By day I'm a user experience developer for a large company. By night I'm a freelancer, associate professor and occasional speaker.

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  • Location: Cleveland Ohio
  • Favorite foods: Duck, meatloaf, any grilled sandwiches, chocolate truffles, pizza, short ribs, gruyere, beer, single malt scotch.
  • Last bite on earth: Whatever is on the Flying Fig's menu.

Photo of the Day: Parmageddon Sandwich

While this restaurant has a lot of interesting things on the menu, I used to live down the street and I have a serious gripe. The bread they use is absurdly large and hard. When I eat a grilled cheese I don't want to practically cut my mouth on the bread, the the cheese should melt into the bread. When the bread is this big it doesn't get that delicious, slightly gooey texture.

Also every time I've ever got a burger here they've completely charred the outside no matter how I ordered it.

That said, I'd recommend the chorizo and potato sandwich.

Work Potluck Suggestions?

Every month at work my department of about 25 people has a potluck. Because we're in a big corporate office, we're limited as to what we can bring in. It's a pain to drag a crock pot up here (though possible in dire situations) and you can't really microwave food for 25 people very easily.

Typically I bring some type of cookie or cupcake, but the lazy folks who don't look at the sign up sheet always grab some baked garbage from the grocery store at the last minute so we end up with more sweets than anything else.

I'm looking for suggestions and recipes for appetizer type items, or main dishes that can be served at room temperature.

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