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Truffle Oil - Yeah or Neah????

Truffle oil has never satisfied me and usually seems to ruin or at least pull the dish down.

As an alternative when I've wanted truffle fries at a lower cost I make truffle cheese fries with sottocenere al tartufo melted over them. It's a good low cost alternative for me.

Otherwise, I just wait and buy real truffles maybe once or twice a year and try to maximize my usage over a few days.

Buying a Cast Iron Skillet On a Budget

I have 5 cast iron pieces of various types
3 Lodge (a 6 inch & 12 inch round plus a square grill pan), 2 Emeril (12 inches, both)

The Emerils were both gifts, and they are actually a fair bit heavier than the Lodge, so I actually prefer them at times, but I've read quite a few negative reviews for them... though I've never had a problem.


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