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Fictional Animals Eating Human's Food...

I always get hungry reading the Redwall books! @bobthebunny - You can find the Redwall cookbook on Amazon. It's awesome!

Best fictional foods

Otik's spicy potatoes from Dragonlance, there is a recipe for them somewhere, I believe. I also agree with the previous posts about the food in the Redwall books, makes me hungry just thinking about it (and amazed that rodents were such good cooks)

Fast Food Onion Ring Roundup: Burger King vs. Hardee's vs. Jack in the Box vs. Sonic

I don't know how regional this is (I'm in Colorado) but Good Times has the BEST fast food onion rings I've ever tasted. I do like the BK ones as an "Oh my god why am I eating this crap?" guilty pleasure, though (with BBQ sauce. I like the zesty sauce on my chicken tenders)

What's Your Hangover Cure?

I usually can't stomach greasy food with a hangover like most people. I crave salad and fruit and water (and, weirdly, popsicles). And of course, more vodka :)

Cookbooks with Stamina

I have the original Betty Crocker cookbook from the 50s, got it for $1 at a library book sale. Have used some of the recipes, but the "advice" at the beginning of the book is HILARIOUS! "Put on a bit of lipstick and perfume while doing housework. Does wonders for your morale" (I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist). I don't usually use cookbooks, but when I do I love my Better Homes and Gardens from the 80s (bought at Goodwill, yay Goodwill!)

10 Fun Toppings for Popcorn

Ever since I saw the Bacon Salt at the store I've been dying to try it on popcorn. Has anyone done this? Is it as delicious as it sounds?

Eating Everything on the Salad Bar at Maoz Vegetarian

But where can I find great falafel in Denver? Any suggestions?

Fast Food French Fry Fray: McDonald's vs. Burger King vs. Wendy's

At the risk of going slightly off-topic, I have to put in a word for the tater tots at Sonic. IMHO, those are better than any fast food fry. On the subject of fries: F.U. Wendy's for changing your fries! I loved the old ones, but haven't yet gotten a batch of the new recipe that wasn't flaccid. Haven't tried the new ones at BK yet, might have to do that. But the Sonic tots are always fresh and crisp to the point where my tongue is blistered by the time I get home from eating that hot, potatoey goodness.

Cleaning out the Kitchen

My pantry needs some help, because my inlaws gave us a bunch of out-of-date canned food that I didn't realize was bad til after I put it away. Otherwise, I don't have nearly the amount of pots/pans/gadgets I would like. Anyone wanna donate :)?

Super Bowl Giveaway: 10-Pound Box of Pat LaFrieda Sliders

Chips and guac, pulled pork sandwiches, homemade beer, and hopefully some delicious sliders (the game is secondary since the Broncos didn't make it)

IHOP's Bacon and Cheddar Hash Brown Stack

I have lovely memories of sitting at IHOP til 2AM drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes (when you could still smoke there). Due to the nostalgia factor during our dating days, my husband actually proposed to me at IHOP. The belgian waffles were awful, but the ring was beautiful :)

Do you dream of food?

I dream about eating sweets, which is odd because I don't really like sweet foods.

Where are you posting from in 2012?

Parker, CO here...trying not to spill on my laptop as I eat the yummy lemon pepper chicken I'm having for dinner.

Food myths

My mom used to tell me that I would have big boobs if I ate chicken. I believed her for a long time. I eat a lot of chicken. Still waiting....

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

@DirectHeatlessinSeattle - I love baby carrots dipped in guac. YUM!

Coconut water

I honestly have no clue why I clicked on this. I understand that coconut water is the new health trend, but I have an allergy to coconut. I drink protein powder and 2%milk after a workout. Gross but filling (and it won't make me puff up and die)

I'm Rethinking Pasta Sauce!

@ duncan...that uncooked sauce sounds amazing! What herbs do you like and what are the ratios? I don't imagine this is an actual "recipe" but I'd like to know the approximations. Thanks!

Are you a serial cheese grater?

CHEESE!!! I grew up with the philosophy that "It's not food unless it contains cheese". My younger sister legitimately believed that fruit wasn't actually food til she was about 5 years old. I rarely eat anything that doesn't have cheese involved in some way.

Taste Test: Fast-Food Wings

The garlic parmesan wings from Pizza Hut! A little salty but delish.


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