I love to draw and scour second-hand booksales for goodies. My interests are art, fashion, criminology, pop culture, and of course, food! In case you're wondering about my username, it's English for a stew from my country made from pig's blood.

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  • Location: Somewhere in Asia
  • Favorite foods: Takoyaki, sushi, dumplings, calamari, steamed lapu-lapu (a type of grouper fish where I live), cheesecake, cream puffs and mango ice box cake.
  • Last bite on earth: Umm...spicy calamari and for dessert, tiramisu or lychee-flavored frozen yogurt with mango, strawberry and kiwi on top. For my drink, I'd like caramel milk tea. Mmm..

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Smoky and Spicy Chicken Tinga Is the Ultimate One-Pot Taco Filling

Sorry, I'm sure this tastes awesome, but if I serve this where I live, I don't think anyone can take me seriously because in Filipino, 'tinga' refers to the leftover food that is stuck between teeth. Doesn't stop me from trying to cook it sometime though.

Sunday Supper: One-Dish Pork Chops With Muffuletta Relish

What are those yellow rounds that you serve it with? Sorry, but I'm unfamiliar with it.

The Nasty Bits: How to Eat Bone Marrow

Boil it and make a nice hearty soup. Perfect for the cold months. Here where I live, it's called bulalo.

Crepes recipe?

I agree with duncan1205, Alton's recipe is one of the best. I've used it multiple times. Just make sure you use a good nonstick pan.

Favorite/exotic popsicle recipes?

How about avocados and milk popsicles? Where I live, instead of guacamole, we eat them mashed in a bowl with ice, milk and sugar. Sometimes, rice is added for a full meal.

Candy a Day: Raisinets

Raisinets have got to be the only food where I can stand raisins. Otherwise, I'm not a big fan of the stuff.

sweet and savory

i love pineapple with salt. also, caramel popcorn with some salt or cheese powder.

Funny Looking Foods

I think Ugli fruit is an obvious choice for this. It tastes good though.

My Life is Serious Eats (MLISE)

I feel like i should be taking culinary arts instead of computer science since I know more about food than programming.

It's A Texture Thing....

I like marshmallows, but for some reason, I don't like the texture of mochi (they're kinda similar for me). I think the flavors were good, but whenever I bite into one, I immediately put it down. The texture just feels weird in my mouth.

Uses for Pretzel Bread?

Bread pudding is definitely a winner in my book! You can also probably use it for stuffing or as salad croutons.

What's the story behind your SE screen name?

My username comes from the English translation of a local dish from my country called dinuguan. It's a stew that's made from pig's blood and intestines. It may be gross-looking but it's really good. It's usually eaten with puto, a local steamed rice cake.

Dessert Tofu? -Even if you're not a vegetarian.

Where I live, we have taho and it's made of soft tofu, simple syrup and tapioca balls. Hot taho is great for breakfast, while cold taho is good for dessert or for snacks on a hot day. Some savvy enterpreneurs have also added a special dimension to taho, adding special flavours like strawberry or buko pandan to the syrup. I've tasted taho with almond flavour and it's really good.

What do you think of banana ketchup?

@Adam: I think the recipe at this site resembles that of the local brands we have here:
I have yet to try this recipe though! Also, since you love pizza, why not try mixing in some banana ketchup in the pizza sauce? :)

Got a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker: What shall I make?

Miss Humble over at the blog Not So Humble Pie has great recipes for ice cream. She's got a recipe for raspberry ginger ice cream that I would love to try.

What do you think of banana ketchup?

@MadelynRodriguez: Unfortunately, all commercial brands I know are dyed red.

Pan fried spaghetti, anyone?

I've always wanted to try Giada's recipe for "Torta di Pasta" ever since I saw it on Everyday Italian. It looks sooo good!

"Eyeballing" your cooking

When cooking, I eyeball. Sometimes, as I add a spice or condiment, I feel it in my fingers when there's enough already. Of course, that doesn't work all the time :)

Candied rose petals and other rosy things

@lemonfair: I love her blog too! Long after reading a post, I like go back and just look at the pictures. I've never had macarons but I'm sure they taste great. I'd love to bake them (and her other recipes as well) but I don't have a well-equipped kitchen.

What do you think of banana ketchup?

Hi guys! Just to answer a few of your questions:
@S. Martel - It's only made from banana and dyed red. It also has a different texture from tomato ketchup. Tomato has a smooth texture while banana is quite chunky and thicker.
@Adam Kuban - Sorry, I don't have a recipe on me at the moment although I'll try to find a good one.
@missvenus - It's best with almost any kind of fried food: spring rolls, fried chicken, porkchops, even fried fish. Sometimes, you can mix it in spaghetti sauce for a sweeter flavor. Someone I know puts it on mangoes, although I think that's strange already.
@arwenb - I've never heard of the Baron brand. Here, the "Heinz" of banana ketchup is Jufran or UFC (they have an extra spicy variant which I love).

What do you think of banana ketchup?

It is good and I usually eat it with fried food. I'm not sure where in the States you can get it but maybe you can try Filipino groceries like Uni-mart?

Asian Street Food - Too Adventurous or Fair Game?

Being from an Asian country, I agree with all engmcmuffin said. Additionally, try to pick the food that's on top of the container because they're usually the freshly cooked ones. Those at the bottom tend to be the ones sitting around all day (or worse, they're leftovers from yesterday). Also, be wary of rotting food. Some street food tend to be cheap because vendors buy ingredients that are close to rotting already. Lastly, see how the food is prepared. If the person who handles money also cooks the food using her hands (without washing them or wearing gloves), stay away.

Poll: How Do You Like Your Toast?

I like mine crispy on the outside and still a bit soft on the inside. Then I eat it with butter and sugar or spanish omelettes.

Avocado fat; bad?!

Avocado is also high in vitamin e. I eat it with milk and sugar.

What is Your Absolute Favorite "Ethnic" Cuisine?

First choice would be Japanese food. because I love seafood and noodles. And I could live eating only takoyaki for the rest of my life.
Among my other choices:
Italian for the pasta, pizza, gelato and tiramisu.
French for all their delicious (and meticulous preparation of) pastries.
Korean for healthy and flavorful dishes like kimchi and jjambbong.
And of course, Filipino (because I'm Filipino) for lechon (roast pig), palabok and leche flan. Mmm! Food trip anyone? Haha.