I'm a thirty-something married woman obsessed with food and cooking. I'm also an utter geek, and when I'm not in the kitchen, I knit and belly dance. OK, sometimes I do those in the kitchen, too.

  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Favorite foods: Cheese, chocolate, homemade yogurt, fresh bread, duck, french fries, calamari, pizza, summer rolls, winter squash
  • Last bite on earth: Chocolate-honey ganache tart, because I'd want to go out on a sweet note. Or maybe homemade yogurt with honey.

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Crimes Against Pizza: An Opinionated Guide to Not Messing Up Your Pie

I'll agree with all of this except the "weird sauces" one. Sometimes I like a deviation from the usual tomato sauce. Pesto is occasionally good. I think I even did a pureed pumpkin-based sauce once, which came out REALLY tasty.

Turn Scallion Greens and Tomato Skins From Trash to Delicious Powdered Treasure

@jcfitzner, sometimes the dark green bits can be really fibrous if they're older scallions, and aren't that pleasant to eat as-is. You can use them in stocks, too, but this is another neat idea.

How to Make a Proven├žal Vegetable Tian (a.k.a. That Dish From the Ratatouille Movie)

@khark, there was a detailed article on making ratatouille on this site just over a week ago:

I see no reason why they should have to rehash ratatouille in this article if what they were getting at was "how to make this dish from the movie."

The Food Lab: These Fried Chicken Sandwiches Take Only 5 Ingredients to Make

My favorite local brewpub makes a wicked awesome spicy pickle brined fried chicken. Now I'm craving it.

Grill Your Fish Whole for the Juiciest Fish Tacos

This looks like a great, low-stress way to serve whole cooked fish! I suck at fileting it neatly from the bones after cooking.

The Food Lab: The Best Meatloaf

I see someone else has already asked my question about oatmeal!

I've had some fun with making what I called a "Loaf of Many Critters" at a dinner whose primary purpose was to include as many different kinds of food as possible in one meal. I threw in rabbit, duck, turkey, and buffalo along with the beef/pork/veal mix from the grocery store, and put strips of wild boar bacon on top. It was pretty awesome.

The Breakfast Smash Burger: Hangover Killer for the Gods

@Brian Griffith--and maybe using ground pork instead of ground beef?

The New Rule of Ratatouille: Forget the Rules

The biggest problem I've noticed with ratatouille is that when we make it in my house, it often ends up really soupy, with TONS of liquid. Will the small dice plus pre-salting be sufficient to keep that from happening?

Sometimes Sweeter Is Better: Mini Hawaiian-Style Salmon Burgers

I haven't made salmon burgers in too long. These look awesome.

The Secrets to Making the Best Shrimp Cocktail

At Christmas, my parents realized they'd forgotten to get cocktail sauce for the shrimp cocktail, so I made one similar to the one you describe. They spent so much time dithering over going back to the store to get some, that they hadn't even realized they had all the ingredients to make a perfectly good cocktail sauce right in their kitchen!

Embrace the Wobble: Why I Love Jellied Foods and You Should Too

I wish I liked that texture! I find tapioca balls to be pleasantly chewy, but the rest make me want to gag. That's a pity, because I love the *flavor* of chicken feet, for example.

Spicy Soppressata and Honey Were Born to Live Together on Pizza

Kenji, all these pizza posts are warming my little pizza-loving heart. I think I've found my next topping combo I need to try. Also, I should make some "hot honey" at home.

Like Mushroom Pizza? We're Gonna Take You to Funghitown

Kenji, the Cooks Illustrated Thin Crust Pizza recipe I got from this site recommends pre-cooking stuff like mushrooms at least a little bit to reduce moisture content before putting them on the pizza. Would you recommend doing that with the sliced mushrooms on this pizza, or no? Does it make a difference if I can't use my Baking Steel with my broiler or a grill, and the highest my oven will go is 500 degrees? (I.e., not quite as high a pizza-cooking temperature as you might use)

Meet the Jamaican Beef Pa-Taco: A Beef Patty-Inspired Taco

This looks divine. I could go for a plate of these guys for lunch!

Zucchini Is a Terrible Pizza Topping! (Unless You Treat It Right)

@BGEPizza, you and me both! MPM has inspired me so many times when I've wondered, "what should I put on my pizza tonight?" I still go back and look through old ones.

Knife Skills: How to Cut Chicken Breasts Into Cutlets

Considering the ENORMOUS size of chicken breasts I'm seeing in stores these days (in the last package I bought, each one was over 10 ounces), this is a useful skill to have.

Mexican Chicken and Waffles: A Mashup of Chicken, Waffles, Nachos, Tamales—Plus Bacon

@superSEARious: If you don't like it, you can't have any!

@Morgan: Being way too lazy to fry chicken, I don't think I'm likely to make this at home. That said, the idea of these waffles served with that bacon at a brunch is really making me hungry! I like the fact that this recipe consists of several sub-recipes that you can use on their own, or combine into an ultra-indulgent treat.

The Trouble With Strawberry Ice Cream: How to Nail the Trickiest Dessert

I wonder if this might be a place where powdered freeze-dried strawberries could amp up the strawberry flavor. I found it interesting reading the Ideas in Food strawberry shortcake recipe that used that technique.

Peruvian Jalea is the Fried Seafood Dish to Rule Them All

@Daniel, it is The. Best. I've had fried calamari in a number of preparations, and none has ever come close to being as good as the first I ever had, Rhode Island-style. The spicy vinegary note from the peppers is the perfect foil to the fried squid.

Peruvian Jalea is the Fried Seafood Dish to Rule Them All

@engill--would that be Frio Rico? I'll keep it in mind! I love Hawaiian shave ice--this looks sort of similar. I don't get out to Eastie often, but these both sound worth a trip.

The Best Ice Cream in Boston, 2015 Edition

Thanks for this list! Living as I do within a 10-minute or so walk of a J.P. Licks, I don't often venture elsewhere for ice cream. I've certainly had Tosci's, but not most of these others. I've had Richardson's elsewhere, but not at Cabot's. I definitely want to try Lizzy's and Picco. Hell, pizza and ice cream are two of my favorite things, and have been for decades (though I've gotten more sophisticated than just "pepperoni" and "neapolitan" since I was five).