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Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

I am in great need of a new thermometer for candy making, one that you don't have to hold over hot caramel for more than a few seconds would be nice. In cornflower blue so it would be easy to find in my drawers full of crap.

Favorite thing to do with dried mushrooms

I also love to grind them in a spice mill, but then I stir the powder into mushroom risotto. I don't really ever taste any grit, but the flavor that it imparts is incredible. Get a double whammy by soaking the whole dried shrooms in your beef or chicken stock that you use in the risotto, it's a mushroom lover's heaven.

Anniversary dinner in Chicago

I would try one of Paul Kahan's restaurants if you haven't already. Blackbird, the nicest of them, was probably the best meal I have had out in chicago, and avec, a bit more casual, and definitely more bustling, was also amazing, the service at both was impeccable.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Truffle Lovers Pasta

I love pretty much anything with truffles, perfection though may be a little truffle salt on slow fried eggs...mmmm.

Thai in Minneapolis

I LOVE Thai food and grew up in MNPLS suburbs. I do think the places in Minnesota have definitely been dumb-ed down for the highly Scandinavian palate, but my favorite used to be Sawatdee in uptown. It has been transformed into a new swanky Thai place in recent years, Roat Osha, which was good, but even more non-authentic. King and I Thai is really really good, and was closer to authentic Thai food in my opinion. Unfortunately, i don't have specific pad Thai recommendations for you, but their red chili chicken dish is out of this world, and their green curry is wonderful.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

If I had a smoker, it would absolutely be the smoked turkey with the honey brine...looks incredible

Need Help - Fall Dinner Suggestions

This is my favorite fall dish that I have made so far this year, if you like butternut squash, this is a great way to eat it.

Homemade Tagliatelle with Roasted Butternut Squash Brown Butter Sauce

It is really warm, cozy, and filling.

Poutine!!! Who Likes Poutine?

I love love love poutine. Whenever we drive through wisconsin, I always pick up some cheese curds, and the last time I decided to make my own poutine with it, with homemade french fries, and leftover baby back rib meat. It wasnt as good as you would probably get in Canada, but it was still pretty delicious!
My attempt at homemade poutine

Cook the Book: Barefoot Contessa, 'How Easy Is That?'

Has to be short ribs. Sear then dump them in a big dutch oven with some wine and stock, and top with some fresh herbs and lemon zest. Simple and decadent at the same time.

Ideas for leftover carnitas*?

I had a ton of leftover spare rib meat that was shredded (after a little grilling mishap) and they had a bit of an asian flavor to them, so I made a spicy cilantro slaw and topped some rib sandwiches with it. It was delicious, and was a nice break from straight up meat. I tend to overeat mexican food, so the asian twist is a good way to switch it up.

Shredded spare rib sandwiches with spicy cilantro slaw

Cook the Book: 'The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker'

My food processor, by far. I use it all the time, especially in the winter I make some sort of blended soup almost every weekend.

a cookbook from food bloggers

Hmm I have not heard of this book, looks great though. Another food blogger book just was released yesterday called "Foodies of the World", it looks almost like a coffee table book with tons of huge pictures and recipes.

Foodies of the World

I will have to check them both out!

I need a recipe for beef ribs!

This short rib recipe is probably one of my favorite things I have ever cooked. And its so easy. A bottle of wine, some beef broth and fresh herbs, braise for a few hours and you have amazingly tender and flavorful short ribs.

5 grain salad recipes

I made this recently:

I only used two grains, but you could easily use five, I just recommend keeping the dressing separate, and applying it as you eat so the zucchini and cauliflower don't get soggy. The veggies added a lot of great texture and flavor, and IMO goat cheese makes everything better :-)

cake balls are gross

The first time I made cake pops was for a wedding dessert table (about 350 of them to be exact) and they were gone in about 10 minutes. They are like crack. I used boxed cake mix, and homemade buttercream. The second time I made them, I went completely from scratch, and they were waaay better. Blue velvet with CC frosting, and vanilla cake with vanilla b-cream:

From Scratch Cake Pops

I am personally not a sweets fan, but people who tasted them were in love, self proclaimed "foodies" included.

Pesto recipe without Nuts???

I made this arugula and pepita (raw pumpkin seeds) pesto last year. You could easily substitute basil for the arugula or do half and half. The pumpkin seeds really gave it the nuttiness and texture without the actual nuts. Hope this helps!

Mixed Review: How to Make Cake Balls

nice timing, I am off to my good friends house to make about 300 of these bad boys for her wedding coming up. Except we are putting them on a stick, which is even more fun :-)

Where to eat in Florence, Italy?

Il Porcuspino (the porcupine) located in San Lorenzo square is wonderful. We visited many times while studying abroad there, and when we went back the next year, the waiter actually remembered us. The food was incredible and the service, a delight. It is tourist friendly, meaning most of the employees speak fluent English, and a lot of the patrons were tourists (it is in San Lorenzo square so that explains the heavy tourist population) but the food was so homey and delicious. Truly one of my favorite food memories from Florence.

Help! I have to fast today!

I got real sick of chicken and beef broth very quickly when I had my colonoscopy, so I added just a bit of curry powder, ginger powder, and some sesame oil to it to make sort of an asian broth. The spice and actual depth of flavor of it made me forget I was on a liquid diet, if only for a little while. Good luck!

Siem Reap Cambodia, where should I eat?

haha thanks everyone. We are just kind of winging bangkok actually, so no clue where we are staying and for how long, its a stop-over in between cambodia and Koh Tao. I expect we will be eating cheap most of the trip (just because I have heard street food is the way to go, and I am ALL for street food) but I wouldn't be opposed to one or two fine dining experiences if you have any recommendations! We leave on wednesday but I will check back next time I am on the internet if you have any koh tao recommendations! Thanks for the help!

The Food Lab: Fresh Ricotta in Five Minutes or Less

Kenji -

For making the ricotta with vinegar, do you recommend an exact double, triple, etc. of the recipe? 1 tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup milk no matter how much I am making or does the ratio shift at all when I am making a larger batch? How much would you recommend for an entire gallon of milk?


Pistachio Macaron Filling Flavors?


I just put up a post on my blog about making tartlette's pistachio macaroons. I used her basic buttercream recipe and added some lemon juice and zest to some, and some homemade raspberry jam to some. I preferred the lemon, i think lemon is a great pair to pistachio, plus the cookie is so flavorful that the innards don't distract from it. Good luck with the macaron adventure, hope it goes better than mine!

Et tu Macarons?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

Florence, Il Porcuspino restaurant. The service was amazing, they remembered us a year later when we came back. Between the tuscan bread soup and the white bean with sausage pot, the meal was impeccable.

Cranberry sauce can be good? Really? Show me how, please!

I made this this past weekend, and it was so good. I normally don't touch the cranberries at thanksgiving, and only made it because I figured we had to have them at the table. I ended up eating most of it.

Weekend Giveaway: Nudo Olive Tree Adoption

Definitely Kalamata, or ones stuffed with parmesan cheese...mmmm


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