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Ask Beerspotter: What Other Beers Should I Try?

Hey suerocks, thanks for writing! Your husband might like a kolsch too -- if you're somewhere near Great Lakes, you might be able to find Schlafly's kolsch. If you're farther south, French Broad makes one in Asheville, NC, and up in New York the Captain Lawrence kolsch is a personal favorite of mine.

Which Fancy Coffee Pourover Kettle is Right for Me?

Great roundup! I cringed when I read that $50 equals an "affordable" pouring kettle -- but I recently caved in and bought a Hario, and I immediately got a more controlled (i.e. slower) extraction from my Chemex. I've found I can justify any $50 purchase by taking a good look at a weekend of bar tabs.

Super Bowl: How to Build an Edible Stadium with a Guacamole Field

Fun fact: To replicate a trodden, weathered field (say, Solider Field on a rainy day), just prepare 6 hours in advance and watch it oxidize!

Also, bonus points for the Chex Mix fans.


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