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Meatball Failure need help stat!

Thanks but no beef left! It all tastes great but not in a ball form, haha! Sort of free form meat ball. If I lived in Washington or Colorado I would be all set

Poll: How Much Is Too Much for a Slice?

on the highway/gas station/mall, $3
at a premium trendy place $5

My Pie Monday: Porchetta, Cherries, Turnips, and More!

As a professional animal care giver, semi professional eater and expat from Montreal I am qualified to say: I like seeing the toppings, that is what i can replicate easiest in my kitchen with the crust I like. Also, this thread shows why people get sick of people who speak French. I did. I left. Yeah you make some nice bread, wine and cheese. Move the eff on, dont sit there and give me a load about how awesome you are. I think I shall never show a side shot again on MPM.

My Pie Monday: Blue Point Crab, Nettles, Redneck Pizza, and More!

AK - i use same crust every time. Caputo OO 24 hr ferment with combo sourdough yeast and store bought. I cook on a preheated stone bottom of oven on convect 550*.

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

Being devils advocate how hard is it to bust out a few pasta dishes? Have a dedicated person in charge. WRT GF - I make regular pizza EVERY Thursday and a GF one for my wife. It is one of the hardest things to make and after years of trying I have a pretty good one. We understand how hard it is to make something GF in a restaurant, especially with all the flour flying around , but man if you offered a try you'd make a boatload of people happy! I think I shall post my GF pie on My Pie Monday.

My Pie Monday: 'Mootzaleppo', BBQ Brisket, Dutch Oven Pizza and More!

*GASP* - well done

My Pie Monday: 'Mootzaleppo', BBQ Brisket, Dutch Oven Pizza and More!

Adam K what type of sauce? I like the orangey color better than the red

My Pie Monday: Bird's Nest Pizza, Pulled Pork, RAMPS(!) and Much More!

was my 40th birthday, so it started early with brews, then homemade very hard cider then a big fat Cali cab...hic

My Pie Monday: Roasted Grapes, Scallion Garlic Cream Sauce, Naan Pizza and More!

Cook the Book: 'Bluestem: The Cookbook'

I live in a town with 1 coffee shop, my kitchen is the most creative thing going.

Sourdough question

Hey whoa lotsa comments! Wasnt following I followed the original advice, scooped about a tbsp of starter, mixed with my dough 24 hrs prior and it worked perfectly. Was def too acidic - could smell it easily. Thanks for all the help. I have moved on to freeze distillation of my cider.

Sourdough question

I dont measure. I use about 1.25 cups water then go by feel (probably 6 cups OO flour), as i have for years, and dont have any issues with "regular" yeast. The starter is maybe a little over a cups worth and i keep it pretty wet. When i let it ferment for 2 days, I see a rise like normal and then the fall back when yeast are beat, but when i stretch etc it just has no staying power. I am wondering if the acidity weakens the gluten strength...I cud prob look this up in McGee but I am lazy and want to hear any similar input.

Any tips for egg topped pizzas?

Awesome, thanks for info.

Enter to Win a Copy of the 'Alinea' Cookbook

fried poached eggs, delish over creamed spinach!

Survey: What Pizza Topping Is a Dealbreaker for You?

Broccoli in any form

Homemade Pasta Tips

I make a fair amount with Kitchenaid. I just use roller and the 1 cutter, the other attachments i dont use. I use AP flour or 00 flour with room temp eggs, litttle salt and maybe a splash EVOO. I mix with machine until nat sticky then some with hands till feels right then wrap in saran for 30 minutes. I leave on counter. I used to put in fridge but i never really saw the point only seemed to make it stiffer and reqd more rolling. I can make pappardelle very fast, just use pizza cutter on long wide strips. I lay on layered wax paper on a cookie sheet and throw in chest freezer then into ziplocks, that way i use less flour to assure they dont stick which then makes water really starchy. I have my own chickens so the eggs make an awesome deep yellow pasta that tastes FAR superior to any bought product. Keep working at it you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is.

Pasta dinner party need sides....

Thanks guys/gals liking the charcuterie and braised veges along with salad to intersperse pasta plates!

My Pie Monday: BiereBeer's Thursday Night Pizza

Whoa, didnt know this actually was posted, haha. The burn was a direct result of simultaneous making of pie, wine drinking, Facebook chat and carrying 1 year old on shoulder. I didnt wash it. Swore (maybe once), took picture and then ate. 14 days later all better.

Farmers market price ?

Great (moderately-priced) food in Montreal?

Au Pied du Cochon.

Sweet Potatoes

I have better luck with baking "fry" shaped stick with canola and lower temp, 375 for a good 45 minutes and stirring every so often , they will burn though near the end so keep an eye on 'em.

Yams are from africa and the name was adapted for marketing reasons in old days.

How to compete in cooking contest?

UPDATE : I had hominy / chocolate still didnt do it...there was some voting issues...

Quick - 2hrs till dinner, what to go with onion soup?

You might be a foodie if.... run out of room on your stovetop and start a cast iron wood cookstove so you have enough space

What vegetable can you not find at a farmers market?

I'm in Maine but I grow many things under cover so I can grow tropical things to a degree - ginger etc...

Meatball Failure need help stat!

Making tiny meatballs for Xmas party tonight, the kind in sweet red sauce. They broke down in sauce. How to save this awesome tasting meat? I am thinking providing small rolls and people can make sloppy Joes on the go or should I just have tortilla chips for dipping/nachos?? What else...? Thanks for any input

Dinner Party Timing Question...chicken

Hola! Having 20 folks over for a sit down dinner, we do it 2x a year, and this time going asian. One of my offerings is a thai green curry chicken. I have premade the curry and was wondering of a good way to cook chicken. I was hoping to gently poach the chicken (cut up breast and thighs) then add it to the curry before guests arrive and allow it to simmer on low. Does this make sense? I dont want to have dry or undercooked chicken. Thanks

Sourdough question

I have been making pies for many years and recently have cultured a sourdough starter. It is 3 weeks old and seems pretty healthy, good lift etc...however when i get to shape it it has minimal elasticity and breaks really quickly. Is this a result of the souring properties? I typically incorporate it into flour (OO) 48 hours prior to firing and it looks good up to this point. Cooked it tasted pretty sour but is really dense and no chewy consistency. Any suggestions?

Any tips for egg topped pizzas?

I am a pretty confident pie builder but recently someone asked me to make a red sauced bacon and egg pie. My i add the egg half way thru? I bake on convect at 550 on a hot stone usually takes 5 mins.

Pasta dinner party need sides....

Having a salute to pasta(and Carb Loading) in New Year, lining up menu. Besides salad what can one have for sides with a multi pasta course soiree? Thinking of 3-4 small plates of pasta for bout 14-16 people,(after apps of pizza) so needs to be somewhat user friendly, cuz by the time 3 course rolls round things will get a lil fuzzy, if you catch my drift.
Thanks for input.

Farmers market price ?

Has anybody seen any Ground/Husk Cherries for sale and if so at what price? Same goes for crosnes?
Thanks for any help, I grow them and havent been ale to determine a price as no one grows them in my area.

How to compete in cooking contest?

This is a tough one. My friend has a friendly neighborhood chili competition every year. I make a classic texas red chili with homemade beef stock, make my own chili paste etc... I have done poorly in the past few years against people who have a "limited" taste palate. Last year the winner had ricotta on top (?) this year the winner had ravioli on top (second had cashews). Uhhh do i stick to my principles or next year do I enter baked bean dish with a pizza on top? i.e. how do i crack into that world of eaters?
sore loser :)

What vegetable can you not find at a farmers market?

I have a second business( where I grow vegetables for a restaurant. I try to offer things that most full time farmers don't want to grow to give me a little edge. I grow ginger, crosnes, sunchokes, sweet potatoes, limas, favas as well as some regular things for the area.
Any other ideas/wanted veges that I may be missing in the northeast? Thanks for reading and any ideas?

Uses for plum sauce?

This year had bumper crop of plums and made with my own garlic, onions, ginger some kickin plum sauce. What else could i put it on besides egg rolls et al?

Making your own frozen pizza.

I make a buch of pizza but never rolled one out added toppings and frozen. Anyone have any tips?
Thought might be good to stash in freezer to come home to after long holiday drives...

Use for pork bones?

I make a fair amount of sausage and have accumulated some pork shoulder bones. Never really come across any recipes for pork stock...what to do?

Kitchenaid smells...

Does anybody notice a smell if the mixer is working hard and on low with a large dough? The motor/top gets warm. I have noticed in the past but the spouse thinks it is wrong to have it happen - I thought it was normal for the work it was doing.

Does one need a microwave?

Mine just blew a gasket (F#$@&^!) thinking about calling a repair guy to change a $1.22 fuse for $130 when I wondered do I really need this? All it gets used for is reheating lunches.
Does a real foodie need this "tool"?
What am I missing?

Goat shoulder

I am having a cuban themed party in a few weeks and i have a nice goat shoulder in the freezer. All I can find for recipes that sound traditional is "jamaican" curried goat. Anybody tried this or have any suggestions for the cut of meat.

Having rice, beans and fried plantains as well, not to mention a few rum drinks.
thanks for any help

le bernardin recipe search

Read a little on Eric Ripert, saw his "lobster poached in butter with tarragon and champagne" received some major title...i would like to recreate it but cant find it with a simple google search - anybody know where to find it?

Suggestion for perpared mail order food

I have some inlaws who are due to have a first baby in a few days. I want to get them "dinner" one night since they are gonna be freaked out. Any suggestions? The live in the northern Va area if there is someting local...merci

Italian entertaining music

I like having cheesy italian/american restaurant music playing while people eat and mill about. My CDs are getting tired. I have a computer in my kitchen that I use as a radio essentially - does anybody know of a website that would have this type of music available streaming. I use but cant hit the right style. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Wine suggestions for BBQ feast

In a few weeks I am going to have a party with some winos and the eclectic food may make it a little tricky. I am planning on having pulled pork sandwiches, lobster rolls and shrimp and grits. We tend to like reds but I am thinking a Prosecco to start then not sure where to go after? Zinfandel/Reislings....any past pairings with said meals appreciated.

Pork Butts - Sources?

I used to get them at a local farmers market but that seems to have dried up. Niman ranch used to sell some 6#, now they are 3-4 and 30$ to ship...not worth it. Does Whole foods carry them? I have one 2 hrs away that I can make a run to is they have a quality product. Any other sources/ the BBQ smoker has recently unthawed and the lobsters are migrating home, time for a Maine spring cookout!

Talking with non-foodies

Who works or is friends with non-foodie types and still instinctly asks them everyday what they are having for dinner just to hear them say "I dunno cereal (or ramen, or fish sticks, ground beef,lean cuisine...)" or "I have nothing at home and no money so I guess I will order out"
Do you offer suggestions - tough stuff like boiling water for pasta, cutting a potato, roasting a chicken?
Because I don't...that would be mean and I am nice.
(If you believe that I have some Lehman Brothers stock for you too)

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Cream Puffs

When I set out to make a gluten-free pâte à choux (that's the dough for cream puffs, éclairs, and other desserts like profiteroles and French crullers), I knew what I wanted: a dough that puffed up in the oven and was light. Who wants a heavy cream puff? Since wheat-based pâte à choux dough relies on gluten-rich bread flour, with 12-13% protein, I wondered how gluten-free pâte à choux would work. Pretty well, it turns out. More