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The Best Desserts in NYC for $3 and Under

Shouldn't Triple C be Quadruple C? Cookie, Caramel, Coconut, Chocolate.

The Chain Breaker: A Dairy Queen Like No Other

@Chuckswagon What horrible circle of hell have we entered as a society where chocolate soft serve is not a standard offering at Dairy Queen, of all places?!

Maybe it's best I don't have any near enough to really patronise so I didn't have to discover this sadness through abject real disappointment at the denial of a twisted cone. (Dilly Bars = only good part of elementary school sports days.)

The Real History of Hushpuppies

Yet more fabulous work from Robert Moss!

(I want hushpuppies now. So badly.)

Cool off With Cold Ramen: How to Make Hiyashi Chuka at Home

Would this be a plausible lunchbox item, or would the noodles get too cold/firm/sticky overnight?

Dim Sum Goes Deutsch: Pretzel Bao With Hot Mustard Pork Filling

I just don't want to put this much effort into drunkfood, but I would happily patronise a Morgan Eisenberg drinking establishment. On a daily basis.

Cooking With Bacon? Store it in the Freezer for Maximum Ease

Last time i bought ends and pieces from TJ's, it had more normal strips than just pieces, so awesome cost savings. Need to do that again now that I've finished it off.

Taste Test: The Best Supermarket Bacon

For everyone complaining about 'national brands', I'm curious how much due diligence you expect SE staff to do in order to determine availability.


I'd say that looks to have pretty wide distribution, especially with the widespread geographic presence of offices and facilities (

Does anyone have actual suggestions for improvement in geographic investigation?

Forget Totchos, Nugchos, and Spamchos; Steakchos are The Ultimate Nacho Hybrid

Step 2 is absolutely true. I haven't had a decent piece of meat since 2008.

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

Shake Shack isn't road food since all their locations are in the middle of a city, not directly next to an interstate exit.

Therefore, Steak 'n' Shake wins all the things on shakes. And burgers. My experience with Shake Shack has been very disappointing for the money, while for about half the price, Steak 'n' Shake will give me a just as good burger and tiny fries on a real plate (add extra for the bean crock). I appreciate not everyone likes the tiny fries, but you really can't beat the quality, price, and service. I have no idea how they're still managing to do it, but it makes me proud to be from Bloomington, IL.

How Cereal Became the Quintessential American Breakfast

The most fascinating thing about current cereal trends is the advent of adult sugar cereal - back in the 90s, chocolate and marshmallows were decidedly for children, but now Special K (freaking Special K that my 80 year old grandmother ate until she died in 1995 because it was diet cereal) now has chocolate.

I grew up on Grape Nuts and wasn't allowed Lucky Charms or Super Golden Crisp or Pops or anything "fun". Raisin Nut Bran was the most fun I could have. This brave new world of adult cereal confuses and terrifies me.

Don't Call Chicken and Dumplings Depression-Era Cheap Eats

Yet another fantastic article from Robert Moss!

Agree with Zuckys Cookies - so often, these articles for non-history sites traffic in wives' tales rather than legitimate historical research. I love that I can trust Serious Eats to be as serious on the history as well as on the eats.

Best series after Food Lab, and really for the same reasons.

How to Taste (and Fall in Love With) Raw Honey

A lot of wildflower honey will have a heavy dose of clover, therefore won't taste tremendously different than grocery store honey (except that it's better, but subtly so and YMMV). Wildflower just means the bees roam and clover is widespread, common forage in at least the eastern and midwestern US.

The really fun varieties come after an apiary has made a pollination visit: almond, cranberry, blueberry, avocado, radish. It's a tasty agricultural byproduct :)

My favourite local apiary is The Bee Folks - they contract with pollinating apiaries for specialty varieties and sell local honey as well. My favourites right now are bamboo and cranberry. If you're in the mid-Atlantic, they're a constant presence at the Maryland and Pennsylvania Rennaissance Festivals and at Pennsic War.

I strongly suspect that similar relationships exist throughout the country and your local festivals may be great sources for vendors.

Should You Really Only Cook With Wine You'd Drink? The Truth About Cooking With Wine

I'd say the cooking wine worked in that recipe because fried chicken can handle a higher sodium load, and you were only deglazing for a pan sauce. A braise would probably have led to the horrific results expected.

I bought my first Bota Box a couple weeks ago for a red wine braised pot roast with the plan to follow up with a coq au vin. The chicken hasn't happened yet, but for $20.49 for 3 liters, it's on par with the table wines I usually buy for $6.99 a bottle (I'm in one of those terrible jurisdictions where I can't get Two Buck Chuck for these purposes), so I'm basically getting a fourth bottle free and the convenience of still having wine on hand. Might not buy this merlot again for drinking straight but would definitely continue to experiment with the boxes. The pot roast called for 3 cups and was very tasty.

The Historic Problem With Hoppin' John

Yet again, a fantastic article from Robert Moss. These really are a huge asset to the site.

How Ambrosia Became a Southern Christmas Tradition

Edward Lee's fruit combination sounds fantastic until he mucks it all up with that weird dressing.

Maybe there are things that should be left alone and not chefed up.

A Cookie a Day: Butterscotch Salty Oat Cookies

Oatmeal scotchies are a classic, and I love them. Sea salt is a great addition!

Taste Test: The Best Ready-Made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Raw cookie dough straight from the tube is meant to be consumed by the spoonful, in front of the tv, whilst wearing comfy pants. It is not shameful, but it has a particular function, and parties is pretty much the antithesis.

The other issue with chocolate chip cookies is that some people like a white sugar vanilla base, while others subscribe only to Toll House brown sugar for life. They're really two separate cookie types and need to be rated separately.

Also, add another vote on the "If you're testing non-standard ingredient versions meant for people with deadly allergies, tell us if any of them are marginally decent or if they all taste entirely of sadness!" At that point, "marginally decent" is a vote of confidence.

Entertaining Made Easy: Store-Bought Frozen Hors D'Oeuvres We Love

Trader Joe's spanakopita are fantastic and I eat them for dinner on a regular basis during Game of Thrones season. They are the perfect junk food to eat with wine in front of the tv whilst pretending to be healthy because look at all that spinach! I shall keep the Whole Foods version in mind.

How Cajun Deep Fried Turkey Took Over America

The Dingle Dangle:


(warning - video contains William Shatner)

The Food Lab: Introducing Vegetables Wellington, the Plant-Based Vegan Roast Even Meat Eaters Will Want

I want this in my belly right now. Obviously without all the effort, since instant gratification. I am actually considering attempting this.

11 Must-Try Pies Across America

I feel like the vanilla chess fillings at Dangerously Delicious taste funny. I will, however, down way more of the peanut butter chocolate chess than any human should. In addition to the key lime, pecan, all the fruit pies, and all the savoury pies I've tried so far (though the SMOG [steak mushroom onion gruyere] may be the best).

The crust uses shortening, not butter, FYI, but that makes all the fruit pies vegan and allows them to do vegan savoury pies as well.

They have a mostly-lunch-takeaway location on I St NW between 7th and 6th in Chinatown, which may be more convenient for a lot of people. Fewer varieties each day than the DC or Baltimore main locations but a good selection of savoury and sweet slices and open until dinnertime M-F.

Why Candy Corn Deserves Our Respect: An Appreciation

Yep, Autumn Mix is the way to go. Buying a package of all pumpkins just feels greedy, somehow, and the bitterness of the indian corn balances the pure sweetness of the regular candy corn.

Newfangled flavours have no business in my house. Classic Brach's Autumn Mix all the way.

The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)

This may have just saved me a fortune this winter - current office has neither fridge nor microwave, so I've been subsisting on sandwiches and salads for six months and occasionally ending up at Panda Express in desperation for hot food. Panda is too expensive (and sodium-ridden) to get me through winter, so this is freaking genius.

(now just need to sneak in an electric kettle contrary to fire code.)

Who Knew Butter and Dairy-Free Cookies Could Be So Good? New Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough From Hampton Creek is Solid

Yeah, @ironbarista has the most important question. Sans eggs, you eliminate the reason people who dislike fun won't eat cookie dough. (and, obviously, make it more possible for people with various allergies, immune disorders, etc. to join the ranks of the people who can indulge in fun.) Is the dough worth eating raw, as all good dough should be?

Lunch Hack: Use a Pizza Wheel To Chop Your Salad Directly in the Bowl

@NYBITECLUB: Good one!

And to add: as someone who misses Will Gordon and is now reading Deadspin about beer that I don't even like (because Will is awesome), @expensiveeats does NOT speak for me. A lot of factors go into personnel and editorial decisions, and I'm confident Will wasn't fired because he was too awesome for your "pristine site". (My suspicion is that there were contract issues and that cutting Drinking the Bottom Shelf was an early concession to no longer posting straight-up negative content.)

Also, was this site EVER non-yuppie? I do kinda miss Eat For Eight Bucks, and even that column was distinctly yuppie. Food stamp challenges are also plenty elitist, since that's who takes them and then writes about how much it sucks, and the only way to manage those things decently is to make a giant pot of beans and rice and pretty much go vegetarian, if not vegan, for the week. Because Kenji's vegan stuff concentrates on whole foods - veg, beans, rice, etc - rather than tons of more expensive smoked seitan or whatever, it's useful, accessible, and not necessarily pricy.

Kenji, I hope you keep all your thumbs. No one needs special candles on the birthday cake.

Seattle Recs?

A friend and I will be in town for a couple of days at the beginning of May connected to a show at the Paramount Theatre. We'll be staying downtown (a couple blocks from the Paramount), we won't have a car, and we may be a little pressed for time due to curtain times.

Looking for:
Dinner Saturday evening before an 8 pm curtain
Breakfast/lunch (maybe brunch) Sunday (options for both helpful as we intend to get up early and explore a bit)
Dinner Sunday (no timeframe)
Breakfast Monday before going to the airport for an 11:45 flight out.

The twist in all this is that my friend is diabetic (type 1), so as much as I appreciate coffee shop pastries to start my morning, breakfast for her really needs to be protein-based (eggs, sausages, something v. low carb).

My priority is to go to Pike Place Market, look around, and eat fish (since I am too polite to eat all the loads of carbs I want in front of her). Her priority is to get a look at the central library.

How do I best make this work to keep her fed appropriately for breakfast without breaking the bank or running all over town? Where should we eat tasty fish without spending more than $25 a person on entrees? If she wanted to use some carb points for something exciting, what sweets cannot be missed at Pike Place Market?

Thanks for any direction you guys can give! It's the breakfast thing that has me thrown off most. In London, there's greasy cafs all over that have us covered; in NY, there are diners everywhere. Seattle? That's a new world.

What to bake with sour cherries?

Picked up a quart of sour cherries at the farmers market this morning knowing how hard these things are to find. (Also picked up a pint of sweet cherries, but I know what I'm doing with those - rinse and stuff face.)

I'm also a nice person who intends to share with my roommates, one of whom is deathly allergic to milk products (and peanuts and tree nuts - almonds are fine). Thus the original idea of a clafoutis or this lovely tarte aux griottes is completely out.

Currently thinking Sour Cherry "Clams" from this website, using vegan puff pastry, but I'm open to any and all ideas.

So what would you do with a single quart of sour cherries?

Pie plates - glass/ceramic vs metal

I'm in need of a pie plate/dish/pan. Growing up, my mom had old (over 30 years old) lightweight metal ones that I'm used to. A couple apartments ago, I acquired a couple cheap kitchenaid dark metal ones that I could not stand and thus left with that roommate. The KitchenAid issue was largely that it has handles on each side, so it is impossible to get a nice crust edge. Also, we did something in washing them that caused the underside rim to rust almost immediately.

Looking today for a replacement, it looks like glass or ceramic are everywhere and metal are impossible to find. Are glass/ceramic plates actively better, or are they just considered more attractive right now?

I can find metal tart pans easily, but not a basic pie plate. What's the difference in functional terms? As in, I know a tart pan's bottom comes out, the sides are fluted and straight rather than angled, etc., but why are metal tart pans so easy to find and metal pie plates not? What does the different material do for each type of baked good?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Diet sodas - recommendations?

A friend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this spring, so while we've been managing ok, I'd like to pick up a six pack for her or at least make some recommendations of diet soda other than Diet Coke that does not suck.

Her favourites before the diagnosis were San Pellegrino Limonata and any variety of ginger ale, so these are the ideal flavour profiles, but really, any recommendations on anything would probably be helpful to a subset of readers.

We're both in Maryland - she has access to the usual national brands; I've got a few more options what with a nearby Whole Foods, Target, and can probably access some specialty varieties in various places as I'm in the DC suburbs. (She's on the Eastern Shore.)


Pork Shoulder + Crock Pot = ?

I have pork shoulder in the freezer (2 pieces weighing about 2 pounds each). I have a crock pot. First attempt was a pork/sweet potato stew that came out fairly decently and got me through a cold and nasty week.

Now, what else should I do? I'm thinking maybe a pseudo-carnitas, as that might have multiple applications and thus be less boring (single cook here, so whatever is done will be protein for a week).

Recipes? Suggestions? When left on my own, I have a tendency to buy a bag of frozen veg, a bag of frozen shrimp, and a bottle of teriyaki sauce and just eat stir fry all week, which gets really old really fast. The pork roast purchase was an attempt to move beyond that, but I need to actually cook it instead of have it continue to sit in the freezer.

Maple Black Pepper Pork Chops

I am addicted to this dish. Usually I have to cook so many new dishes a week, I don't have time to revisit the really impressive ones. But I've made an exception for this one. I understand on paper it doesn't sound like it should work. The recipe from Eggs On Sunday uses a lot of maple syrup, Too sticky sweet? Nope, everything is balanced by the cider vinegar and black peppercorns, which transform into this rich, meaty glaze that miraculously makes each bite taste like the best rib eye you can imagine. More