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Sous Vide 101: Pork Belly Buns

please also do a Food Lab on the sensual massages.

5 Coffee Myths Debunked

I'd love if you did a feature on some great examples of decaf coffee. While I don't have a problem drinking regular coffee in general, there is a handful of times when it would be nice to have a cup without having to worry about being up all night. I bought a bag of Intelligentsia's decaf library blend recently and thought it was emphatically mediocre. (I do love their other offerings, though).

Corn Week: Grilled Corn with Spicy Korean Miso Sauce

Hey Kenji -- I frequently sub doenjang for miso in situations like this. Would that be appropriate here (assuming I get a pretty smooth scoop of it)?

Essential Beers for Summer

Ska Mexican Logger is pretty incredible.

Steakcraft: The Secrets of Porter House NY

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, and I'm asking purely out of curiosity (not being critical), but where does this fall on the spectrum of:

Restaurant Review -- First Look (SE discusses food/drink without Editorial commentary) -- Sponsored Post?

I'm not asking for the secret sauce here, but it's hard to tell how exactly to interpret these posts... other than sweet, sweet food porn.

Video: Griddled Bacon, Filipino Burgers, and Fried Chicken Sandwiches

If you guys do ever decide to create Serious Eats TV, step 1 should be hiring Liza... these videos are amazing, as always!

Needed: Kalamazoo Restaurant Tips

Thanks guys! These are great recommendations. Sounds like there are some really good food/drink options, looking forward to it.

Cool Beer and Barbecue Video: Beer Diaries at Franklin BBQ in Austin

This was friggin' awesome... for a lot of reasons, but especially because you could have told me it was an episode of Between Two Ferns and I would have believed you.

Best coffee shop in the Loop?

oh -- there are also some places around that sell intelligentsia drip coffee. Marcello's in the 155 N Wacker building is one such example, I believe.

Happy caffeinating!

Best coffee shop in the Loop?

The Intelligentsia-Monadnock on Jackson (53 W. Jackson -- also Michigan+Randolph) is a great option if you're at all nearby. I've heard good things about the Lavazza and Rom, but as I'm pretty much a black-coffee-only kind of guy I've generally left those places to the latte drinkers. Very possible I'm missing out on something great, though.

Will Gordon Tries Budweiser's New Project 12

you're the man, Will. I like to print your reviews, tape them to their respective subjects, and given them as gifts. Hits all around.

Latin Cuisine: Sopa de Albóndigas de Pollo (Chicken Meatball Soup)

This was a really enjoyable and well-written read!

Looking forward to trying out the recipe... likely tonight.

Lunch in the Loop: BenjYehuda

Man. Benjyehuda is really a mixed bag for me -- the fries, as you point out, are ridiculous , and if you order them sans cheese (why?) they call out the order, "Diet Fries!". However, like @tayter said, the line is agonizingly long and slow, and for me, the rest of the offerings are really bland. But... the fries.

In a perfect world you would just get Taza's falafel and chicken shawarma and a side of Benjy's fries.

San Francisco: Open Letter to Bar Tartine: Please Bring Back the Chris Kronner Bone Marrow Burger

This is amazing. I'd been getting a little disheartened with SE and the abundance of compilation slideshow posts/heavy drinks + sweets coverage lately (and let's be honest, Will Gordon's glaring absence. Where are you, Will?), but this is exactly the kind of post that has always made me love Serious Eats. Perfectly obsessive.

Obsession-Worthy Eggnog from Straus Family Creamery, Marin County CA

I meant to mention this on the "what's your favorite eggnog" thread, and maybe Nick K. and the SE: Chicago peeps will have to investigate (don't know how widespread it is)... Oberweis 'nog is my gold standard. I've never had Straus, but I am guessing it would be in the same vein.

Anybody else had it?

You Asked The Food Lab 164 Questions. Here Are 164 Answers

I wonder if the spam filter tripped up my comment as well -- but I signed up just so I could ask, and since you offered...

1) Any Food Lab/Drinking The Bottom Shelf mash-ups in the works? By far the best two regular columns on the site. Hopefully if/when this happens there will be copious video and photographic documentation.
2) Sorry for another cookie question -- ever had Lofthouse Sugar Cookies? I don't understand how they have that texture, and all the clone recipes online either use cake mix or contain an "I've never made this" disclaimer.

and one I thought of since...

3) There are some awful commenters out there. Your post about "favorite single man/wife is out of the house food" especially seemed to bring them out of the woodworks. How do you keep your cool, how do you not give them the lashing they deserve, and any sample responses you chose not to post you'd like to share with us (anonymizing the target, of course)?

Love it.

Got a Question for The Food Lab? Kenji Will Answer Everything

Had to sign up just for this.

1) How can I make Lofthouse Sugar Cookies at home? There are some recipes online, but they all seem to involve cake mixes or a disclaimer that the poster hasn't yet tried the recipe. Far as I can tell, the secret is in the technique.

2) Is there some sort of Food Lab / Drinking The Bottom Shelf mash-up in the works? Easily the two best SE columns; hopefully any joint effort will involve extensive video and photographic documentation.



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