Pici All'Aglione From 'Extra Virgin: Recipes and Love From Our Tuscan Kitchen'

So this is spaghetti with crushed tomatos and garlic? Other than using a whole clove why is this in any way original?

My Pie Monday: Lamb Ragu, Char Siu, Wagyu Beef Bacon, and More!

No cheese, no sauce, no meat = no pizza!

I'm sure it might be tasty but call it something else.

Who Makes the Best Pasta in NYC?

Seconding Perla's agnolotti. Amazing.

Best nachos in New York

To actually answer the question, best nachos in NYC are at Calexico.

Serious Eats Finds New York's Best Bagel

La Bagel Delight (several Brooklyn locations) is quite excellent - has the CLASSIC hallmarks of a great bagel, an exterior that provides a crunchy bite and a firm but chewy interior. One of the only bagels (fresh) that doesn't really need to be toasted.

Hangover Helper: Green Eggs and Ham from Mar'sel at the Terranea Resort in Los Angeles

What a complete rip off.

Rye Pancakes With Apple-Maple Compote

Curious, can rye flour successfully be substituted in buttermilk waffle recipes that initially call for all-purpose flour?

Lunch for One: Mapo Ramen at Rai Rai Ken

I enthusiastically second the comment above about the Curry Ramen. It's kind of a ramen-wrecker for people when I take them there as there's no other ramen in New York as flavorful or satisfying when it's cold.

First Bites at Ivan Orkin's Game-Changing Ramen With April Bloomfield

Great, another street food that can be fetishized and "reinvented" to be sold at three times the price by an OCD chef. It's ramen, dude give me a break. I'm sure his "hand crafted, locally sourced, sustainable" Ramen is going to go for $17 a bowl. Personally I'll stick with the Curry Ramen at Rai Rai Ken which is fantastic and reasonably priced.

Good Entry Level Food Processor?

Thank you all for your feedback, I will check these out.

Good Entry Level Food Processor?

After a long, slow buildup I've begun cooking on a regular basis and with increasing ambition, to the point where I need a food processor. However I usually only cook for two and I'm not a candidate for Top Chef so I'd like to buy something cost-effective, meaning I don't mind spending a bit of money for a good investment but I don't need a lot of bells and whistles.

Recommendations? Thanks!

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