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Looking for a Horseshoe Sandwich in Chicago? Visit 6 Degrees in Bucktown

I'm not sure that I could bring my self to try a horseshoe outside of central Illinois (known as southern Illinois to Chicagoans), but this post got me pretty excited that I'm making a trip home to Springfield in a few weeks. D'arcy's is calling my name!

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 3

I've followed your vegan posts from the first year, and I just want to voice my support. Keep up the good work. Any chance of a seitan from scratch recipe? I'm a seasoned cook, former vegetarian, and former executive chef, but mine always turns out spongey. Kenji ftw!

My new favorite word

My boss asked me what to do with her heritage turkey to keep it moist, and I told her to spatchcock it. She told me that sounded dirty and started laughing. She's the kind of woman who whispers "crap" and then looks guilty when she's really upset.

Last minute meal ideas for feeding 4 kids and 4 adults!

I hadn't thought of french bread pizza! That'll be so much easier for the kids than using dough.

immersion blender

I have a hamilton beach immersion blender that has a clear plastic guard with rounded edges. I've never had a problem with it scratching pans.It also has a whisk attachment that is great for light whipping.

What's on your thanksgiving menu?

Our first Thanksgiving on our own, and we're having 6 friends over (2 who drove 13 hours to be here).
Kenji's peking duck (2)
roast chicken (1)
roasted brussels sprouts with bacon (in bacon and duck fat)
martin's potato rolls
stuffing (also martin's) with the duck livers blended into the dripping from the birds
sweet potato empanadas
cranberry bars (Ina's lemon bar recipe, but replacing the lemon juice with cranberry juice)
Lithuanian bacon buns
mashed potatoes
duck gravy
calabrese salami
aged NY cheddar
jalapeno stuffed and kalamata olives
chunks of 72% cacao chocolate
wine, so much wine
a bloody mary or five
a lone bottle of old crow

Cook the Book, Thanksgiving Special: Sam Sifton and Epicurious

My worst flop was vegan gravy. I made it with a brand of vegetable broth that I had never tried, and it ended up so sweet that it was inedible. That broth must have been made with a crazy amount of carrots.


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