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Best pizza in Michigan?

Anthony's or Silvio's in Ann Arbor. Not sure it's the best pizza in Michigan but it might be the only pizza worth eating in Ann Arbor.

Electric stove cooking

The one learning curve I haven't mastered with the switch to electric is cooking rice so I've started using two burners. I set one to super low while bringing the pot to a boil on another and then switch.

Cook the Book: Migas

According to her blog, her husband provides her a lot of help by taking the kid's with him while he (they) are working on the ranch or out for errands, etc.

Where to eat in Ann Arbor, MI?

I unfortunately don't think there's any great Italian food around here. Palio seriously over-salts and Gratzi isn't what it used to be.

@salpico - Blimpie's is the best

Does one need a microwave?

I think a toaster over is a better use of counter space and produces much better results than a microwave for re-heating food. Obviously it takes longer but I usually just put the food in while it's preheating to cut down on some of the time. You could of course use the oven, I just feel like it's a waste of energy to heat up the oven just to reheat food.

having bad luck with brown rice

i use alton brown's baked brown rice recipe with medium grain rice and it works like a dream


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