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Like Mushroom Pizza? We're Gonna Take You to Funghitown

Kenji, if you're ever back in the Northeast, try the mushroom pizza at Joe's Pizza in Northampton, MA. One of the best I've ever had. (Sadly I can't recommend the pizza from the nearby Hungry Ghost bread bakery, but their other offerings are stellar!)

An Easy Thanksgiving Menu for Two

My favorite "just for two" Thanksgiving that I've done was a pomegranate-roasted duck, avocado and apple salad with butter lettuce, and a wild rice salad. So good!

One Bowl Baking: Honey Corn Muffins

My mom used to bake regular cornbread and serve it for breakfast with honey and butter on top, so this sounds just divine to me.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

I have two questions about freezing.

1 - can you freeze unbaked stuffing and then bake it straight from the freezer?

2 - I made pie crust and froze it, but now I'm thinking about making the pie ahead of time and freezing the pie whole. How would the pie crust hold up if I thaw it, make the pie, freeze the pie, and bake the pie from frozen?



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