How to Make the Quickest Biscuit-Egg Breakfast Sandwiches Imaginable

If you want a "gravy" to throw over the drop biscuits:

1. Trim and wash one pint of strawberries. Dry and put in a large bowl.
2. Add enough sugar to coat the strawberries with sugar and a heavy pinch of salt.
3. Mash the strawberries with a potato masher until the biggest chunks would fit on a spoon.
4. Add enough half and half until the mixture is light pink, about a pint if I remember right (which I might not). Mixture should be barely sweet. Adjust ingredients to taste, which given there are only four is pretty easy to do.

If you're patient and can plan, make the berry mix the night before. If not, you can make it in the time that the biscuits are in the oven. Pour over the top of the hot biscuits.

This is what I grew up knowing as strawberry shortcake. It wasn't until I got older that I realized everyone else made strawberry shortcake as a dessert, not breakfast.

What's Your Favorite Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

It's been a while since I've been to the Chicago area, but Lou Malnati's sausage pizza was always my favorite.

By the way, we are all talking about sausage deep dish, right? Sausage just works so well for deep dish I've never seen any point to any other toppings.

The Food Lab: 11 Essential Tips for Better Pizza

We've been making a few pizzas at at time at home, with the kids each making their own pizza. We'll prepare them on parchment paper, and then use a pizza peel to transfer each pizza to the oven (still on the parchment paper). The bottom crust browns a little more evenly with the parchment paper, but it still turns out great.

Crispy Vegan Smoked Mushroom "Bacon"

Dang, I'd just browned a couple pounds of creminis for some beef stroganoff the other day. Wish I'd seen this recipe before that. Will have to try this out next time.

I'm betting these are a great pizza topping too.

Poll: Onion Rings on Burgers: Way or No Way?

Onion rings are okay on a burger, but onion straws are much better. A lot more crunch per bite than onion rings.

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

You forgot the beer! We do something very similar for making beef stroganoff at home. Slow cooker pot roast, brown mushrooms in a separate pan, then combine together and cook with egg noodles (I can't remember the other ingredients but similar to what is listed). But, we always add a bottle of a good porter or stout to the pot roast in the crock pot; just doesn't taste rigth . Deschutes Obsidian Stout, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, and Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter are some good options.

Slow-Cooker Chicago-Style Italian Beef and Sausage Combos


If I had a weekend to work with, I'd probably give your recipe a try. But if I'd like to have Italian beef sandwiches mid-week, I'll probably use Jennifer's recipe. A few minutes of prep to have Italian beef sandwiches ready when I get home from work sounds very inviting.

Breaking Down 'The Dating Game,' a Report on Food Expiration Dates

Milk is about the only thing where I pay attention to the expiration date. We'll buy milk a few gallons at a time, and it's very helpful to know which gallon is the oldest before opening up a new one. But once it's open, we're just going by smell/taste as to whether its still good. For almost everything else, I'd think a "born on" date would be more helpful than an expiration date.

Cook the Book: 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

Oddball Liquor Laws Around the U.S.A.

Kentucky allows a golf course to declare itself a city, because in Kentucky a city can declare whether it is wet or dry. That's how you were able to buy drinks at the Elizabethtown Golf Course and not anywhere else in Elizabethtown (back when Elizabethtown was dry).

Cook the Book: 'The Chinese Takeout Cookbook'

General Tso's Chicken + egg roll.

One Reason Coffee Is Hard to Make: How Much Is a Cup?

I've been weighing both my water and coffee beans for about a year now. I came up with 24:1 as the ratio to use (24 grams of water to 1 gram coffee) by backwards calculating the instructions on the pack of coffee grounds I had. It has resulted in very consistent coffee. After seeing this post I may try a stronger ratio tomorrow.

I weight out both the water and the coffee beans the night before. Water sits in the carafe overnight, the coffee beans sit in the grinder ready to go. This way, there is no need for math first thing in the morning.

The Food Lab: The Best Way To Grill Sausages

If you're cooking a lot of sausages and you have guests coming, sometimes you have to deal with a too-hot grill. One technique I'm used to seeing in the Midwest is to never stop moving the sausages.

Line them up tightly packed (like they come in the package) in as many columns as you need. Then take the bottom right sausage, flip it, and put it next to the upper left sausage. Then take the new lower right sausage and roll it toward you on its other side. Then do the same for the next sausage in that column, and the next and the next. When you're to the end of a column, grab the bottom sausage from the column to the left and put it at the top of the column to the right.

The key to this method is to never stop turning sausages. As soon as you're done turning one, you're turning the next one. Even with 30 sausages on a grill, each sausage should be getting turned at least two times per minute. Because a sausage doesn't stay on one side for very long, it's more like you're cooking them on a rotisserie than on a grill. And since you're constantly moving each sausage to different part of the grill there's less worry about hot spots.

The Nasty Bits: Scrapple

Have you heard of goetta? It's similar to scrapple except steel cut oats are used instead of cornmeal. It's quite popular here in the Cincinnati area. I've never had it before I moved here and I love the stuff.

The Best Beers to Drink with Takeout

I like having Anchor Steam (or a homebrewed California Common) with pizza.

Beer Pairing: What to Drink with Honey Glazed Ham

What about dunkelweizens and weizenbocks? I would think that Schneider Aventinus may work well with the ham, especially if you're looking for a beer that you can continue to enjoy during dessert.

What's Up with Peanut Skins?

I've been making my own peanut butter ever since I got a copy of "Damn Good Food" by Mitch Omer. His homemade peanut butter is awesome, and his recipe calls for home roasted Spanish peanuts. The skins definitely add a little something to the flavor.

Behind the Scenes at the Graeter's Ice Cream Factory

I've always thought Graeter's should stop referring to them as chocolate chips as start calling them chocolate boulders. Getting a "chip" the size of a quarter is pretty common. I know they have flavors other than black raspberry chip and mocha chip, but those two flavor are so great I can't bring myself to try anything else.

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

We don't have Wondra around because we make gravy so infrequently. I'm wondering if there's a way to get this to work well with regular flour. Since you're adding some liquid, maybe combine the milk with the flour, heat to 150F for a few minutes for the flour to gelatanize, then mix the grated cheese with the flour/milk mixture? I'm not sure on the milk/flour proportions you'd need, this might form too thick a mixture to easily mix in with the cheese.

Homemade Bagels, à la Jo Goldenberg

@erichan726 The baking soda in the boiling water is what I've always heard of to do as a safer substitute for lye. Both lye and baking soda raise the pH of the bagels (baking soda to lesser degree, since it isn't as strong an alkaline). I can't remember all the chemistry behind it, but the higher pH aids in getting a brown exterior.

Malt syrup on the other hand is slightly acidic, so it's not doing the same job. Maybe the sugars in the malt syrup is carmelizing to give the deep brown color?

The Food Lab's Required Reading

If you liked Kitchen Confidential, you should also pick up "Damn Good Food" by Mitch Omer and Ann Bauer. The book is worth it just for Mitch's peanut butter recipe. Above that, Mitch's biography is an excellent read and I haven't had a bad recipe yet out of the book.

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