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Field Report: Mario & Salvo's, DeWitt, New York

Like jimmyg and Nicky Satch said, Neapolitan is what a lot of places call their regular pies up here. With the dearth of anything good that's composed of cheese, sauce and dough around here, Mario & Salvo's can call it whatever they want. Anyone have any other recs. for the area?

Elmwood Park, New Jersey: Pizza-Town USA, 'America's Favorite Town'

Great reviews as always, and I'm so glad you made it there. Your "review" of the Tomo sisters was spot on. The only bad part about the place is the no-toppings-per-slice rule, but who's to argue with 53 years of successs?

When I go alone, I've gotten a mushroom-sausage pie and eaten it throughout the day. It never makes 24 hours :) The sausage is fenne-laced and outstanding. I've never seen them apply it to the pie, but I'm pretty sure it's pre-cooked because there is a sweet char to it that wouldn't be achieved from only the pizza process.

Star Tavern: A Shining Example of the Bar Pie in Orange, New Jersey

Adam-Glad you enjoyed your Star experience. The place is excellent. The only thing I don't eat there is the sausage, as they use crumbled meat that doesn't hold up to the heat and tastes shockingly close to pencil eraser (don't ask how I know that!).

Has anyone at Slice ever visited Pizza Town in Elmwood Park, NJ? It's my favorite in the Garden State. The taste and style of the pie are totally throwback, and the place may epitomize that element better than the first two things I just mentioned.

What's Your Favorite Burger In New York?

I've really tried to have been wowed by Shake Shack the five or six times I've been there, but it just never happens.

In fact, the last time I went there I was underwhelmed, and the 'shroom burger (first time I tried it) was too much of a not-so-good thing.

SmashBurger Is Smashingly Good

Great review. Montclair is becoming a burger capital of sorts. Up the street from Smash is Elevation Burger, and a Five Guys is opening soon.

I honestly can't pick a favorite out of those three right now. They all do what they "do" well.

And then, of course, there is Tierney's Tavern, the grand dame of burgers in town. I'm not positive, but I believe Tierney's Buddy Burger has been discussed at one point on this site.

SmashBurger also does state-specific burgers, which is cool. I'm not sure what is so regional about the Jersey Burger, with bleu cheese, bacon and two different types of onions (how about some Taylor ham?), but it certainly breaks the franchise mold.


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