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13 Cheeses Everyone Should Know

Enjoyed article, helpful if had included which wines best match each

February in Paris

several additional not-to-be-missed: chez denise 1e, ;'ami louis 3e, chez josephine 6e, le pre catalan 16e. also, it would be helpful if comments would include arrondisement.

Question of the Day: Carolina or Kansas City barbecue?

livetotravel - LOL unfortunately, no bait, but appreciate the "attempt". it's those like u who make statements like these, that "appear" to be interesting & erudite, but sadly, at-the-end-of-the-day are simply pedantic. i would guess, u are young, fairly unsophisticated, somewhat of a wannabe, but just don't make enough, so then the only thing left is to hide behind a facade pretending. u can't debate the merits, so why not cast slings & arrows. it may work for some observers, but for those "been there, seen that" another example of ... what ever-- it's actually not worth the effort!

where to find good cassoulet in manhattan?

merci beaucoup RGR - "sounds like" your husband should be contributing since he is the cassoulet "expert"/taster - just kidding, thx for your suggestions, look forward to visiting your above-named places!!!

Question of the Day: Carolina or Kansas City barbecue?

LOL - spoken like a true NORTH carolinean!!! uneducated, biased, inward-looking, etc, etc..... someday, u "might" like to travel just a touch SOUTH as in SOUTH carolina, & experience some of the best 'Q' that exists; with either a vinegar-based sauce, similar to what you've been brain-washed with; or tomato-based , more towards charleston; or the ultimate - a mustard-based sauce found generally in the middle of the state. & as usual, particularly for someone who "claims" to be an "expert", have overlooked another very large distinction between your eastern - vs. - western Q's!!!!!!!!! LOL - it's all good :)))

UWS restaurants - which?

addendum: not sure if café mozart qualifies as an "expresso bar"

where to find good cassoulet in manhattan?

EatWI: have u tried the cassoulet at Cosette (very nr to Les Halles)? or, as per above - Gascogne or, Lucien or Balthazar? --- for comparative purposes

Question of the Day: Carolina or Kansas City barbecue?

with ALL due respect, & i mean that sincerely - proclaiming a preference for... simply because from area/region is misguided, i.e., comment just above. as for not getting worked up about bbq, also is a disqualifier "IF" one would like to be taken seriously + being from a non-bbq region is a total disqualifier, no ability to understand the history, etc..... as for those who profess a dislike of "overwhelming vinegar taste/smell of carolina bbq" view, comment not even worth explaining the disqualification :))))))))))))))))))

Question of the Day: Carolina or Kansas City barbecue?

adam, just by coincidence, i had the pulled pork sandwich, the fried onion rings, & the burnt ends at R.U.B. 2 nites ago. firstly, having any bbq (pork) is better than not having any bbq; however, i cannot figure out why paul kirk has such a big rep?? his bbq is bland, mushy, no character, homogenized, & generally has no "taste". the sauces are a joke. so, where does this rep come from???? btw, his onion ring rendition are the little itty bitty stringy ones that somehow he must think are tasty?? & YES, i used ketchup. as for the burnt ends, ok, but just to put them into perspective -- they ARE just the side show. as for blue smoke, i'm still looking for a good review of their bbq & ribs themselves, not the hamburger, not the fried chicken, not the sides, not the bourbon selection, but the 'Q' itself. have not yet tasted daisy mae's chili, but HIS 'Q' wouldn't make it anywhere down South (in pork country), maybe those in kansas (like Dorothy) would like it ???? :))))))))))))))

Question of the Day: Carolina or Kansas City barbecue?

actually, the REAL questions is: Pork - vs. - Beef? either u are a REAL 'Q' person or not, & the determination of that is: whether u prefer real over simulated? which only has 1 answer, which includes the carolinaS for pulled pork, & memphis for ribs (& pulled pork). beef is for steaks, beef is brisket!!! beef is not really 'Q' -

the gauntlet is thrown - Let the "Slings & arrows" commence!

Question of the Day: Carolina or Kansas City barbecue?

there is no question - it's CAROLINA period! for tooooo many reasons to list here. any 'Q' person worth his "boston butt" will tell u that!!!!!!

Question of the Day: On Your Burger—Ketchup or Mustard?

adam, absolutely NOT - j'adore fried onion rings!! either w/ or w/o a burger. quite possibly, when done right, one of the greatest food inventions ever, & of course, does wonders for your heart.

for me, the utimate is (was) to slather "delouis" mayo on 1 side, the other w/"maille" moutarde; then sautéed onions (nice touch), tomato (hopefully in season), pickles (flat), liberally S&P; then gently place the charcoal-grilled burger w/cheddar or american cheese bet = heaven., nirvana...
lettuce adds very little, & have never understand how or why it ever became part of a hamburger serving??

adam, the side of fried onion rings is to both soak up the excess juices, etc... falling onto the plate, as well as provide the "2nd" dish. these juices are my usual substitute, under those circumstances, for ketchup.

i trust this is an appropiate defense :)))))))))

Question of the Day: On Your Burger—Ketchup or Mustard?

nothing can possibly beat mayo on 1 bun, & mustard on the other!!!
about the only food (??) still use with ketchup - fried onion rings for some odd reason????

UWS restaurants - which?

actually, i live on the UWS!! don't "IF" u live on the UWS, generally described as being bound by: 96th north, 59thish to the south, cpw to the river. GENNARO'S receives very mixed opinions & since the expansion, the food is not considered as good as it was originally, i guess that is open to interpretation by the diner. OUEST, also seems to garner mixed opinion; therefore, also falls under personal interpretation. i, for one, am UNDERwhelmed. agree with u re: Linc. Ctr, but this area also includes PICHOLINE & FIORELLA'S...........
odd u use the cost of real estate as a reason???!!! would that not apply to every other neighborhood that does have "good" high-end restaurants??
that is clearly NOT the reason. while "maybe" NOT embaressing, it certainly still qualifies the UWS as a WASTELAND :)

where to find good cassoulet in manhattan?

that's why "google" is so successful - try it, then reformulate your question!!!!

UWS restaurants - which?

was not impressed with the 3 meals at Telepan - mediocre wine list with many off-yrs, but the presentation fools many not as familiar.
picholine - somewhat good reviews, but on a quality:price ratio, i'll pass, in favor of jean georges.
'cesca - if u like overpriced Italian wines... food not memorable.
aix! - surprise - chef/owner(??) has moved on - food tastes as if it also has.
col circle - well, if u eat regularly at per se, masa, café gray - more power to u!
yes, "virginia", the uws IS a food wasteland :)

where to find good cassoulet in manhattan?

additionally, have "heard", but not had, the cassoulet at Cosette on e33rd (nr 3rd av) & at Capsouto Frères in TriBeCa

where to find good cassoulet in manhattan?

damn, RGR - i walked past just LAST nite!! if i had known, thx to u, i would have tried - thx

Coq au Vin: HELP!!

i have "heard" DeMarchelier on e86th just east of Madison has a very good version of Coq au Vin, but i have not yet tried - has anyone?

where to find good cassoulet in manhattan?

appreciate the comments:
a) won't go to zucco, had a bad experience & will NOT support his
obnoxiousness. have written several reviews of this place via nytimes,
nymag, etc - a very bad guy! who is incredibly customer-UNfriendly. i
hope more people would NOT go & support a jerk like this, but i
realistically know it probably won't affect.....
b) thx ed; assume the co-chef's are rarely there(??); as well as EVERY
time i go, it is still mobbed!!!! maybe when Keith's new Italian rest.
opens, the crowds will gravitate to the village(???)
c) Lucien is claustrophobic, as well as being a little too faux French; cute,
but decidedly very very American.

BY NO MEANS should the above comments be construed as being unappreciative OR critical of the authors, only my experiences at the above-mentioned restaurants.

any others????

Have site feedback? We want to hear it!

instead of having topics & comments appear in chronological order, u SHOULD have those topics that receive comments "jump" to the top. reason being, u are now weighting ALL the topics equally; however, those topics that are either more interesting or receive more feedback are lost with each additional topic being added. older, non-commented-on topics may be interesting, but since no one (or very few) seem to care, should not take precedent over those that do receive feedback!

Why is the price gap between the truly great NYC restaunts and the merely good NYC restaurants narrowing so much?

hate to be controversial, but maybe (?) it's what this site needs????
"chrisbarr"'s response is indicative of the problem & is so incredibly naive, it's not worth pointing out its/his discrepanies. the original post was asking a responsible on-point question, & deserves a more thoughtful reply, not one that clearly did not understand the nuance, or the subtlety!!!!

somewhere, i recently read a food article discussing french cuisine which discussed that the french pretty much only use 3 herbs in their cooking.

appreciate all the comments, but don't think have found the answer as per the article i read. sounds like it's between tarragon, chervil, parsley, thyme, rosemary; basil, as per "megnut" is not so much a french given


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