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How to Make Sweet and Moist Northern-Style Cornbread With a Crust a Southerner Would Be Proud Of

Sorry, wasn't meaning to start a cornbread war. Just a simple statement of what we like. What I really wanted was to share the method of adding the oil and question what difference it might make in the texture.

How to Make Sweet and Moist Northern-Style Cornbread With a Crust a Southerner Would Be Proud Of

This would never be accepted as cornbread at my house. However, I know others like the "cakier" version. But what I wanted to share was the way I was taught to grease the pan. Before I even begin to mix the batter I heat the iron skillet with grease(oil or bacon drippings) added. But instead of pouring the batter into the pan I first pour the hot oil into the mixed batter and stir until combined. If the oil is hot enough you can actually hear it sizzle. Then I pour the batter into the pan and bake as usual. I have often wondered if this method makes the final product "crumbier" as it seems to separate the grains as you mix it in. As soon as it is done I turn the bread out of the pan upside down onto a plate. It definitely has a crisp crust.

Ask The Food Lab: Do I Need to Use Kosher Salt?

For some reason Diamond Crystal is very hard to find in southeastern Virginia. Can't even find it in Whole Foods. Morton and fancy sea salts are readily available. So when I am lucky enough to run up on a store selling Diamond Crystal I really stock up.

Chicken Dinners: Chicken and Slick Dumplings

This is the same way my grandmother made them. She used basic biscuit dough for the dumplings. In the past I have cheated and used Bisquick. It works almost as well. I don't remember using vegetables either. Most southerners would definitely serve non sweet cornbread with this. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Reheating spare ribs

I put the ribs on a piece of heavy duty foil. Using my fingers I sprinkle the foil/ribs with water. Seal the foil and place (on a baking sheet) in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes. Don't know if the water makes a difference or not but my thought is that it creates steam and may prevent the ribs drying out. I also cut the ribs into portions before I reheat them.

Taste Test: Jarred Pasta Sauces from Celebrity Chefs and Restaurants

I like Giada's, tried it after Consumer Reports recommendation. I do wish it was available more places. However,something I recently learned is that you should return the pasta to the hot pot after draining to "cook" off the surface water.After cooking many pots of spaghetti I finally understand why there was always a pool of "tomatoey" water on the plate under the pasta and the sauce didn't coat the pasta as it should.

Tweed Cakes (Shortbread With Chocolate Covered Toffee)

Is the 1 TBS. of butter for greasing the pans? Or is it part of the batter and the pans have only parchment paper.

Southern-Style Brown Butter Cornbread

I have let this fallacy go on long enough and it's time to speak up. In the old deep south putting sugar in cornbread was/is one of the 7 deadly sins. It would get me a divorce quicker than anything else (coming up on 50 years). Cornbread with sugar is cake. You are right about it being dry as it is used as a sop for the "pot likker". Fork in right hand, cornbread in left, using it to push the beans onto the fork. Then you take a bite of each. Other option is to crumble dry (leftover) cornbread into a big glass of cold buttermilk and eat it with a spoon.
Also you are wasting a step by melting the oil in one pan and then pouring it into another. Pour oil (bacon grease, lard) into a cast iron skillet. Let it heat while you're mixing the bread. Then pour the hot oil into the batter and mix. After that everything goes back into the skillet for baking. A convection oven will allow the inside to cook properly before the outside is too brown. Another sin-mushy cornbread. This usually happens when you are in too much of a hurry and are ready to serve before it is ready.

The Food Lab: Ultra-Crisp-Skinned Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

OK Kenji, now how about instructions to do this with a sous vide? I suspect lots of folks are hoping to find one under the tree, so you might be prepared to offer both types of instructions whenever you create this kind of recipe. I for one and going to need all the help I can get.

Sous Vide Temperature Guide?

I certainly hope someone has created such a chart. My husband has ordered me SVS for Christmas and I don't have a clue either. However it does seem to me that I saw one mentioned on one of the many blogs/chats that I searched before deciding which one I wanted. But of course I don't remember where I saw it.

LOVE IT! Just got my SE baggu bag. Thanks, SE!

Mine came today too. Very nice bag in a bag.

Missing out for a lifetime thanks to one innocent mistake.

beth1, It's called "sulfa" water. there was a discussion on the I grew up in Jax Beaches facebook page recently about the water fountain that was on A1A between the Beaches and St. Augustine. Think it was put there as water for the mules that hauled things in that area. Only folks who grew up there can actually tolerate it.

Bread Baking: Cinnamon Apple Sweet Rolls

I have a question about refrigerating overnight. Not just with this recipe but many others. For savory as well as sweet dishes. Does this mean 8 hrs., 10 hrs. or longer? There are many meat dishes that say to marinate overnight and if it's something for dinner we could be talking 15 or more hours. I know most things are flexible but a general guideline would be helpful.

41 Recipes with Greek Yogurt We Love

I have a question about the use of Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt. Tonight I was making muffins that called for yogurt in place of other dairy products. Because Greek is thicker is it necessary to use more to make up for the loss of moisture contained in the regular? The batter was very thick.
The muffins turned out fine but wonder if this does make a difference in baking.


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