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Ben Miller

Ben Miller

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Born and raised in Manhattan, I now split my time between the city and Brunswick, ME. Lucky for me, Maine has a culinary identity all its own, which makes it an exciting place to eat (and study). I've been devouring lobster and other seafood since I was a youngster, but I also have soft spots for noodles, game meats, Jewish deli fare, and all things grilled.

  • Favorite foods: Corned beef sandwich, Zabar's chocolate croissants, bagel w/ lox, unagi, braised pork cheek, asparagus, oysters, prosciutto & mozzarella
  • Last bite on earth: Tonkotsu Ramen with extra everything (chashu, egg, scallions, mushrooms, etc.)

10 Great Ways to Buffalo Sauce Your Food

Maybe it's something about being a college student, but the only thing that really registers on my tastebuds at 2 AM is some hot, tangy, sinus-clearing chicken from an on-campus eatery. Not that this penchant is limited to the dorm room; for me, Buffalo sauce has become a way of life. So why stop at wings? From Buffalo cauliflower to Buffalo chicken waffles, we've got 10 great ways to shake things up. More

40 Main Dishes for Your July 4th Feast

Believe it or not, July 4th is mere days away. Is it just me, or does anyone else hear the majestic spirits of our forefathers calling us to the great outdoors to revel in cold drinks, grilled delicacies, and elaborate pyrotechnics? No? Just excited for the long weekend? Okay, yeah, I guess that works too... More

17 Cooling Cucumber Recipes for Summer

Crisp, verdant, and refreshing, cucumbers are a go-to gourd for combatting the summer heat. Several varieties of the crunchy fruit (yes, it's technically a fruit; then again...so are most "vegetables") are cropping up at farmer's markets and grocery stores this season, and we have creative recipes for every palate. More

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