I love food and trying new things! Especially from my Italian and Slovak heritage. Also, things that can be cooked over a campfire!

  • Favorite foods: too many to mention!
  • Last bite on earth: My mom's pork chops and italian rice!

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Need NEW Recipes for Lent

Sounds great everyone! I can't wait to try a few of these!

OMG how many more ads can be fit on this page!

The only one that really bothers me is the - Serious Eats Dating.....really!!??

Let's vent, shall we?

The winner is..........Carrot/Cabbage Cake.......yuck!! Way to ruin good cabbage!!

5 Seasonal Recipes to Celebrate Pi(e) Day

Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, or Peach! PLUS Shepard's Pie and Chicken Pot Pie!!! YUMMY!!!

Most underrated foods?

I agree with Zinnia1 - Wild game! My family eats venison way more than beef. It is also better for you than beef. A more lean meat. Sounds like a great new topic to start for sharing recipes!

Good ish Canned Pizza Sauce

Del Grosso in PA has an awesome pizza sauce that is a New York Style. But if I am in the mood for a sweeter sauce I choose Jioio's Pizza Sauce. It's from a restaurant in Greensburg, Pa. I have also heard that Pastorelli is really good!

Best local BBQ Sauce?

@Remander - Wow that seems so simple! I will have to try it!

@drsfoodienyc - they have a website and it's under bbq sauce.

Dinner Tonight?

I have a small roast in the crockpot that I am going to shred when I get home to make hot roast beef sandwiches, then making home made french fries, plus Cheesy Broccoli. Not very healthy here!

Best Bottled Products not made by a Name Brand Co.?

Wow! That is being brave! So which was the best one so far?

Military pizza with a 3 year shelf life...

Hmmmmm as "simple" as pizza can be there are so many different kinds! But I am willing to bet if it gives a solider some comfort - close will be close enough!

Help with Valentine's Day Menu

How romantic!!! You may have a few extra guests! ;)

Best Bottled Products not made by a Name Brand Co.?

I know......ISALY'S

Have you heard of or ate at Jim's (West Mifflin) - creator of Jim's Famous Hot Dog Sauce? It is for sure a Burgh thing! They sell it on the same website as the Isaly's!

Favorite Italian or med recipe from the old world?

@CJ McD - I am so thrilled that someone else is familiar with Bagna Cauda!! Usually people look at me like I am crazy! I can't wait to try the recipes you shared.....Grazie!

Best Bottled Products not made by a Name Brand Co.?

@KarmaFreeCooKing - that looks so cool! Thanks for sharing

@Zinnia1 - I wil check that site out for sure! Here is my favorite site : They specialize in mostly PA regional items. One of our family favorite being the Isaly's BBQ Sauce. My dad made a awesome bbq ham sandwich that he sold in his deli at our store but I would say Isaly's would be a close second ;)!

Favorite Italian or med recipe from the old world?

Hands down Bagna Cauda!!! I have such great memories of everyone huddled around my Nannies kitchen table eating this! It also turned into a right of passage for anyone who was to marry into the family to try this. Some loved it....others like my husband.....couldn't get past the main ingredient. Bagna Cauda - Olive oil, is gently warmed with garlic cloves and anchovies until the oil is scented, the garlic is softened, the anchovies are dissolved and tamed. We also add tuna fish to it. Essentially, it is an Italian dip. We use fresh cabbage, peppers or fresh italian bread to dip in it.

Campfire Cooking

We got a dutch oven last year and did try some desserts in it and chili once. I am looking forward to trying more this year! My kids are kind of picky and some of the recipes that came in the book they aren't willing to try.....ugh! Here's to warmer temps and camping soon!

Campfire Cooking

Wow!!! Completely overwhelmed by all the responses!!

1 - HOBO DINNERS! Love them! My father-in-law uses a can cooker. We put corn on the cob on the bottom, then layer cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, ham & kielbasa with butter and water to keep it from burning. Then put a quarter over the hole and when the steam pushes the quarter off it is done. We do this over the fire and it is so good!

2. We have a camper but cook everything over the fire. We only cook inside when it's raining so hard that you can't cook outside.

3. We have a pie-iron and started experimenting with it last year. Found a campers cookbook book with lots of recipes. But we need to buy more than 1! :)

4. THANK YOU for all the amazing recipes so far. I can't wait to try them!

1 of our favorite recipes is using a local stores Peach Bourbon Bbq Sauce and marinating shrimp in it and then putting them on skewers. Cook over fire and the bbq sauce caramelizes and is oh so yummy!


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