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Brooklyn: Everything On The Menu at Best Pizza

The Italian Sub was everything that SE promised. Although the price has already been jacked to $10, I only needed to eat 1/2 for lunch. I must say I think it has displaced Graham Ave Meats & Deli as my new favorite Italian sub. I think it was the super soft sesame hoagie roll. Heavenly!

Best Strawberry Shortcake in NYC

Lady M is super light but pricey. From Lady M: Mountains of strawberries. A unique and artistic production, starting with vanilla sponge, fresh cream, a multitude of fresh strawberries and topped with a ring of sliced strawberries. 9" - $75.00 6" - $45.00

My go to is old school Veniero's. The whipped cream is super light and sponge cake has just the right consistency.

Hey, NYC: What should I order from Fresh Direct?

The par baked baguettes are awesome. Pop one in the oven and out comes a toasty, crunchy, soft on the inside, warm vehicle for slathering cheese, meat etc.

Date Night: Kang Suh

@Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler
Well if you're going to order the "saeng kalbi" of course it's going to be bland. By definition it means plain / raw. I would recommend getting the "kalbi" (from the menu Kalbi: grilled boneless short ribs marinated in soy sauce).

What's Your Favorite New-School Pizza In New York?

Motorino in Williamsburg often serves pizza with soggy centers, even at the counter.

Best Pizza might be too new for many to have experienced it yet but their thin crisp crust and just-perfectly-salty sauce gives me cravings on cold winter nights.

What's Your Favorite Fried Chicken In New York?

Seriously the Commodore! Pies n' Thighs is overrated.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

1. piece of white bread (crusts off)
2. spread mayo & sprinkle parmesan
3. lay prosciutto
4. blanch asparagus and lay diagonal across
5. fold over and secure with toothpick
6. broil in oven til slightly brown

A little low class + high class = deliciousness!

A Sandwich A Day: Prime Rib Panini from Eataly

Watching them cut the meat and make this sandwich makes you drool. The $15 price tag was kind hefty for lunch so I bought 1lb and a baguette, went home and made a sour cream horseradish sauce to accompany it and I was able to make 2 sandwiches + leftovers. Totally delicious! They had to take out a new piece of meat for my order, so I specially requested the rarest parts and the carver gave me slices straight from the middle. Bloody goodness!

P.S. The baguettes at the Eataly bakery are quite tough. They definitely use different ones at the rotisserie counter so I would advise buying your baguettes somewhere else. I personally love Amy's baguettes - they have the right amount of crunch outside and soft insides.

Poll: Do You Order Sushi 'Omakase'?

Definitely depends on the place. At Sushi Seki, Ushiwakamaru, Yasuda - omakase is a must. With the aforementioned places the omakase is very carefully calibrated with the style of preparation, sauces and fixin's that are finely tuned to the nuanced flavors of the fish.

Sugar Rush: Zucchini Bread at Locanda Verde

Maybe you need to try mine...I just made Zucchini bread with my CSA bounty and my secret ingredient for moistness was 1/4 cup of yogurt. De-lish!

Mrs. Blake's Pies, My Favorite. What's yours?

Grace Kang mentioned you loved Mrs. Blakes pies so we bought 1 for our [Net Results] swordfish dinner at our host's house in Oak Bluffs. Needless to say we bought 2 more for the plane ride back to NYC - Tollhouse & Triple Berry! Apparently somebody else on the plane had the same idea. Definitely an Island must!

Lunch for One: Greenwich Grill

I had lunch for one yesterday and it was a really great deal. I love everything Uni, so the Uni & Clam Fedelini was a no brainer and the main reason for this field trip. The pasta was al dente perfect and I sopped up any extra sauce with the bianca bread. For dessert, my panna cotta had a rich caramel topping. The prix fixe also includes coffee, tea or espresso. Due to the 90 degree weather I asked for iced tea which they kindly obliged. They even gave me a buy 10 get one free lunch card. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Nice quiet atmosphere for an escape lunch. I'll be back!

buying baking supplies

The Sugar Room in Queens sells baking supplies. You should call and confirm they have what you need.

Sugar Room
43-46 40th Street
Sunnyside, NY 11104
(718) 707-2900

A Sandwich a Day: Willie's Italian Special at Graham Avenue Meats & Deli

The Godfather was as advertised - delicious! They put a lot of care into the construction as you can see by the precise layering. The spicy definitely has a kick to it and the "slow burn" that was mentioned. It might be too much for novices. I ate 1/2 for lunch and find myself craving the other 1/2 for dinner. Thank you SE - I'll definitely be back there! (P.S. I mentioned the SE article and they seemed surprised and pleased. I even wrote down the URL for them.)

Mole in NYC?

The Mole Poblano at Cabrito is to die for. Also you must order the roasted baby brussel sprouts (with chili-vinegar adobo, house-made chorizo).

Market Scene: Union Square Greenmarket in New York

I actually bought both ramps & sunchokes at Union Square on Wednesday (as seen in photo 2!). For the ramps, I cooked the bulbs first in bacon fat and then added the leaves just to wilt with a tad of salt. We just had them as a side to a bowl of steamers. Very delicious!

best pho in nyc

I second Elmhurst's Pho Bang (8290 Broadway, not Pho Bac). It's confusing because there are two Vietnamese places in the same shopping mall. Out of the dozen places I've tried in Chinatown, Koreatown, Flushing, Sunnyside - I constantly crave the Pho Bang. It's the broth - such meaty depth and flavor. The scenery not so much, but you won't care. Just slurp, slurp away!

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (And Beyond)

Hester Street Fair April 24-25
Today, the Hester Street Fair focuses on curated local goods, food and most importantly, highlights the vibrant spirit of the community. Located at Hester and Essex Streets, the tree-lined site is ideally situated between both F stops (East Broadway/Delancey) and adjacent to Seward park.

studio Case
Frank's Chop Shop
An Choi
Severly Vintage
Mile End
Luke's Lobster
Lower East Side Ecology Center
Grand Street Settlement
Seward Park Cooperative
Wanderlust Vintage
Sigmund Pretzel Shop
The New New
green brown orange
Friends of Seward Park
Sarivole Organic Bakery
t spheres
Pain D'Avignon Bakery
La Newyorkina

Great Tasting Menu for Celebration

I wholly second WD-50! We did the tasting menu a few weeks ago and every course was a gastronomical surprise. Food textures are reinvented in ways never imagined. Wylie Dufrense is a genius! You can view tasting menu here:


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