what's good food to eat as you study?

NOT pizza! Spare yourself the freshman (or any other year) fifteen. Hummus, cucumbers, carrots, and pita chips are a great study snack.

Introductory Bean Recipe

This is not for a meal, but a really yummy snack or appetizer. It's call cowboy salsa or texas caviar. Basically you just put cans of rinsed black beans, rinsed black-eyed peas, corn, diced bell peppers, diced onions, diced tomatoes into a bowl. Add Italian dressing and a pinch of garlic salt. Let it sit in the fridge overnight to let the flavors soak in. I sometimes add chopped cilantro and leave out tomatoes. Really, just find a combination you like. You can also add navy beans or any other beans. Serve it with tortilla chips or crackers...he won't even notice the beans!

Best Party Dessert on a Budget?

Thanks for all the ideas. I think I'll do the brownies with Oreos in the batter and maybe try the PB cookies.

NFL City's Foods

Falcons: BBQ & sweet tea


I've made cookies out of cake mix before, but I'll have to dig and find the recipe. Maybe try to google cake mix cookies?

Help for Growing Herbs at Home

Thanks for the tips. StripeyChef, I live in central Alabama.

Stainless or black appliances?

Have you heard of Silestone countertops? My brother-in-law installs them, and they are supposed to be better than granite. Impossible to scratch, can set dishes from the stove top right onto the countertop. Maybe granite is like this too? I'm not sure, but the silestone is really nice!

Left-over Spaghetti?

Thanks. These all sound good!

christmas traditions

Fudge, divinity, cinammon sugar pecans, cheese straws, chocolate covered pretzels. Christmas morning we always have fruit and "pinch cake" (monkey bread? my family always called it pinch cake). Yum!

How do YOU quiche?

I like zucchini, onions, cheddar, & sausage. Yum.

Most embarassing food moment?

These are so funny! Thanks for the stories!

Five Guys - Drive Thru?

No drive-thru in B'ham, Alabama.

Favorite Meal to Entertain With?

Prime rib (we actually buy pre-marinated ones and just rub olive oil, cover with foil, and roast in the peeking until it's done), garlic rosemary mashed potatoes, and a salad...or asparagus baked with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

What to bring as thank yous at the Hershey Lodge

Go for the cranberry orange mini loaves. Sounds delicious. Both of those flavors seem to compliment chocolate! Yum!

No Turkey For Me!

I think prime rib sounds good. I've never grilled one, but I have roasted one in the oven for a holiday meal and everyone loved it!

Soda vs. Pop vs. Whatever: What Do You Call Cola Drinks?

I'm also from the South, actually southern Alabama, where most soft drinks were all referred to as "coke". Very silly, but pop and soda also sound silly to me. :O)

Okay now that Fall is around the corner....

Chili, sweet potato pie, and turkey and dressing coming up soon!

Best rub for steak?

I used the S & P with EVOO method on our rib-eyes Sunday night, and it they were great! Thanks for all the comments and tips.

Rescue food from the depths of the cupboard!

Rescue food from the depths of the cupboard!

Here's a link to the Container Store website. They have some great kitchen and pantry store options, which can help 1) keep food in sight & 2) create space in a small pantry (which was always the case for me and my college roommate.) Good luck!

What is your favorite (quick and easy) breakfast food?

I like peanut butter on a whole grain waffle with banana slices. I've also spread cream cheese on a wheat tortilla, topped with banana slices, cinammon, and little bit of sugar. Mixing different fruits in my cereal keeps me from getting too bored with it. :O)

Mmmm Cereal!

I used to love Golden Grahams. They were covered in cinnamon and sugar-Yum! Now I lean towards Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats (I feel like I'm doing something kinda healthy :O), and Cheerios, especially the 5-grain lightly sweetened kind.

How to cook a boston butt?

Wow, NorthernBBQer. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds wonderful!

What's your frying style?

I own a small deep fryer that my husband and I use occasionally to fry homemade chips, fries, or onion rings. Otherwise, I sautee or pan fry things. I don't like the mess or the smell grease leaves in my kitchen for days.

Want to serve fresh, hot, delicious pizza at wedding reception!

I do love this idea! I really love the BBQ chicken and Thai chicken pizzas at California Pizza Kitchen. You can find these frozen in a lot of grocery stores, and they are pretty good. They are a bit smaller than regular pizzas & a bit more expensive, so that might not be the best idea.

I like Madelyn's idea of hiring a culinary student or someone to help with the cooking. I got married this past December, and it get very stressful (and expensive). Hang in there and have a great time!

Best Party Dessert on a Budget?

I'm looking for a good dessert to bring to a casual party/watching a college football needs to be cost efficient, because I'm on a budget these days! I need to feed about 10 people something really yummy. I have a bag of Oreos on hand. :O)

Help for Growing Herbs at Home

What are the best herbs to grow and have at on hand at home? Also, can I plant them in a little planter inside or does it actually need to be a garden outside?

I don't have much luck keeping plants alive, so any help is appreciated. :O)

Left-over Spaghetti?

I seem to remember seeing or hearing of recipes for a baked spaghetti casserole using left over spaghetti. Do any of you cook this by chance? If so, can you post a recipe? My husband and I ALWAYS have leftovers.

Most embarassing food moment?

Tonight I was getting ready to bake some brownies for a work event, and as I was greasing the pan I saw a small hair (maybe even from my dog-yikes!). Luckily, I caught it BEFORE I served it to my colleagues!

What is your most embarassing food moment? Fess up. :O)

Mix-Ins for Boxed Bread Mix?

I'm a beginning bread baker & want to make a loaf (tonight) for a friend who is sick. I haven't had much time (or luck) to bake from scratch, so I'm about to run out and use a regular boxed mix for the bread.

Can you mix in rosemary or some other seasoning without altering the whole process? Any ideas? Thanks, serious eaters!

Sweet Potato Dishes?

I usually just bake them, then add butter and brown sugar...I know, how creative. :O) What are some other ideas using ingredients that are usually on hand?

Best rub for steak?

Every time my husband and I grill steak we try different combinations of spices for the rub. I'm still not sure that we've found a really great one yet.

Also, should I apply the rub right before I grill or should it have some time to sit?

Any advice is welcome. :O)

How to cook a boston butt?

This is definitely something I haven't tried at home, but I passed this cut of meat in the grocery store was on sale & it looked great.

Now, what do I do with it? :O)

Ideas for introducing a picky eater to tomatoes?

So I've always been a picky eater. I recently started a diet with my husband (of 8 months :O) and realized eating a healthy diet eliminates most of what we picky eaters eat. One thing I am trying to eat more of is tomatoes. I like them cooked, in pasta or pizza sauces, but can't quite bring myself to bite right into one in a salad.

I know they are full of nutrients when fresh and have read that lycopene can help reduce the risk of both breast and prostate cancer. Any recipes to introduce this healthful item into my diet?

This young, picky, newlywed cook welcomes all comments.

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