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Raising the Bar: Excellent Small Bites in the Tavern of Gramercy Tavern

omg the sweetbreads! so good. went there with my husband to celebrate after i got to argue a case at the first department (court house is nearby), had the sweetbreads . . . i haven't been able to stop thinking about it, and it's been three years.

frugal or stoopid?

slate had an article recently about food bacteria - apparently there's two types, and apparently the kind whose effects you can see (the kind that causes spoilage/rotting) are not the kind that make you sick.

i still scrape off the mold though because feeling icky doesn't have to get backed up by science.

Wow...It's ALWAYS Good

i love chicken salad! after 13 years, i quit being a vegetarian last year, and now i can't get enough chicken salad. i really like my own, which i make with red grapes, apples, red onion and lots of dill and not too much mayo - just enough to hold it together.

Goat cheese favorites?

dittoing goat cheese in salads, omelettes, on toasts with honey, in a sandwich with roasted vegetables (eggplant, peppers, etc.). i also love to have it stirred into pasta (while it's still warm so it gets melty) with grape tomatoes (heated enough so they start like splitting open), add olive oil, salt and pepper, any herbs that look good to throw in.

Egg yolks - What should I do with them?

custard! pasta carbonara and sabayon both sound tasty to me too. (why am i always so hungry?)

Candy for wedding favors?

we got married in the central coast of california, so we gave out small paper bags of local salt water taffy, among other things. the wedding was outside and used a lot of local flowers, local ingredients, etc. (nothing like california for local bounty!), so i thought it was a nice little detail that evoked the setting. (and the leftovers came in super handy the next morning when i didn't have time for breakfast!)

this is such a fun thread! there are so many good suggestions and it's nice to read about people's personal stories.

Baseball Game Snack

whatever you decide to bring, you should throw in some orange slices too - anyone who played as a kid will appreciate it!

Best Thing I Ate Over July 4th Weekend

home-smoked pastrami - totally awesome-sauce.

Los Angeles: 8 Ice Cream Sandwiches We Love

how is diddy riese not on the list? it's an institution!

A Sandwich a Day: Beet & Egg Salad at Nectar

i love nectar! i usually get the sweet potato + avocado sandwich, which is amazing, but i think i'll have to switch it up next time and try this out, it looks so good.

Do you have a food craving that you wish you didn't have?

not so much a specific food, but the 4:00 snack craving. it hits every time i'm at my desk and i need to start being better prepared and bring something useful to eat, because otherwise i end up running to starbucks and picking up something awful.

enhancing strawberry flavor

would adding a little strawberry jam help? i like the idea of adding in rhubarb or another berry too.

10 of Our Favorite Pancakes in America

no mention of clinton street baking company? really? they make the only pancakes i have ever loved.

The Brunch Dish: Burger and Bloody Mary Deal at Apartment 138

it looks delicious in the pic - but last time i went, a colleague pulled a giant piece of paper out of his burger :(

If you were going to The Strand tonight where would you eat?

another vote for dos torros! have also heard good things about stand and num pang.

Unique food-related birthday experience?

another vote for blue hill at stone barns. last year my friend had her birthday party up there and everyone took a class on canning your own food, which sounded pretty cool (I unfortunately couldn't make it, but it seems like a fun idea).

When you're all alone...

hm, sunday night the mister was gone and i ate half a bag of potato chips (salt and vinegar baked kettle chips), a glass of red wine, and handfuls of chocolate chips. i felt trashy when he came home and woke me up from where i'd passed out on the couch watching tv, covered in chip crumbs and melted chocolate.

the people's supermarket

you mean this place?

i'm not a member, but i've eaten food purchased there by friends who are - good food and affordable prices.

Bread and melted cheese, duh!

in high school, a favorite lunch was a bag of breadsticks, which was massive and you could get for like two bucks and the pizza place down the street, and then dunked in ranch dressing. i don't know how i subsisted on that for so long, or why . . . oh wait, cos it was delicious. would definitely have eaten my breadsticks in cheese sauce too if that had been an option!

Is it bad form to mess with someone's family recipe?

if the nuts are so important to your husband, why don't you add them to the cake? (just curious)

i think a lot depends on the presentation. if you tell someone, i'm making this exactly the way so-and-so made it because i know that's how you like it, then it would be fair for them to be disappointed if there are noticeable tweaks. but if you say oh i'm making this food item, i took some tips from so-and-so's recipe, then they shouldn't be expecting the exact same thing and shouldn't be upset that they are eating a different kind of fried chicken, or whatever (especially since you're the one making the meal, not them!) so basically, i don't see any problem with changing mom's/sister's/whoever's recipe, so long as it's clear to other folks that the meal they are going to get is not the one they grew up on.

What's on your Foodie Christmas List?

a new kitchen floor! our building is ancient and the linoleum is peeling and DH is not being cooperative in my efforts to replace it.

also would like: immersion blender, a new whisk (broke mine), a fancy chef's knife, a dutch oven, and piles of fancy ingredients.

Christmas breads

i second the panettone - my mom looooooved it, so we always had some around the holidays, so it always makes me think of her.

Pantry Tomato Sauce Tips

i use the same, plus olive oil and red chili pepper flakes, fresh basil if i have any, and cheese grated on top. since you say you are using bulk spices, maybe your spices have expired and so don't have the same punch?

I know you're all thinking it - CRANBERRIES

you could make cranberry infused vodka - i haven't tried this recipe, but it looks easy enough:

and as others have mentioned, cranberries do freeze well. i also like the muffin idea.

Restaurants in NYC with gluten-free options...

champs bakery in williamsburg is a new vegan bakery with gluten-free options, and their stuff is amaaaaazing.