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The Great Baking Chocolate Debate

I did a similar trial with scharffen berger chocolate brownies months ago and ended up going back to Baker's chocolate. I wanted to like the SB's but did not. They were blah.

Cook the Book: Bird-Head Buttermilk Biscuits

Ok, I'll give 'em a try...that's just one more cookbook I have to buy! Are there more biscuit recipes? I've heard these guys on Sirius/Martha Stewart radio and they sure know Southern cooking. Ok, now for something a little different, checkout the bread sculpture I

Kitchen inspired soaps, what 'flavors' would you like and why!

cinnamon raisin with a coffee finish, that way I can skip breakfast!

Whole grain baking...

I use whole wheat flour in lots of biscuits & breads, usually equal parts with unbleached white flour. I've never gotten locally milled flour, though. I'll have to try that. Hey, in case you want a new idea......checkout my bread sculpture:

Is Farmed Salmon This Evil?

It's a horrible ad and while I'm at it, God bless farm-raised salmon. The arrogance of the people placing these ads amazes me. While fish farms continue to improve their operations and their impact on the seas, the answer is not to demonize them. The future of seafood production is in aquaculture as wild stocks continue to be overfished worldwide. Fish farms can build for future protein needs, so why don't we just work on making the process better and cleaner? Oh, that's right, it's just easier to be holier than thou and criticize, criticize, criticize.

Cook the Book: 'Donuts, An American Passion'

Mary Janes Donuts near the Fairgrounds in Allentown, PA.

When Splitting the Check Gives You a Splitting Headache

Thank you for speaking for the people suffering from the silent epidemic, food-check deficit disorder. FCDD has countless victims, suffering at diners, bars and restaurants nationwide. You have given us a voice. Thank you.

Danny DeVito's! Limoncello!

I like it a lot. Great marketing, I may have to pick some up to kick up my lemon scones. Funny stuff, Mr. DeVito.

The Joys of Wonder Bread

Great story. I share many of these taste memories. Even though my wife recoils when I mention the canned Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs of my youth, and I do find myself seeking the best available coffee, bread, eggs, produce, etc., I think we all should get over ourselves and appreciate the ample food that comes our way. Then maybe look we should for a way to help those in need get their next meal.

Cook the Book: Do-It-Yourself Power Bars

Ok, I may have to give these a try, but my own favorite 'energy cookie' is Peter Rineharts' recipe in 'Brother Juniper's Bread Book' His trail mix chip treats consist of 4 different seeds, oats, honey, raisins, choc. chips, oil, flour & salt.

Apron With Built-In Oven Mitts

That reminds me of a gift I got my wife years ago, before we were married - an apron & oven mitts! She took offense at that for some reason, but ever since then she loves telling people the story of my dumb gift.

Eight Glasses of Water A Day Is A Myth

I love it when myths are debunked. So much of the conventional wisdom and concensus thinking we are fed every day is baloney (sorry, I meant bologna, this is a food site). I'd bet that all the 'information' fed to us regarding health is probably worse for us than my vanilla rum buttercream cupcakes!

Here's My Favorite Brownie Recipe--What's Yours?

I make the chocolate fudge brownies as described in Peter Reinhart's book, "Brother Juniper's Bread Book". Before sharing the recipe he introduces the topic by stating his goal is to serve the world's best brownie. He watches his customers reactions to their first bite and calls it the 'Aha!' moment.

Mabel's Boiled Custard That Isn't Boiled

I made custard this week from duck & chicken egg yolks. I used James Beard's recipe in 'American Cookery' and it was great. Details online at:

Manhattan bakery

I agree completely with the great coffee comment. As far as trends, cupcakes are hot, or you could do a Mrs. Fields and feature cookies, brownies, muffins and scones - my personal favorites!

McDonald's Haupia Pies

I remember back in the late 70's, Mcdonalds in Hawaii had Portugese sausage and eggs for breakfast and a ramen-like soup for lunch called saimin. Good stuff.

Dunkin Donuts...hehehe

I go to Dunky D and I pay them. She goes there and gets paid. I'm jealous.

Time Magazine: Eating Local Is Better Than Organic

I did some work a few years ago with Rutgers U. and New jersey farmers on this very issue. Buyers at restaurants & hotels were usually buying price, regardless of source. Princeton dining halls were insisting on organic greens trucked in from California, over local South Jersey options. The website "" is a good reference to local initiatives in the garden state.

The $14 Hot Dog

Yo people, Elvis has left the building. What are you drinking with that $14 hot dog? Cristal? We all know that hot dogs, with the exception of Hebrew National, need to go for right about 79 cents.

Bacon Flavored Mints

Oh boy, I just got a new idea for a flavored biscuit!

Fraudulent Fish in Florida

This has been going on for years. I remember when I lived in San Francisco 20 plus years ago, the "red snapper" being sold in bay area grocery stores was actually pacific rockfish or rock cod. A good seafood buyer knows what he's getting - because he gets as close to the source as he can.

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

Great article. I often wonder about this attitude towards men that cook at home. Baking for me is an enjoyable, creative outlet. Now who would say that I'm less masculine than the guy that heads for a Casino whenever he has a moment to spare. Hey, when my wife & kids are out of the house, I head for the kitchen , grab a favorite cookbook, like Peter Rineharts "Brother Junipers Bread Book'" and I get busy. When I'm done, I am able to share homemade treats with family, friends and co-workers. I never had an easy bake oven, but everybody in my neighborhood knows that I bake, my Doctors know that I bake, women have told me that my scones and brownies are great! - And that's good enough for me.


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