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Made these with a few slight alterations.... two fillings: one potato, cheese, & bacon, and one sour kraut and bacon. We also pan-fried them in bacon fat to crisp them up at the end. They were AWESOME!!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

I can't imagine these turning out as perfect as the picture, but I'm tempted to try! Has anyone else succeeded?

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Shallots with Balsamic Vinegar

@CLcooks maybe your oven temperature is off... They shouldn't have been mushy from 15 minutes.

Am I the only one who doesn't think this is great?

I love fresh mozzerella! especially with a little Italian olive oil and salt on top... mmmmmm

I could see it not tasting so great if the cheese was poor quality.

Next Iron Chef - Favorites??

@ mcwolfe, no SPOILER ALERT? I haven't watched this weeks episode yet! I agree that Spike is kind of a douche but still wanted him to better represent DC none the less.

The Simpsons: The Food Wife

I loved this episode!!

Large Wood Cutting Boards??

Sorry if this is a double post but it looks like my previous one didn't go through...

From my searching online, the closest thing I've found so far is this -

It is expensive but looks like nice quality. I also saw a much cheaper acrylic board with a lip, but 18x24.

Large Wood Cutting Boards??

I've been doing some searching online and so far this is the closest to what I'm looking for...

Expensive though!

Meatloaf - White Trash? NO WAY!!!!

Meatloaf is one of those things people "think" is gross so they just avoid it. Guests of mine are always pleasantly surprised when I make it! I usually use a recipe from Bobby Flay and it is de-licous.

Dinner Tonight: Tomato, Rice, and Andouille Soup

@Rdour it looks like you only need part of a can from the ingredients list, to equal one cup. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to add the whole thing!

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Pumpkin Beer

Sam Adams probably made the "bottom shelf" list because it is pretty inexpensive and always available. That said it is definitely a step (or three) above the other brands. But that's also how I feel about Yuengling... always priced the same as bud-light at the bars but it's way better. (at least on the East Coast it is everywhere)

Anyway I LOVE Pumpkin beer... never tried the Shock Top so I'll have to give that one a try.

The Food Lab: Homemade Mayo In 2 Minutes Or Less (Video)

I can't wait to try this! Thank you Kenji!!

San Francisco: A Shroom Burger Served by a Top Chef Alum at Brunch Drunk Love

@ monopod, I have to agree. It's easy to forget how much the quality of ingredients cost & the amount of labor that goes in to making really good food. That sad, it better be REALLY tasty!

Good dips for HOT weather

that white bean-artichoke dip sounds great! I'll try it this weekend :)

Preview: Pioneer Woman's New Food Network Show Premieres This Weekend

@ Lacey - how is she hypocritical? I'm hugely impressed by her lifestyle and all of the work that goes into it. I don't think anything about her is fake! In fact, I feel like her bringing her personal life into the show makes it more authentic.

I remember watching the Thanksgiving Throw-down she did with Bobby Flay and she was actually enjoyable to watch and I liked her recipes. I can't remember who won, but she definitely gave Bobby a run for his money! I'm looking forward to seeing this show.


wow. WOW. I have a much greater appreciate for those who make croissants now. I will definitely not be attempting this recipe anytime soon! I can't believe how complicated it is! I have to say, if I did think I was ready to handle all 22 steps (and had two full days of free time) having some extra photos to better explain the steps would be a big help. Kudos to anyone brave enough to give this a shot.

Dinner Tonight: Sautéed Andouille and Greens With Grits

Made this last night... delicious! I used Chard, and didn't have a red pepper so I used an onion instead. I LOVE cheese grits, can't go wrong with that!

The couponing of America...

In DC the Groupon/Living Social deals are awesome. And the restaurant deals ALWAYS allow you to include alcohol in with the food to reach the total amount of the Groupon. (I end up going over that every time though) We like them because we try places that we never would go to if we were paying the full price. And if it wasn't amazing, at least you got a discount. I always tip on the pre-coupon bill... very poor etiquitte not to, even if you didn't enjoy the food.

I've spoken with a couple business owners, and they all agree that the purpose of doing the deal is to get the advertisement to a lot of people and hopes that they will get return customers. A lot of times they lose money from the deals, but it's their choice and they know ahead of time how many coupons they might sell. (I know Living Social won't set the limit to less than 1200) There's also about a 15-20% rate of people who never use their coupons.

I've used them for other things besides restaurants too... yoga classes, massages, cases of wine, museum memberships, pedicures, organic food share memberships, spray tanning, and on and on... My one tip is to research the restaurant/business reviews before you buy the deal... not all of them are worth it!

I may not always be a repeat customer, but if I enjoyed a certain place I will at least recommend it to others.

Martha Stewart's Boston Cream Pie

Yum... I love Boston Cream Pie but I've never tried to make it. I will have to add this one to my recipe list. 4 oz of chocolate is all you need for the ganache? Seems like such a small amount.

What do you desire in a Cooking Web site.

No grammar mistakes, for one.

instant noodle eaters...and that sesame oil packet

I always add the oil if there is any... Recently I've been eating YakiSoba bc its microwaveable and I can take it to work. I like adding a little hot chili sauce.

Buttermilk Cappuccino Cake

I never knew buttercream frosting was so complicated! This recipe looks amazing though I might just have to try it...

Still haven't found a store near me that sells cake flour :(

Dinner Tonight: Cheddar Scallion Polenta Croquettes

I made these for breakfast yesterday and they were quite tasty. I read the previous review about the filling tasting bland, so I doubled the cheese and added a little cayenne and smoked paprika. I think the filling could have still used a little extra something - maybe a stronger flavored cheese and some chopped jalapenos. I pan-fried them in the cast iron skillet and they came out crispy on the outside and very creamy on the inside. They were a hit and prettty easy/cheap to make. My reccomendation is to tast the "polenta" mixture before you set it out to cool. If it tastes bland, then yes it will still taste bland once it is fried. Adjust the flavoring to your taste and then you know the final product will be great!

Dinner Tonight: Corn, Tomato, and Potato Curry

I made this last night and it was super tasty. I added some red & green onion too. I didn't have whole cumin seeds so I used powder, and perhaps that may be why I thought the flavor wasn't as bold as I was expecting. (tasted more coconut than anything else) But it went GREAT with rice and spicy lamb kabobs.

Dinner Tonight: Cheddar Scallion Polenta Croquettes

mmmmm these look amazing!!!

Next Iron Chef - Favorites??

While I think it's a little silly to keep naming new Iron Chefs, I really enjoy this season because of all the familiar faces competing. Some I like, some I don't...

Being from DC, I wanted Spike to do better, but I'm not all that suprised he was ousted so quickly...

I love Geoffrey Zakarian... Alex is super annoying... I like Anne Burrell but there's no way she will win..

What do you all think? Who will win and who doesn't stand a chance?

Large Wood Cutting Boards??

Ever since I did a cooking class in Italy I've been longing for a large wood cutting board/prep surface area to have in my kitchen. It was great for making pasta! I don't have a lot of counter space, so I find myself squishing two cutting boards together on my dining room table just to get a larger surface area when I cook.

Their boards were about 2x3 ft (or bigger) and one inch thick, solid wood. They had a wood lip on one side that pressed against the edge of the table/counter that it was set on to keep it in place. I'd be okay with one that isn't quite as large. Mainly I'm just wondering if there are any suggestions of where I can get something like this. it doesn't have to be fancy, just looking for the size. Thanks!

How long do pickled vegetables last?

We made pickled jalapenos (with some onions and cucumbers in there as well) about a month ago. They've been sitting in a pretty large jar in the fridge ever since, and we're slowly making our way through them. How long can they stay in the fridge before they are no longer good? They certainly aren't as crispy as they first were, but they still taste fine. We didn't use any special preservatives but I had assumed that pickles are one of those things that "last forever". Then I recently read a post about home-made pickles lasting for about a week if they are opened.. What do you think?

What to do with extra fenugreek?

After assisting at an Indian cooking class last week, the instructor gave me lots of extra fenugreek which you can only get at a specialty store. I've never cooked with it before, and now I have a LOT to use! Any suggestions or great recipes using fenugreek? The recipe from the class that used it was lamb kabobs but I'd like to try some new ones.


Is anyone else watching Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef? I find a lot of the contestants to be annoying but for some reason I keep watching.

Who do you all think will win? My guesses are Tracy or Adrien.

Also why is judge Joe Bastianich such an a-hole??

Kiwis- eat the peel?

My co-workers looked at me in disgust when I recently ate a kiwi during lunch and ate the furry skin with it. I've always done this since I was a kid and I think it tastes great! (a little sour but I like sour things) Am I crazy? These people wouldn't even try it when I offerred.

Entertainers, Help! Need Appetizer Recipes

I'm getting ready for a Bridal shower in a few weeks with about 30 guests. We're serving heavy appetizers so I've started planning the menu. I have a few recipes set, but I need help finding a couple more. (I'm doing chicken meatballs, fruit skewers, pesto palmiers, hummus)

I'm looking for a couple more recipes that are relatively simple, (or at least have fewer ingredients) and can be partially prepped in advance. We'll have a kitchen at the party location but I don't want to do any frying. Give me your party favorites!

Crispy Shredded Hashbrowns?

Reading the comments on the recent breakfast burrito recipe post made me think... whenever I make hashbrowns from shredded potato, they never come out crispy. I'd say they end up being more of a soft gooey texture (it sounds gross but they still taste yummy!)

All I do is grate the potato, mix salt, pepper, & whatever spice blend I'm using into a bowl, then I heat some oil in the cast iron skillet and dump the potatoes in over med-high, stirring occasionally. Any suggestions on what to change to make them come out crispy? Should I drain any liquid and try to dry them out before they go in the pan?

Best Way to Season Used Cast Iron?

My fiance just bought a used cast iron dutch oven from (which is full of hidden treasues by the way). It's in ok condition, but definitely needs to be re-seasoned because the bottom surface is uneven and there's minor rust. I found this website which gives lengthy instructions on how to season a used cast iron skillet. Do you all think this is the best/only method to do so?

If it is, can I do it without using bricks?

Expired Eggs?

I learned from a friend (who has had professional culinary training) that as long as eggs are refrigerated, they will last long beyond their printed expiration date. Since then, I've used expired eggs several times without any issues (and not just a day or two beyond the date either... we're talking a couple months)

Then I saw on a different post, someone commented that old eggs are easier to peel when boiled, but not to use eggs that were expired.

What do you all think, are expired eggs okay to use as long as they aren't obviously bad?

Knife gift suggestions please!

I want to get my fiance some nice knives for Christmas. All of the ones we have now are pretty cheap and I know he would appreciate a quality knife. I don't have thousands to spend, so I need suggestions for a good quality chef's knife that will last, and that isn't crazy expensive (I want to get at least two knives and spend less than $200... is that reasonable?)

I've heard Ken Onion is really good, any others?

Need good Sushi restaurant in NYC!!!

I'm heading to NYC this weekend with my sisters and we want to do sushi for lunch. We'd like to avoid crowded tourist spots and go somewhere authentic. Any suggestions?

(We're staying in Midtown East if that helps)

Need Vinegar-Based Coleslaw Recipe for Sunday tailgate!

It's football season again and I can't find the awesome recipe I used last year for my coleslaw! It was vinegar based (apple cider I think), but that's all I can really remember about it, other than the cabbage, carrots, and minced red onion. After a few minutes on Google I haven't been able to find one that was like it. Any suggestions or your favorite recipes would be a big help!

Make your own Sushi?

I've decided I want to start making my own sushi, and it seems there are a few essential tools needed. (bamboo rolling mat, wooden spoon & rice drying bowl, etc) What exactly do you NEED, and where is the best place to buy sushi tools? I don't want to get something random online and have it turn out to be poor quality!

Also what are your techniques for having the rice turn out with perfect sticky consistency? Thanks!

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