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Hey Chef, What Else Can I Do With Risotto Rice?

Making risalamande with leftover arborio is another option. Rice pudding with cherry sauce.

Best stores for food souvenirs in New Orleans

Rouses rules! There are so many goodies in their stores.

Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Cadiz, where/what should we eat?

If you have a sweet tooth, Toledo has excellent marzipan. Churros and chocolate are always a winning combination. And if you can find nueces garapiñadas at a local market (candied nuts), particularly the freshly made ones, those are great during cold months. I tend to eat my weight in Spanish olives, crusty bread and Spanish cheeses when I go there. The pork products are incredible as well. Just pop into a random bar, order a caña or a glass of vino tinto and enjoy the house specialty tapa if you can. Enjoy your trip.

Best places to eat in Oklahoma City

This website may give you some ideas:
Also, issues of Oklahoma Today magazine (online or at a library) have some ideas.
Haven't been there in several years, but I'm sure you will find great places to eat.

Copenhagen for a Day

I went there last summer and ate from really great food trucks. I recommend getting something from a pølsevogn. Also, popped into a little place that had smørrebrød to go near the national museum. I really can't remember the name, but those things are works of art and really tasty. We were on a budget, so didn't really do any high-end restaurants. Actually, now that I think of it, we barely ate in any restaurants. Lots of street food and picnic food from grocery stores.
The pastries, breads and any dairy product (cheese, butter,etc.) are incredible, and I really liked some Danish salami we tried for breakfast one morning. Even the pastries from the 7-Elevens are good. Have fun.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

I tend to add olives, artichokes and some type of salty cured meat. If I have leftover grilled vegetables (particularly asparagus), those go on the pizza too.

What Culture's Cuisine Have You Been Making?

Besides the usual Cajun and Spanish food, I've been making some Ghanaian, Vietnamese and Danish dishes. I'm lucky to live in an area with access to all kinds of products.

Baby proofing the kitchen

We held our oven door closed with a bungee cord. We also kept an entire bottom section of cabinet space dedicated to plastic containers and wooden spoons for the kids to play with. Ours would go crazy with some drawers for a couple of weeks and then get tired and move on to other hazards.

6 International Sodas We Need To Try

I love Bitter Kas from Spain. It has a bitter, medicinal taste that is great.

Where/What should we eat in Malmo, Sweden?

We've enjoyed Copenhagen and the surrounding areas tremendously. Everything and everyone is beautiful. We're actually packing in our hotel room ready to leave early tomorrow morning. We had no plans for meals ever. Our goal was to consume local items as often as possible. And we did from weinerbrod to smorrebrod, flodeboller to Faxe Kondi and lots of polse with mustard, remoulade and onions. We mostly stuck to unassuming places and street carts. I do have to say, everywhere we ate was good. We ate near the Lille Torg area in Malmo at a restaurant called Mando. We had the daily lunch specials (one was salmon with dill potatoes and the other a pork dish with mushroom sauce) and some Swedish beer.

Heading to Jamaica

The fruit there is fantastic. Make sure to leave room for some fresh, local fruit.

Seven steak

I've always smothered them. Lightly flour, season and sear the steaks. Then add some onion, garlic and bell pepper. Add some broth. Cover and cook until tender. You can then thicken the liquid to make a gravy. Serve over rice. Maybe add some fresh parsley.

Cook the Book: 'The Occasional Vegetarian'

Heat a can of Blue Runner beans, dump on top of steamed rice and eat with cornbread waffles.

Foreign Guests and the Foreigner Belt

In Spain, we make gumbo, muffalettas, Tex-Mex food (quesadillas, chile con carne, enchiladas), pancakes, brownies, Frito pie, potato salad, and several types of dips for our friends.

Cook the Book: 'The Food52 Cookbook'

My smoked chicken and sausage gumbo. C'est si bon.

Cook the Book: 'The Family Meal'

I suppose whatever is around and in abundance. I've only known people that have worked at chain restaurants who had to pay to eat.

Need a Thanksgiving Appetizer Idea

Spinach Madeleine. It's popular around Christmas in Louisiana, but I make it all the time.
Instead of Velveeta, I use pepperjack cheese. Good with crackers/melba toast.

Pizza in Louisiana

I've always enjoyed Fleur de Lis Pizza in Baton Rouge. It's rectangular, the crust isn't thick, and the toppings are generous. They only have pizza and pickled eggs on the menu and the place is worth checking out just for the atmosphere. Cash only.


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