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Moving from SoCal to New England

New England traditional cooking has the "boiled dinner" aspect... boiled lobster, pot roast, etc. Things you might miss: mexican restaurants are a bit more americanized; chinese food is different (different names and foods with same name being different); chocolate bars are not the same (missing rocky road, uno, and abba zabba to name a few). new england lacks the citrus aspect of lemon or orange trees... gear up on the apple, strawberry and blueberry. Fish is shipped from the fishing towns to the world, so you have to find a place that keeps it local - lol.

I hope this helps a little at least.

Wok safety question - post oil fire

fire contained in a pan, while scary, is not usually going to kill it. unless.... it was **very** hot (warping, holes) or its got some weird coating on the metal (scraped, peeling, color change).

hows it look? if you re-season it, does it look normal again? it would help to know if it was non-stick in the sense that it had a coating you did not create...

Open Thread: White Chocolate, Yay or Nay?

white chocolate is candy not chocolate and ranks below milk and dark. however, it is better than, say, candy corn.

The Best Cookie for an Ice Cream Sandwich

oh... i see you found an answer with the molasses. was it hermit-like? cookbooks passed down through family tend to have all the answers, anyhow. :)

The Best Cookie for an Ice Cream Sandwich

chewy ginger cookies. mmm... those were the best! mind you the ice cream is probably best being fruity or monotone to let them shine.

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

pakoras. really its indian food for the cauliflower (yum) or doused in balsamic vinegar to choke it down.
pic so you understand....

Need input on buying a smoker

hot/cold smoke? bacon or canadian bacon can be a cooler process... same with the smoked fish mentioned later. our smoked salmon is really a cross between grilled, jerky (because of the flavoring imo), and smoked... the fire likes to be 225-250 in our weber 721001 18.5" and while the vents allow control, ive not seen it stay below 200F.
awesome thing... on saturday, we smoked corned beef, then some chickens, then had s'mores. cant do that with your indoor electric.

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

I didn't know what wasabi was and they give you the big ball at the sushi restaurant... so i had some. first time it was a serious cleansing experience. its a different hot from peppers or ginger. I could not breath. Anywho... I found my breath eventually.

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

snakes to honor a snake killer.

its my version of irony (and from the googling to find us a decent recipe, i guess bon appetit's, too). was the best i could see for a rattlesnake - most appropriate as an american and i like that this guy was defending his neighborhood bunny rabbit.

What are the measuring rules for recipes in Serious Eats

go, shoneyjoe. to be honest, i see a recipe in grams and ignore it. i get that my scale does both, but I am not going to...

Beanless Chili - love or hate it?

I believe they are different things. chili is about the tomato, spice (chili peppers), and beans. meat optional. other veggies (than tomato) optional.
Sephie's Papa is right: with ground meat, its a sauce; with meat chunks, its a stew.

What is YOUR kryptonite?

cheese. chips. chocolate in small doses (m&m's reeses chocolate chips etc).

Oodles of Eggs

we do an angel food cake (12 whites) and creme brulee (12 yolks) to use up a dozen. also, frittatas, omelettes, breakfast burritos, cakes of many kinds, hardboiled and pickled.

Do you get specific toppings on pizza from different places?

ham, mushrooms, eggplant, and garlic are toppings I will only get from some places. ham and mushroom is quality (canned vs "fresh"). eggplant and garlic arent available everywhere.

also, green peppers I am particular about being under cheese or pre-cooked (not roasted on the pizza) but given a choice I don't get them at all.

Make Beer Can Turkey Easily With the Turkey Cannon

re-read. sorry. and disappointed in the item. needs a better counterbalance.

Make Beer Can Turkey Easily With the Turkey Cannon

i see. height issue. we use Kingsford Stainless Steel Beer Can Chicken Roasters. but we have the room for upright on the grill. can it balance the turkey if you do it upside down to brown the breast skin?

Too much thyme

it just stays there til you need it. dry it, freeze it, tussle it and breathe in its parfume...

Kenji's Jerk Chicken

mmm... testing...

Secret Ingredient

I get the pancakes to eat right away. His wait and slightly cool since he is cooking.

Now mind you, if i follow the written recipe he uses, its not going to turn out the same even if he were around to help in the cooking process - he ups the sugar content and changes some other stuff where he knows the actions by memory.

Cooking as rite of passage--

no. im glad i was not trying to be your friend in high school. although, the challenge would not have been as hard for me... i would have draped you (or your favorite couch) in bacon and left the moment the challenge was given.

Bread Roll Ups

i used to love doing that to bread rolls in restaurants... flattening and then eating. weird to use leavened bread and flatten it for an indian-based stuffing since so many indian breads are naturally flat. but whatever...

What's your favorite ice-based sweet treat?

chocolate popsicle. they are really cold. the fruity popsicles are good too but the juice sucks out of some of them and thats not enjoyable.

Cookbooks for Gifts

1. "The Science of Good Cooking (Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks)" [Hardcover]
pretty straightforward and smart. sections read or skip easily. you dont feel like its written for a kid.

2. "[Local City] Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from [Nickaname of City]"
aka depending on where in the world they are since it makes more sense that a way.
i love investigating local places and think this will be advanced but probably not something they got for themselves. belongs on a coffee table or in the kitchen.

3. Wild Sweets Chocolate: Sweet, Savory, Bites, Drinks [Hardcover]
I like the idea of am ingredient book and its got odd people writing it - clear from the photos already avail and a nice eclectic collection of recipes - savory and sweet which is essential imo for a chocolate book.

When a Substitute Disappoints

"It will taste of sadness." love that, belinskaya!

its so true. when you want one thing and get something close it will not make you happy. the only thing to do is go random and be pleasantly surprised or be already disappointed.

instead of berry berry kix, go for blueberries and honey nut cheerios. your brain will not complete the comparison.

good melting cheese in scrambled eggs

we usually do a jack, because its what we have to shred. honestly, you could use farmers goat cheese, brie, parmesan, or really anything.


There are articles tagged quizzes which give a broken link to take the quiz here (Nov 2010 and earlier). Perhaps it did not move with updates to the website that occurred about the same time.

just an FYI on broken link.

Figs in WallaWalla/Tri-Cities/LaGrande area

Hi. I am looking for where I can get fresh figs before the season starts so I can plan a journey. I mean if I am going to make the trek I may as well see some sights at the same time since I know its not local.
If you aren't local and have non-grocery store ideas (like a website to ship them), please post that as well!
I called all the big local grocery stores already to see if they ever have them to no avail. I also used my mad google skills to get really annoyed that figure abbreviates to fig.

Rubbing alcohol scotch

I guess I am disturbed by the idea of switching labels. When I order Sauza or Bailey's I want it, not something else. I'm paying 10 times + compared to a bottle portioned out to the shot.

Trust for women drinking in a bar is a HUGE friggin deal. There should be criminal charges. Opinions?

Please stop bars from having more than an airplane-safe sized container of rubbing alcohol. That sounds like a CSI episode waiting to happen.

Who wrote this?

It helps to know who wrote a question. Used to be linkable to their other posts they wrote... plus that way you know when they are updating.
Was this removed on purpose or just a freak of my computer?

~Just curious,


My husband decided that he would bring some quinoa home for us to make. Never cooked with it before. Starting advice or recipes? Is it 2-1 like rice or should i definitely be using a broth or what? Is it nutty or sweet or blank slate?

(and note: seriouseats, you need to fix your dictionary as it does not recognize quinoa.)

Back button

Hello. Might be my browser freaking out, but anyone else having trouble clicking "back" button on IE today on this site? I am sure I did not have this same trouble before. I tried other sites and they seem ok.

I go to Talk section, click a topic, then try to get back to the Talk section by clicking "back" and nothing happens. I hold the mouse on "back" and it gives me *2* copies of the site I am on. I can choose the item from the back drop-down box and that works.

Curry ingredients

I have never bought curry powder that listed its ingredients until recently.
Does anyone know what African Bird Pepper is? Is it different from normal pepper?
I also noticed cardamom, mace, coriander (didnt say seed or leaf?) and a few other shockers. I claim to hate cardamom, my husband hates leafy coriander (soapweed), and we noticed neither. I know there are no exact recipes as essentially it means "mixed spice of the tumeric or curry-leaf kind", but I was wondering if anyone here might be able to shed some light.
Or share... what ingredients have shocked you?

kitchen nightmares / serious eats question

Did anyone watch the recent episode? My ears perked up when they mentioned the guests were from SeriousEats... LA. Yep, wasn't paying attention before or after, so maybe I imagined it. Now I cannot find any reference to such a thing... and am wondering if its anyone on here or if I totally hallucinated the experience.

reviewing the replies

My comment doesnt show in my account or on the talk topic. It said it was going to be reviewed and I thought, well, there is nothing objectionable to it.... If it is just that it has not been reviewed, shouldn't it show up under my account with a note to it?

email address

when i first started here i was uncertain of this site and at work so i gave you a bogus email address... or i think i did. can you change the email address you have linked to an account?

Help with onion dip

I'm making a baked onion dip. The recipe calls for grated parmesian cheese. I used real parmesian I had in the fridge instead of the dried stuff in a can, and I think because of this, it came out topped by a layer of oil. I had to pour it off. It was kind of gross.

I have some of the uncooked stuff left. I also want to increase the oniony flavor by adding some caramelized onions before baking.

Any advice on how to make it not so oily?

The recipe called for mayonaise, cream cheese, onions, ground pepper, and the parmesian (basically equal parts of everything but the pepper). All this is mixed together and baked in ramekins for 45 minutes at 350 F.

strawberry shortcake

I need to know... Does anyone like those twinkie-like circular things packaged to be used for strawberry shortcake?

We can do this as a yay! or nay! if you like... and if you don't like them, what do you use instead? and if you do like them, do you do anything to them that makes them better?

I am horrified by them. My husband thinks they are great. I always try to convert our angel food cakes into "strawberry shortcakes" so as to avoid saying i want strawberry shortcake. It is the only way we are both happy with the dish. This is why I am hoping you will have other ideas.

deep fried foods

I was reading the drunken foods list and realized how many of us like deep fried veggies. Some vegetables are better than others and some are better with certain batters. What are your favorite combos?

Me, I love sweet potato tempura and cauliflower pakora and potato chips.

Topping Potatoes

The what do you put on corn-on-the-cob topic made me wonder... On potatoes, I will order loaded at a restaurant, but if I am the one fixing it, I like sour cream or mild cheddar for white potatoes and a tiny dab of butter for sweet potatoes.
What do you like on top? And do you eat the peel?

smoky flavor

So we have this whiskey we can't drink. It is so nasty. Very VERY smokey flavored. We are thinking to cook with it. Any suggestions?

Turkey Soup

I have a turkey carcass and was thinking soup. I also have broccolli. Plus we had this really cool Stilson soup at our local culinary school luncheon...

So I thought I would make a soup like this... boil down turkey. strain out bits. keep meat bits. boil potato cubes, chopped onion, broccolli in turkey broth. use blender on that. add half and half and some blue cheese and the strain out turkey.

Anyone have warnings before I go trying this? or any proportion suggestions? I'm kinda winging it....

Hot sauce?

My husband added Tabasco to my turkey veggie soup! I was upset until I tried it. He puts more than me. Now, I just put 3 shakes. It makes the food tangy and hot which in my soup was missing. My soup was aiming at hearty and meaty, probably like lamora's gravy.

So what weird things do you like hot sauce on, if anything?

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