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Looking for another food magazine

I really enjoy Eating Well. All the recipes I've tried have been fantastic and flavorful. They do have ads, but not too many, more like Fine Cooking.

Best Asian Food Before Moving Out of NYC

These are all great suggestions -- but don't fret there are a lot of great asian places in DC too.

Grinder, Slider, Hoagie, Sub, Po-Boy

I grew up on Long Island and we called them heros. When I went to college in Boston, they were called subs.

earl grey

try harney & sons. I order bags of 50 at a time from their website. Their other blends are amazing too -- try "Paris" if you like Bergamont.

Upper West Side Dessert: Open Late

The French Roast (open 24 hours) -- 85th & Broadway
Cafe Edgar -- 84th & Broadway

Food magazines

I don't think it's tacky for CI to charge for its website -- the content has to be paid for somehow.

Served: New York Is Not the Only Place for a Restaurant

I've been reading this blog column for a while and I find that some posts are good and some aren't. This one doesn't happen to be very good (in my opinion). The transitions between scenes are disjointed and rely on paragraph titles (which are annoying). And the whole-moving-on-from-college-into-the-real-world theme has been written about so many times, do we really need it website about food too? Plus the title of the column is patronizing.

Your Cookbook Arsenal

I love all of Ina Garten's cookbooks and I use the joy of cooking (1997 edition) almost like a reference book, but I tend to get inspiration from magazines (and thier websites) like Fine Cooking, Eating Well, and Saveur.

Southern Bread Traditions

Why so strict?
I've seen lots of places serve cornbread with meat based chili.

Fancy dinner in Washington, DC

I second Vidalia. The Mac & Cheese is to die for. But if you like seafood, Hook has some of the best seafood dishes I've ever tasted and their desserts are interesting and amazing. I've heard good things about Palena, but never been.

Pizza in NoVA/DC Metro

American Flatbread in Asheville (Vermont chain) -- Excellent Pizza. It may be a bit of a drive from Fairfax (depending on where in Fairfax you are) but it is totally worth it.

Food Storage Containers - What do you suggest?

I second AbuelaLinda. I went glass and I'll never go back to plastic -- they are safe, easy (fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher) and don't stain.

'Joy of Cooking' must-trys

The vegetarian manicotti is wonderful.

Recipe Software: Use it? Like it? Which one?

I just started using the Living Cookbook. It is really easy to use and there's a free 30-day trial:, So you can see if you like it without purchasing it. (I ended up buying it after two days). However, if you have a mac, try Yummy Soup:

22 Sandwiches That Will Change Your Life

Bigelows is awesome! I've never had the Ipswich fried clam roll, but it will be my first stop next time I'm visiting my parents.

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Fightin' Words on Vodka

There is absolutely a difference in Vodkas! But I think the best vodka depends upon what you are going to put in it. Stoli is great for dirty martinis, Ketel One (probably my favorite) is great for fruitier drinks. Well vodka is terrible, and smells like rubbing alcohol, but I think I'll try that Brita Filter, that might do the trick!


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