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Nick Anderer's Best Eats in the East Village and Alphabet City

As a longtime resident on the east side of Manhattan, Nick Anderer has seen more restaurants pop up closer to the East River each year. The 35-year-old chef currently lives in Stuyvesant Town, not far from Maialino, where he's the head chef, and the East Village, where he lived before. He's discovered more favorites through years that he can keep track of, but Anderer shared his favorites with us this week. More

Max and Eli Sussman's Favorite South Williamsburg Eats

Max and Eli Sussman, the brothers of the popular Mile End Deli, live away from what they call the "L zone." In other words, their shared apartment in South Williamsburg is removed from all the restaurants and bars on and around Bedford Avenue. Still, the Sussmans, who recently released "The Best Cookbook Ever," love the adventurous character of their neighbors' appetites and a restaurant culture that rewards them. Here are their favorites south of the L train. More

Shaun Hergatt's Favorite Lower Manhattan Eats

After putting in his time at serious restaurants in luxury hotels for a number of years after moving to the U.S. over a decade ago, Shaun Hergatt opened SHO Shaun Hergatt in the Financial District in 2009—not a very good year to open a restaurant considering the economic recession. But the Australian-born chef still garnered accolades for his food and he did everything to make it work, including moving not far away. While SHO is no longer, Hergatt is now cooking for guests at his restaurant Juni, an intimate 50-seat restaurant in the Flatiron District. He still lives downtown for the convenience and all the train stops in his neighborhood. Here, Hergatt shares with Serious Eats some of his favorites in lower Manhattan. More

Marc Vidal of Boqueria's Favorite Bushwick Restaurants

When Marc Vidal moved to New York in 2010 to lead the kitchen of Bouqeria—the newest location is opening on the Upper East Side—everyone told him he had to live in Manhattan. While he landed in Soho, Vidal spent all his spare time in Brooklyn. The Spanish chef eventually made the jump across the East River within a year and now calls Bushwick home. Now he's surrounded by friends, other chefs and some of his favorite restaurants. Here are Vidal's neighborhood picks in Bushwick. More

The Lobster Place's Ian MacGregor's 5 Favorite Eats in Hamilton Heights

Ian MacGregor's parents moved into a brownstone on Convent Avenue in the 80's, long before any signs of gentrification reached Hamilton Heights. Not much has actually changed. While MacGregor, the owner and chief fishmonger of The Lobster Place, still lives in the house he grew up in with his wife and two children, there are a few restaurants that have popped up. It's still a challenging task to find decent places to eat in Hamilton Heights, but here are some tips from MacGregor. More

Sandy Dee Hall's Favorite Restaurants in Crown Heights

Running a business, big or small, is no easy task in New York. Chef Sandy Dee Hall, who opened Black Tree Sandwich Shop on the Lower East Side with co-owner Macnair Sillick earlier this year, would know. He places a premium on local ingredients for all the sandwiches, not exactly a cost-saving measure. But Hall says living in Crown Heights, where many apartments are still reasonably priced, helps. It's an area that's also seen a growth in restaurants. Hall shares his favorites with us this week. More

Joe Dobias' Favorite Restaurants in the West Village

Although Joe Dobias lives in the West Village, where there are plenty of trendy restaurants, the chef is all about mom-and-pop places. He and his wife, Jill, who live next to Carbone, spend most of their time at their latest restaurant Joe and Misses Doe, but they still make it to some of their favorites in the Village. While the chef, who's far from shy from expressing his opinion, says that smaller restaurants are less common these days, there are plenty of good ones mixed with others that have been around forever. Here are some of this favorites. More

Chef Brandon Kida's Favorite Hell's Kitchen Eats

Brandon Kida, the chef de cuisine at the newly-opened restaurant Clement in The Peninsula hotel, isn't at home in Hell's Kitchen much these days. Like many other chefs, he can easily put in long hours seven days a week. But when he is home, there are plenty of spots to dine at within steps of his apartment. With the opening of Gotham West and the existing ramen joints, Kida says his neighborhood's culinary offering has changed a lot in recent years. He spoke with us about his favorites. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Leah Cohen's Lower East Side

I won't get into a debate about the use of the word, but I will say it's refreshing when chefs talk candidly. Too often chefs can be scripted by their publicists or give only one/two word answers that don't make for a very interesting read.