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Falafel Waffles = Wafalafels

I love waffles, I love Taim. Hard to imagine anything better than a regular Taim harrisa falafel with extra zhug, but maybe I have a limited imagination. Will have to try it.

Tangentially, I also think about Taim when you have printed veggie burger recipes, because there will never be a veggie burger as good as a Taim falafel. To me, making a "good" veggie burger is as weird as making a "good" meat falafel. Two different animals (but I give you credit because your posts are always worth reading). Thanks.

How Bien Cuit Fills NYC's Bread Baskets

I miss Bien Cuit's store on Christopher St. Hope they will open more retail outlets or have some stores carry their breads.

The Best Baguette in NYC, 2013 Edition

Maison Kayser is my #1. It is a matter of personal preference, all the winners are great breads too. Orwashers is good but I think they do better in the traditional Eastern European breads than in the baguette dept.

Where to Get Rugelach in New York City

The ones at Breads Bakery are not classic rugelach; they are overly oily, overly sweet, and limp. I love the breads there, but the rugelach is disgusting. Sorry. I like classic "cream cheese" crust with raisins or jam. I live walking distance from Moishe's, so I go there, but there are many other classic Jewish bakeries that you omitted from your list. Shame on you.

Video: Life of a Slice Man at Sal and Carmine

I really think the pizza is less than stellar. Had a slice last week and it was reheated and served lukewarm. At 6PM so no excuse.

Pantry Essentials: All About Liquid Seasonings

If you are a good cook you do not need these. This piece is surprisingly fluffy for Serious Eats and devoid of any useful content.

Veselka's Famous Blintzes Still Have It

A blintz was meant to be a kosher dairy meal not dessert. I find Veselka's to be too sweet and way too big. Sorry.
When I go there (fairly often) I stick to boiled pierogi with sour cream and onions and either borscht or mushroom barley soup.

Chametz-Free NYC, Day 1: Eating Well in New York During Passover

I save up all my good potato dishes for passover week. I make fish (cod) and potatoes from Mark Bittman's Fish, Potatoes married to mozzarella from Marcella Hazan, and Richard Olney's Leek and Potato soup. I also make a fabulous crustless spinach and feta pie (sub some matzo meal for flour in the filling) from Diane Kochilas's Greek Vegetarian Cooking. My dog eats the matzoh.

Vegan: How Not To Ruin Lentil Soup

The best lentil soup in the world is in Claudia Roden's middle eastern cookbook (shorbet ads) - it is for red lentils with ground cumin and coriander - and you are right about the acid, her soup uses lemon to brighten. With some scallions and pita chips it is amazing. And just happens to be vegan.

14 Ways to Love Hummus and Tahini in NYC

Remember, there is nothing easier or cheaper than making your own hummus! It takes 5 minutes if you use canned chick peas, or if you use leftover chick peas from cooking something else (like soup). That said, Taim rocks.

Chichi's Chinese: Fermented Bean Curd

Looks great. Do you have a favorite brand of fermented bean curd (and place to purchase it from) and does it keep indefinitely?

Win Two Tickets to the 2011 Wines from Spain Great Match

Ribera del Duero (Condado de Haza).
It is one of the only big wines I splurge on.

Win Tickets to Pizza at Pulino's at the New York Wine & Food Festival

Nothing beats good home pizza or good home cooking. I am my own fantasy.

Where To Eat Near the High Line in New York

If you want a good pub with decent grub, go to the Brass Monkey on Little West 12th St. between Washington and West.

Good selection of tap beer and a deck up top. Decent happy hour specials (I think I paid $4 for a pint of Blue Moon on a weekday evening), and a small roof deck overlooking the dog run.

Dinner Tonight: Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail (Coctel de Camarones)

From the Department of Redundancy Department (and the support Rick Bayless foundation) isn't this the 2nd time that SE has printed the exact same recipe?

With all the recipes out there in the world to try? Click on the "related recipes" Cook The will see what I mean.

Meet & Eat: Mark Bitterman, Selmelier, The Meadow

I have been in the store (live nearby) and find the salt precocious and expensive. Maldon sea salt is good enough for me. I also have found them to be not very friendly.
On the other hand they have a good selection of esoteric chocolate bars that somehow do not rub me the wrong way. Go figure (chocolate greed trumps all other feelings?).

Wine Notes from Terry Theise: A Unique Frustration in Wine

Even in NYC it is hard to find a nice Muscat. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago Kientzler (Alsace) was carried at a handful of shops, but now in I usually settle for Hugl when I get the urge.

Several wine sellers have tried to steer me to Torrontes, which shares some of the muscat profile, but what I have tried seems more "one dimensional" than alsace muscat.

Unfortunately, due to budget, I try to keep to under $20 retail.

In The Midnight Hour: Pastis

I live in what used to be called the West Village and is now "meatpacking". Hardly anyone who lives in the neighborhood eats at Pastis (although many of us ate in Florent right up until the end). It is fake-fake-fake like Disney French and expensive. There are way better places to eat nearby. For example, check out Meme on Bank & Hudson.

Greek Pastries at Poseidon Bakery

It is probably sugar syrup getting all over you, not honey. Sometimes a baker may add some orange water or rose water in too - but if you read Greek or Poli recipes you will generally find they use sugar.

Eat For Eight Bucks: Moroccan Red Lentil Soup

There is a much better version of this type of soup in Claudia Roden's New Book of Middle Eastern Food. The recipe is listed as creamy lentil soup or shorbet adas. Serve with pita chips and browned onions. The best....

Cook the Book: 'My Sweet Mexico'

A cookie shapped chewy confection of shaved coconut and caramelized sugar. On the "street of sweets"in Puebla, Mexico.

A Preliminary Canned-Tomato Taste-Test

Guys, I don't know about you- but I don't normally eat canned tomatoes out of the can/fridge, I generally cook them.
So I would really want to know, side by side, which tatsed best as either a simple marinara sauce or baked on a slab of dough.
Also tomatoes need salt to really bring out their flavor (and crust and cheese)!

TSA Approved Picnic Ware?

I am trying to travel in Greece with just a Patagonia Maximum Legal Carry-On bag-partly because my partner has a bad back so I am going to be schlepping both of our bags anywhere her's can't be rolled (cobblestones, gravel, and staircases). Also we want to hit the ground running and I've had some bad experiences with missing luggage.

You can stuff a couple of pairs of pants, 1/2 dozen shirts, 7 days underwear, swimsuit, , windbreaker and fleece etc. in it- so hopefully I'll be doing laundry twice and stay relatively clean for 3 weeks.

We do like to shop in markets for food for lunch because we are cheap, like fruit and cheese, and we don't want to stuff ourselves continuosly/obessively.

So it looks like I'll be purchasing a greek army knife with corkscrew that either gets sent home checked or given away to a fellow traveller.

How to Make Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

The recipe is not clear. Do you mean 8 ounces weight coffee (1/2 pound!) or 1 cup ground coffee? My guess is that you mean 1 cup ground coffee which gives roughly a 1:4 ratio (32oz water) which is how I make this overnight in the refrigerator.

This is a wieght vs. volume issue for coffee grounds vs. water (weight and volume are equal for water but not for coffee grounds)- but it could really confuse someone. A pound of coarse ground coffee should give a bit more than 4 cups of grounds.


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