What do you do with your leftover ingredients?

You guys are great! :) Thanks for all the advice. I actually tossed some of the basil and thyme into a spaghetti sauce I made today.

Help me ease into Indian and Thai!

I'm really curious about trying Indian food and Thai food, but I've never tried anything of the sort. I have a few friends that go and really enjoy it. What are some good things to know about dishes from these cuisines? Ie, what's super spicy or a beginner dish, etc.

(I know, I'm so sheltered haha.)

What do you do with your leftover ingredients?

I made amazing Stuffed Shells Florentine the other night but the only thing is -- I've got quite a bit of fresh basil and thyme left over. I hate to let it sit and go to waste, but I'm not quite sure about what flavors/meats/etc go good with certain herbs.

I come across this problem a lot (of making something that requires a certain ingredient and then having leftovers that go bad.)

What do you do with your "leftovers?"

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