Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Shake Shack Gift Pack

An unlimited supply of SmokeShack burgers!!!

Enter Our NYC Ramen Map Giveaway and Never Go Without Noodles Again

Sadly, I've never had ramen anywhere and I think this would provide me with a great jumping off point!

What Regional Sandwiches Do You Wish You Could Find in New York?

So glad there are a few beef on wecks in the city. I can usually find a good one in Syracuse when I go up to visit my family. Would love a good Boston North Shore-style roast beef sandwich with bbq sauce, horsey sauce on a toasted onion roll!! How about a Springfield , IL-style "horseshoe" or Kentucky hot brown? Would love it if Primanti Bros. opened up a location here!

It's Back! Fork-n-Knife Grilled Cheese at Cutty's in Brookline, MA

Awesome! Wish I still lived in Coolidge Corner!

Video: The Arepa Lady of Jackson Heights, Still Sainted

What train does one take to get there? Is it the 7 train train to 82nd St-Jackson Heights?

We Try Shake Shack's New Fresh-Cut Fries

Great news!!!!! @cookthis, I've been going to the Shack since they opened in MSP and I've been to most of the locations in Manhattan. I love the burgers but rarely will I wait an hour in line for much of anything. I most often find myself at the Times Sq. location before or after catching a Broadway show with my girlfriend. I usually get a Shackburger, fries with cheese sauce and a half size concrete and every single time I have walked out of there thinking to myself, "That was exactly what I wanted" and "That was time, money and calories well spent". Not once have I ever regretted a meal at the Shack.

I do think it is a darn good burger and the fries are okay, but I do look forward to the possibility of fry greatness at the risk of inconsistency.

Ask the Critic: What 'New York' Food Souvenirs Can I Bring Home?

ryuthrowsstuff, while black & whites may look quite the same upstate they are known as "half moons" and there is a distinction in that B & Ws have a hard, crackly icing on top while half moons have a soft, whipped frosting on top.

As far as taking food to travel, I'd pick up some chocolates from Jacques Torres or Roni-Sue. The Pickle Guys and Kossar are also great recs. You might find some god takeaways at the Hester Street Fair, Smorgasburg or the New Amsterdam market (not sure if that last one is still operating this summer). Some Rick's Picks pickled vegetables or a bottle of Peter Luger's Steakhouse sauce?

Hot Dog Of The Week: Dog House Drive-In

Hey Hawk, I realize this is a post from 3 years ago but aI was just in ABQ for a wedding two weeks ago and made a stop at the Dog House Drive-In (mainly to get a shot of that neon sign after dark). Wasn't crazy about the chili on the dog. Tasted like Hormel to me. Spicy as all heck though!! Had a tasty chocolate-cherry shake.

Win Two VIP Tickets to the Vendy Awards, September 7th

Love Kim Ima's Treats Truck!

AHT Giveaway: New York Burger Map from All-You-Can-Eat Press

Fried dumplings!

The New Amsterdam Market Pops Up for Summer

Did you mean to say that it popped for for the first day of summer? Your post is a bit confusing as it says that it "came back yesterday for summer" but "its next showing will be in the fall". Great slideshow!

Of Course Shopsins Makes Great Onion Rings

How about this Mt. Vesuvius of onion rings from Smokin' Al's in Long Island?

We Chat with John Stage About Trial and Error Barbecue and His New Brooklyn Restaurant

Forgot to put in my first comment, thanks so much for the great interview and article, Jacqueline!

We Chat with John Stage About Trial and Error Barbecue and His New Brooklyn Restaurant

Grew up spending lots of nights at the Syracuse location and I never tire of the Dinosaur! Been in NYC for 10 years and have ended many nights in Harlem with a Big Ass Pork Plate or a Pork-Sket sandwich chased with some Wango Tango wings.

I noticed at the beginning of the third paragraph you had said, "So, what does it take to stand up to Texas, Tennessee, Memphis and the Carolinas at the pit?" Being that Memphis is in Tennessee should it say, "Texas, Tennessee, Kansas City and the Carolinas..."?

Sugar Rush: Spumoni at L & B Spumoni Gardens

Max, every time (except one) I have gone to L & B I have gotten 2-3 Sicilian slices and a spumoni and I ALWAYS walk away total happy and content. Growing up in Central NY, tomato pies were the standard for me but I've gone far out of my way for those L & B Sicilian slices on many a summer afternoon.

The one exception was having dinner inside with my girlfriend's family where the 10 of us all had the Chef's Table and they brought out what seemed to be an endless array of family style dishes and our young waiter had the whole Brooklyn attitude and accent going on (and I don't think it was a put-on for the customers). I was blown away by their dine-in menu! They brought out: mozzarella en carozza, roasted & stuffed artichokes, pear salad with ricotta salata, dueling shrimp (fried & cocktail), spaghetti with white clam sauce, fusilli with vodka sauce, striped bass, veal chops, steak, mashed potatoes, french fries, broccoli rabe, red & white wine, and an insanely and comically large martini glass filled with with spumoni (natch), mint chocolate chip, cookies & cream, tartufo and fresh whipped cream. A feast of epic proportions. Definitely worth trying once in your life.

Open Thread: The Strangest Dining Rooms in New York?

17 Wo Hop on Mott Street. From dining UNDER the sidewalk, to the mirrored walls all around and the scores of faded headshots on plastering the walls that read like a "Who's Who of Who Cares?", it's got a vibe all it's own.

Beer Lovers: Win a Pair of Tickets to SAVOR in NYC

Empire Brewing Company from Syracuse, NY. I travel to Syracuse frequently to visit family and have only tried one or two of their beers. Would love to meet some of their crew and learn more about them!

Scenes From Hester Street Fair Opening Day

@coles, I was at her shop last summer with my girlfriend and we tried the Tiger's Blood and King Cake versions. They were excellent and HUGE! Would love to work my way through her menu.
@Laura Togut, I received an email from Ms. Peterson and she said that she won't have a permanent location in Manhattan this summer but she landed a spot on the beach in East Hampton and will be around NYC on Saturdays or Sundays at the Hester Street Fair and Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg, also on Pier 26 for Terminal 5 concerts and possibly some other locations. Just wanted to let you know as I noticed the link to her Greenwich Village store from last year in the photo caption.

Cocktails & a bite to eat near Columbus Circle...with a twist!

Thanks, dashofginger! I go there frequently after my runs in Central Park but I never knew about the tap room. Will have to check that out. We ended up going to P.J. Clarke's by Lincoln Center. I called ahead and they said they get many runners from the NYC Marathon each year so the dress code is pretty casual. We had burgers with some seriously funky buttermilk blue cheese and split an order of homemade tater tots with spicy ketchup made with tomatoes, lime juice, jalapenos and agave nectar to name a few ingredients. It was good and tasted like a cross between Heinz and HP Sauce. My friend had a couple of Manhattans that she really enjoyed. The service was excellent too and we'd return in a heartbeat.

Cheap and Funky dinner in Tribeca area NYC

Bubby's is okay but I think it's really expensive for the kind of food they serve. Love their pies but $8 a slice is a lot to ask, for me anyway. How much are you looking to spend per person?
Dirty Bird on Chambers Street is pretty good. Love the roast chicken, garlic kale and cornbread. More of a casual place.
Kitchenette on Chambers is pretty funky albeit a tight space. Love the meatloaf, roast turkey sandwich and baked garlic fries.
Kutsher's on Franklin St. is really good. Funky for sure but don't remember how inexpensive. A nod to the summer camps in the Catskills. Loved the Friday Night Roast Chicken, latkes, duck fat fries and the house made cream soda.

Win Two VIP Tickets to STREETS International, May 1st

Papusas and corn on the cob from the vendors at the Red Hook ball fields!

Open Thread: Where Do You Take Tourists in NYC?

magshoff, Lombardi's isn't the oldest pizzeria in NYC. They just trade in that "reputation". Different location, different owners and different oven than the original. Nonetheless, it is some fine pizza!

New York Quintessentials: 12 Classic Pizza Joints You Should Know

Arturo's? Really? Quite surprised at their inclusion here. You even describe the pizza as servicable and not to think to hard about it. I love pizza and the company of my friends definitely comes first before food but at the end of the night I still want to enjoy the food and feel that it was money well spent. The pizza I had there was awful and really reminded me of a Stouffer's French bread pizza. If this was a slice joint I could see it's inclusion here but a coal-oven, whole pies only place should be able to turn our a far better product.

Brooklyn: Peter Luger's Lunchtime Burger is a Study in Simplicity

Finally, some love for the Luger Burger! My favorite thus far of many burgers I've tried. So glad they extended the hours for the burger. Used to be only til 3pm. Bun, meat, cheese and bun. Nothing more needed on it. And that is the "Goldilocks" of buns: not so chewy that it gets in the way or causes the meat to slide out and not so weak that it disintergrates before the halfway point. Just right.

Saturday brunch near Penn Station

I'm not too surprised, Teachertalk. That area is a bit of a dead zone as far as god eats are concerned. Narrowing it down by type of food (brunch) and time constraints makes it that much more difficult to come up with good options. Think we might just opt for the Tick Tock Diner. Not the best place I've ever eaten but fairly reliable.

Cocktails & a bite to eat near Columbus Circle...with a twist!

Hi, looking for a place to grab a cocktail and a bite to eat within walking distance of Columbus Circle. Here's the twist: I'm taking my friend on her first ever run in Central Park right before so wherever we end up going, we'll be in our sweaty, (hopefully not too) stinky running clothes. If there is any place in the area that would welcome us we'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

Looking for White Manna/White Rose sliders in NYC

I live in Manhattan and was hoping to find sliders like those at White Manna in Hackensack, NJ somewhere in the 5 boroughs. I took the bus to meet a friend in Hackensack one day and fell hard for those sliders! I'd like to find a good version a bit closer than NJ. And yes, I've had White Castle before and to me they don't even come close to comparing with White Manna. Thanks so much!

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