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What to do with Side Pork?

Truffle Oil - Yeah or Neah????

Truffle oil has never satisfied me and usually seems to ruin or at least pull the dish down.

As an alternative when I've wanted truffle fries at a lower cost I make truffle cheese fries with sottocenere al tartufo melted over them. It's a good low cost alternative for me.

Otherwise, I just wait and buy real truffles maybe once or twice a year and try to maximize my usage over a few days.

Buying a Cast Iron Skillet On a Budget

I have 5 cast iron pieces of various types
3 Lodge (a 6 inch & 12 inch round plus a square grill pan), 2 Emeril (12 inches, both)

The Emerils were both gifts, and they are actually a fair bit heavier than the Lodge, so I actually prefer them at times, but I've read quite a few negative reviews for them... though I've never had a problem.

What to do with Side Pork?

I was at the grocery store today and looked at the discount meat area and saw packages of vacuum sealed, sliced "side pork", which appears to be pork belly but cut higher up on the side so they have more meat.

I'm going to freeze it if I can't figure out what to do with it in the next day or two.

Any suggestions?

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