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The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Pork Satay I've Ever Had

Just last week my friend told me to hunt down a specific brand of kecap manis, called "Bango". I found it at Asia Market Corp. at 71 Mulberry St in NYC's Chinatown. They seem to carry more Indonesian specialty items than some of the other markets in the area. I haven't tried any other varieties but this stuff is really delicious... like a blend of soy sauce and molasses. I can't wait to put this stuff on some chicken wings.

Heat Up Your Homemade Falafel With Harissa and Black Olives

@kenji the ".html" is missing from the zhug link. I love zhug!

Better Than Falafel? Israel's Sabich Sandwich Has My Vote

Can't wait to try this recipe. If anyone has an upcoming visit to Israel, these are the places to get your Sabich on: Frishman Sabich in Tel Aviv and Oved's Sabich in nearby Givatayim:,

Great Tahini Is the Star of This Roasted Eggplant and Lentil Dinner

It's probably mentioned in Zahav Cookbook, but there's a restaurant in Jaffa called Abu Hassan, which has the best hummus on the planet.
It may be worth flying across the world just to eat there.

While we're talking eggplant, I'd love to see a good sabich recipe here too!

Charred Salsa Verde

Made this last night and it was killer. Just add the right amount of salt and TADOW, party in your mouth!

One-Skillet Korean Nachos Will Shake Up Your Party Menu

1. Warn your friends the skillet is hot.
2. Buy extra diffuser sticks for the bathroom.
3. Looks delicious.

The Comfort Food Diaries: The Mindless Pleasures of the PB&J

Jim Lahey has a pretty cool recipe for a PB&J bread which I made a few years back:

While tasty, it does not in any way replace a real PB&J sammich.

Bake Better Bread With the Fourneau Oven

@kenji can you please heat up some Hot Pockets in this thing?

Gooey Apple Pie

@kenji Pie came out excellent, thank you for the recipe! I went with the sous-vide method, and the apples held their structure beautifully. The apples reminded me of a perfect french fry, with a crisp exterior and soft interior. This was my first apple pie, and all the peeling and prep work of the apples turned out to be a true labor of love, but all our guests loved it, so it was worth it in the end. Here's a pic of the finished pie:

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Carne Asada

@kenji If you're back in So Cal and craving El Torito, the Marina Del Rey location has an unbelievable view! Also, do you have a recipe for that sweet corn stuff they'd put on every plate?

Pine Nuts, Sumac, and Parsley Are Unlikely but Delicious Partners for Scrambled Eggs

Sounds like a good way to put a twist on spaghetti carbonara as well!

Grilled Asparagus With Aioli Is the Ultimate Backyard Finger Food

I have a feeling some cannibals would disagree with you on what the ultimate finger food is

A 5-Stop Eating Tour of LA's San Gabriel Valley for Under $40

Putting in a recipe request for those beef rolls! Haven't had the ones at 101 Noodle, but really enjoyed the ones served at Ma Ma's Lu Dumpling House in Monterey Park.

The Best Pizza by the Slice in San Francisco

@Kenji, as someone who has moved recently from California to New York, it would be greatly appreciated if someone at SE did a similar article on the best Tacos/Burritos in New York. The places that slice a burrito in half are driving me crazy! Thanks!

Steak Island Beer Cocktail

The Superbowl: The macho'est event of the year where you can watch Katy Perry perform and drink your beer with a straw!

The OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker Makes Me Eat More Salad

I've never tried it with mine, but I bet the Blender Bottle ( would do a great job emulsifying dressings, since it comes with a ball whisk.

The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 7 Myths That Need To Go Away

@Kenji have you tried using cast iron on an induction cooktop? If so, could you tell if the pan heated more evenly?

For the Best Sour Patch Kids, Go to a Show

@Kenji.. if you can find them, SnakClub makes some pretty awesome SPK knockoffs:

@selzoc Kevin Nealon once mentioned on Adam Carolla's podcast that he does the same thing, and calls it a "Movie Salad".

How Korean Cuisine Got Huge in America (And Why It Took So Long)

Anyone else think Gochujang is going to be the next Sriracha?