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Adam Kuban's '8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams,' 2014 Edition

Photo credit to T-Rex on top of the pizza oven.

Scenes From the 5th Annual Meatball Slapdown

We had so much fun here and hope to best in balls next year!

Matt and Emily

Veg-Friendly Small Plates at Martha in Fort Greene

It all looks amazing. I can't wait to eat there!

Leftover Pizza + Waffle Iron = Delicious Crispy, Gooey, Cheese-Stuffed Snack

This just changed my outlook on life.

Poll: What Do You Do With Your Crusts?

@PG If I am too full I will bring them home and put butter on it the next day.

Poll: Truffle on Pizza, Way or No Way?

I wish my feet smelled as good as truffles.

8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2013

@PG "The St. Louis" at Speedy Romeo is one of my favorites in the city. Love that Provel.

8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2013

Your not alone Bar Pie lover.

Paulie Gee's Planning Nationwide Expansion, a 'Brotherhood of Pizza Enthusiasts'

Good luck Adam! It's nice to hear someones dream is actually becoming a reality. Famous Original A PDX in the works.

Burger Trends and News: 2013 Edition

Personal preference on toppings should be the only change that occur with a burger.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

The topping I am eating at the moment I eat any pizza is my favorite topping.

Poll: What's Your Ideal Patty Size?

2 OZ Slider all the way!

My Pie Monday: Parsnips, Potatoes, Pizza al Pastor, and More!

TXCraig1: If the roni doesn't cup then don't eat it!

Pizza Obsessives: Matthew "BKMatt" Hyland

@TXCraig1: Always a classic combo. The picture of my face in a pepperoni and olive is from Joe and Pat's in Staten Island.

@AngieCT: Thanks for the supprt.

@AK and @PG: Mike R. Is a legit pizza stalker. I am not surprised he took down three pies at the best table in the house.

Also, if anyone has more info on Carmine's that was near 86th St. in Bay Ridge I would like to hear it. Same if Pete's is worth a return visit.

Two New Wood Ovens in Astoria: Milkflower and Tufino

They both have really good looking pizza. I want to try Tuffino first due to its plate of fried stuff.

Top This: The Giardinera at Co.

Vegetarian Indian at Sapthagiri Worth a Trip to Jersey City

This is my absolute favorite Indian restaurant. They also have great uttapam!

What Is NYC's Best Pizza Neighborhood? (Revisited)

Nice! Not to derail my own pizza thread but have you guys done a best Italian ices in the city spread? I don't remember seeing one.

What Is NYC's Best Pizza Neighborhood? (Revisited)

Ben's in Soho or West Village. As far as I know the only Slice can be had Front St. pizza which I have not been to.

What Is NYC's Best Pizza Neighborhood? (Revisited)

Full disclosure I am a part time employee at Pizza Moto.

What Regional Sandwiches Do You Wish You Could Find in New York?

I miss the chorizo sandwiches from the Fall River and New Bedford MA area. They take ground choriço and slow cook it in tomato sauce with green peppers. Throw that on a hero with cheese and you are good to go.

A Hamburger Tuesday: Ramen Burgers, Sliders, Double Smashed Cheeseburgers, and More

@Tipsykit37: Thanks! :)

Unctuous Rant

@Tipsykit37: I agree with what you are saying but most people use unctuous instead of saying umami or stickiness associated with broken down collagen in slow braised meats. I previously worked in some PR and press release writing for a prominent chef that uses it in the incorrect way. If was to be used as good oily I wouldn't think twice about it.

Unctuous Rant

@Everyone else: I guess the fluidity of our changing language will forever annoy me in my observations of food literature.

Unctuous Rant

@ shoneyjoe: Congratulations! you have LITERALLY wasted everyones time by posting this off topic drivel.

What Is NYC's Best Pizza Neighborhood? (Revisited)

I would like to nominate DUMBO as the undisputed champion of New York pizza neighborhoods in variety, how small the neighborhood actually is, and how close all these are to each other.

- Juliana's
- Grimaldi's
- Ignazio's
- Wild Rise
- Fornino
- Pizza Moto (Sunday only)

Each one has a fault here and there but they are all generally solid options. Any thoughts?

This is in reference to:

Unctuous Rant

I remember "unctuous" during my SAT vocab lessons as meaning oily or greasy in a bad way. Ratso Rizzo from Midnight Cowboy is another example of unctuous. When the pork belly craze in the early 2000's started unctuous took on a meaning of umami, rich, heavily braised, or porky. Anyone else want to stop seeing this word used incorrectly? Any other food words you see misused as much as this one?

I saw a previous posting similar to this on talk but when I came across unctuous this morning classically misused in the article about Di Palo pasta I wanted to reignite the fire.

Benincasa Tomatoes

A friend gave me a can of these really great tomatoes from Benincasa. I would love to use more of these but they are impossible to find. Internet search has come up with nothing. Has anyone seen this product in a supermarket anywhere or know a distributor?

Here is what they look like:

The Food Lab: Bringing Home General Tso's Chicken

If the British can proudly call Chicken Tikka Masala their national dish, then surely it's time that General Tso got his chicken in our national spotlight. Everybody knows the candy-sweet take-out joint version, but I firmly believe that it has the potential to be so much more than that. How great would a homemade version of General Tso's be, with a flavor that shows some real complexity and a texture that takes that crisp-crust-juicy-center balance to the extreme? More

The Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles

With the amount of regional styles and specialities out there, we're not even going to pretend that a comprehensive style guide to all of the ramen in the world is possible. But we can dive deep into ramen broths, soup bases, noodles, seasonings, toppings and oh-so-much more to give you something to noodle over. More

Beet and Potato Hash

Small, sweet beets are plentiful in CSAs and farmers markets this time of year And while roasted beets are delicious, sometimes you just don't have time to heat up your oven. This hash is quick to prepare and makes a colorful, earthy brunch. More

The Complete Serious Eats Barbecue & Sauce Style Guide

A few years back, When Pigs Fly columnist James Boo published two separate but equally comprehensive guides—one to American regional barbecue styles, the other to American regional barbecue sauces. Now, to celebrate Barbecue Week, we've combined both posts into one glorious super guide, designed to provide you with the most encyclopedic barbecue coverage possible. More

24 Almost-No-Cook Meals to Beat the Heat

While we all welcome the hot summer sun and the cold beers it promises, the soaring temperatures do come with one tiny problem: Who the heck wants to go anywhere near the stove when the house already feels like a furnace? Don't worry, we've got you covered--here are 24 recipes that require little to no cooking and should help keep you cool as a cucumber this summer. More

The Food Lab: How To Make Awesome Tandoori-Style Grilled Chicken At Home

These days, pretty much every Indian restaurant in the United States prominently features Tandoori Chicken on their menu in varying degrees of quality. At its best, it's incomparably juicy, mildly spiced, with an intense hit of smoke. Served simply with sliced onions and a squeeze of lemon or lime, it's good, honest, simple cooking. But more often than not, you end up with dry, stringy breast meat reheated in the oven. My goal this week: figure out how to make this Indian classic in my own backyard. More

The Food Lab: How To (Sort Of) Make Naan at Home

In many ways naan resembles really great Neapolitan pizza crust. It's a soft dough cooked at extremely high temperatures. When it's at its best, it should be puffy with a crackling thin, crisp crust spotted with bits of smoky char that breaks open to reveal airy, stretchy, slightly chewy bread underneath. Painted with melted butter (perhaps flavored with a bit of garlic) and sprinkled with good salt, it's so good on its own that sometimes I have to talk my curry down from its fits of jealousy. More