I work in the grocery side of the food business these days.
I used to work in food service and for wine, beer and spirits wholesalers.
We have organic gardens, She tends to the free range chickens (for eggs) and breeds rabbits (for food, not pets).

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  • Location: Orlando
  • Favorite foods: All of them.
  • Last bite on earth: A few dozen raw oysters, Peking duck with rice and stir fried Swiss chard, Steamed artichoke with lemon butter for dipping, and a salad made from my own home grown tomatoes and greens.

Staff Picks: What's Your Go-To Dinner Party Dessert?

Usually a Key lime or lemon or pecan pie, depending on whats available at the time.
But I LIKE the suggestion of port and cheese, I had forgotten about that delicious and easy classic.

Culinary land mines

There aren't too many things I don't like. Beef liver, tripe, beets come to mind.
What I REALLY don't like is people who are served food by a generous host and then say something like: EWWWWWI don't like [whatever it is on the plate].
If someone invites me into their home and cooks food for me. I'm going to eat it.
If there is something on the plate that I don't love, I'll eat a little of it and find something there that I DO like and compliment the cook.
Babies need to grow up.

The Food Lab: Maximize Flavor by Ultra-Smashing Your Burger

Steak N Shake has been cooking almost the same thing since 1934.
I hope your friends do as well with their new venture!'n_Shake

Taste Test: Dennis Eats All of Cricket's Cat Food

Good information for people who are preparing to retire in Florida.
Can you believe that people actually DO that?
(I mean retire in Florida.}

Taste Test: Dennis Eats All of Cricket's Cat Food

Good information for people who are preparing to retire in Florida.
Can you believe that people actually DO that?
(I mean retire in Florida.}


Tupper Fare.
See what I did there?
It's a play on Tupperware.


OK, I'll bite.
I could use a little support.

Serious Entertaining: Ramps Ramps Ramps Ramps Ramps

I just passed my NEHA Certified Food Safety Manager test (every five years.
There was only one question on the test about ramps;
"your produce supplier offers you fresh ramps. Accept the foul weeds, or shoot him with a gun"
I'm gonna miss that guy.

Behind the Scenes In Kenji's Home Kitchen (A.K.A. Home of The Food Lab)

We've been looking at new homes. Whenever we mention 'gas stove' the salesperson acts as if we'd said "sex with kittens, where's the dungeon?"

What's For Dinner?

We had smoked rabbit with Korean BBQ sauce, rice (duh)pilaf, and salad with arugula, avocado, iceberg and tomato.

Wake and Bake: Irish Cheddar and Vegetable Bread Pudding

That looks delicious.
And I'm usually a "meat at the center of the plate" guy.
I'm going to have to try this one...

The Great Manhattan Tater Tot Crawl

I. for one, will be glad when the tater tot fad dies out.
Yes, it's a short lived fad.
What is so wrong with real potatoes that makes people want fried processed mashed potato nuggets instead of the real thing?

Beyond the Bagel: All About Smoked Fish

In Florida (We're surrounded by the ocean) you'll find smoked amberjack, mackeral, and a time honored favorite, smoked mullet, if you look hard enough.
The old timers who caught and smoked mullet are getting too old to carry on the tradition anymore.
I know how to do it, but its time consuming, and I'm lazy....

Dinner Tonight: Chicken Adobo

This dish is so tasty and easy, its become a part of my rotation.
Thanks for posting.

Cast Iron question.

I have read comments dvising scouring with salt, but after seeing rusted out cars from the north where they use salt to melt snow on the roads, I don't recommend cleaning iron with salt.
I bought a seriously rusty iron skillet at the flea market ($3) and used a wire brush chucked into an electric drill to remove the rust, then seasoned it with vegetable oil as if it were new. It cooks like a dream.
Your Lodge skillet probably came 'pre seasoned'. Meh.

You can probably make your Lodge skillet like new again by following the advice already posted.
You should heat up your oven with the skillet in it, CAREFULLY wipe it inside out with paper towels and vegetable oil, then plop a seasoned whole chicken into it, and enjoy your dinner and your newly re seasoned iron skillet.
I'm using a heirloom 1930's Griswold, and wouldn't part with it for love or money.

Carrot Raisin Salad From 'Down South'

I thought everybody grew up with this. Church potlucks, fried chicken joints, aunt Julias Sunday ham dinner.....

The Food Lab: Black Bean Soup With Chorizo and Braised Chicken

That version of black bean soup looks so good I'll have to try it this weekend!
As a Florida native, I've never seen anything quite like it.

Where to Go for a Boozy Brunch in Los Angeles

The blackberry cocktail looks absolutely delish!

Rabbit can be yummy. even parts you would never.......

Now where did Kenji hide that ban hammer......

Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve

You could make a delicious chowder/soup with the unused parts of the fish you are already using, and add some shrimp or clams or crawfish...Do they count as fishes in this tradition?
Smoked salmon on bruschetta with cream cheese is yummy.
Oysters rockefeller can be made like a casserole....

Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask: A Bourbon-Haunted Single Malt

I'm holding my enthusiasm in check until NEXT christmas.
Then they'll probably have the much anticipated maple and honey flavored versions.

Gadgets: Sharpen Your Pizza Wheel

The sharpener costs more than my pizza wheel.
But I usually use a pizza knife. It says 'pizza' right there on the blade.
Plus I don't eat much pizza.

From the Archives: Really Good Stuffing (or Dressing)

Someone here once wrote about stuffing with chicken livers.
I think I'm going to try that soon.

Zagat's "50 States, 50 Burgers" Highlights a Featured Burger for Each State

Nope. Hated the music, and I like my fries ("fritas") on the plate, not on the burger.
Florida does it better than this. Trust me.

Chain Reaction: McDonald's Mighty Wings, Revisited

The Wal Mart near me has a McDonalds inside it. The WM deli has Buffalo style wings and breaded spicy Wing Dings for 5.99/ lb. That's about a dozen pieces. I don't much care for a ton of breading, so the Mackies wings just aren't calling out to me.
Of course, there's the Wal Mart thing, but really, is McDonalds any better?

Veal breast suggestions, please

My local Latino supermarket has veal breast for roast on sale for $1.29/ pound and veal breast riblets for $1.39/pound.
Thats a very nice price, but I've never cooked or eaten either.
Should I try some, or pass?
What do you do with veal breast?
in the picture It appears to have lots of fat.....