chile powder? can i substitute 1-to-1?