I'm a thirty-something married woman obsessed with food and cooking. I'm also an utter geek, and when I'm not in the kitchen, I knit and belly dance. OK, sometimes I do those in the kitchen, too.

  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Favorite foods: Cheese, chocolate, homemade yogurt, fresh bread, duck, french fries, calamari, pizza, summer rolls, winter squash
  • Last bite on earth: Chocolate-honey ganache tart, because I'd want to go out on a sweet note. Or maybe homemade yogurt with honey.

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Better Creamy Shrimp Dip Starts With Perfectly Plump Shrimp

@ryuthrowsstuff, that's a really different clam dip than the one with which I grew up! It sounds good. For me, clam dip was always chopped clams (my mom bought the canned ones) mixed with mayonnaise, cream cheese, clam juice (from the cans and a bottle), garlic powder (and maybe onion powder?) and MSG. I know it sounds awful, but my mom has made it a few times a year for as long as I can remember, and it's amazeballs. Addictive. Evil. She serves it with potato chips and celery sticks. Both work nicely.

16 Party-Friendly Sandwiches for Your Super Bowl Bash

@I'll Do The Dishes Later - shooter's sandwiches were designed to be packed for hunting trips, so they'd likely do well at room temperature after some time.

A Hill of Beans, and How I Cooked Them

Thanks! I don't think I will make it to the winter market as I'll be away all day. I've been having a hard time getting anywhere *not* within walking distance of my office or home lately, due to needing to spend most of my nonworking time at home with my sick cat (feeding tubes are challenging), but I will keep it in mind.

A Hill of Beans, and How I Cooked Them

Thanks! I don't think I will make it to the winter market as I'll be away all day. I've been having a hard time getting anywhere *not* within walking distance of my office or home lately, due to needing to spend most of my nonworking time at home with my sick cat (feeding tubes are challenging), but I will keep it in mind.

A Hill of Beans, and How I Cooked Them

@dtremit, where in the Boston area (even better if you know somewhere in Cambridge or Somerville) do you buy Baer's Best beans? I've been thinking about ordering some Rancho Gordos, but not having to pay shipping on my good beans would be nice. :)

The Comfort Food Diaries: Breaking Bread

Thanks for an ode to bread! It's a refreshing change from all the "it's a new year and therefore everyone must want to lose weight so therefore enjoy (if you can) these Whole 30 recipes!" post I've been seeing around lately. I love bread. LOVE. I'm getting a little antsy because I haven't had time to make bread lately, and have instead been buying it. At least I managed to put together some pizza dough last night, so I can make pizza this week.

Saapaadu Ready: Travels With My Mother's South Indian Kitchen

This was wonderful! Add me to the list of people who'd love to see some recipes for the foods mentioned in here.

Eggs en Cocotte: An Easy (But Often Forgotten) Egg Breakfast

I will often do something like this when I only have one egg left, and want something more than just an egg sandwich for breakfast. I have most frequently done them in a mild salsa with grated cheddar and sometimes a pinch of minced cilantro, if I have it.

The Comfort Food Diaries: Celery Is My Star

When I get a craving for buffalo wings, I will generally mix up some Frank's Red Hot with some blue cheese dressing, and eat it with celery. That's actually what I'm *really* craving. The chicken is nice, but not the point to me.

Stew Science: How to Choose the Best Cuts for Beef Stew

I was going to ask the same question as dagaetch, about using a combination. Any recommendations for percentages and how to adjust cooking time?

The Comfort Food Diaries: There's Safety in Sardines

Add me to the list of people who think that sardines and a Manhattan sound like a f***ing awesome way to spend a Wednesday evening. :D

How to Get Started With Sous Vide Cooking

I just got an Anova for Christmas! I did a test run when just making dinner for myself, using a boneless pork chop, just to get the hang of setting up the circulator and making it go. I put it in a Ziploc with some fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, galangal, and lime juice, seared it after cooking, and it came out very moist and tasty. The other night, I did a couple of duck breasts with Chinese five-spice mix. Also amazing. I have a couple of strip steaks in the freezer that I intend to do sous vide as well at some point. I'm avoiding getting a vacuum sealer just yet because my birthday is in five days, and I wouldn't be surprised if my husband decided to get me one for that, to go with the Anova (which he also got me). If I don't get one, I will surely be buying one soon. I'll probably also get one of those plastic tubs as well.

Great Gifts for Aspiring Sous Vide Chefs

My friend's been making frequent use of his Anova, and hasn't mentioned any problems with it. I've used it myself once, and it did an excellent job on the duck breasts I made. Just my own anecdata to add to the heap. :)

Your Holiday Table Is Begging for This Warm Butternut Squash and Cheddar Dip

Mmm...squash and cheese: two of my favorite things. This might just have to be my contribution to a party this weekend.

Orchard Boulevardier

I finally tried this recipe. It was amazeballs. The cider and the heat combined to make this a perfect autumn drink. I need to make this from my husband: he doesn't like Campari, but wants to, and I think this would be a perfect introduction.

The Food Lab: Here's What I'm Eating on Thanksgiving

Oh, that all looks amazing! My extended family (or most of it) gets together at my aunt and uncle's place for Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Way Too Much Food.

Appetizers: we usually have plenty of cheeses and crackers, my cousin makes guacamole, my husband will be making his mother's recipe for chopped liver, and my mom makes her retro-licious clam dip.

Turkey: one roasted by the aunt who hosts, one deep fried by another aunt and uncle.

Stuffing: bread stuffing made by my aunt, and a meat stuffing (similar to the filling for a tourtière) made by my Mémère

Sides: my father makes braised cippolini onions, and there are usually either green beans (not the casserole) or some other green vegetable, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes (no marshmallows), and often some kind of rice dish

Sauces: my aunt's gravy is usually fairly light, almost most like a jus. I make a whole-berry cranberry sauce flavored with the zest of an orange.

Dessert: usually includes pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, apple pie, and this Cool-Whip and Oreo concoction that my cousin makes.

14 Warming Thanksgiving Soups That Just Might Steal the Spotlight

My family has a winter vegetable soup (mostly squash, often parsnips and sweet potatoes, etc.) that's always been one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house. That stuff is the reason why I got a stick blender, so I could make it (or something similar) myself.

Cooking With John

This was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing.

Eat All the Alliums: 8 Thanksgiving Onion, Leek, and Shallot Recipes

Every year, my dad makes braised cipollini onions for Thanksgiving, and we DEVOUR them. All of these look good, though. I love me some alliums.

The Secret to Bona Fide Southern Cornbread Is in the Cornmeal

@VeganWithAYoYo - I wonder how it would work if you substituted soy milk with a little acid for the buttermilk, good margarine for the butter, and maybe a mix of aquafaba and some extra margarine for the whole eggs (to replace the proteins and fat from them)?

Step-by-Step: How to Make a Pumpkin Cheesecake With a Gingersnap Crust

Those candied walnuts are actually kind of nostalgic for me: my grandma used to make candied walnuts similar to those ones for Christmas Eve, when we'd have appetizers and drinks at her place before going to my aunt's down the street for dinner. I hadn't thought about them in a while. Now I want to make some, in her memory!

Pappa al Pomodoro: The Tuscan Tomato Soup for Every Season

I always used to put chunks of leftover bread into my tomato soup!

Step-by-Step: How to Make a Perfect Apple Pie

Thank you, @Smeg! I would have had to say it if you didn't.

The Case for Bad Coffee

This reminds me of the cheap red wine I'd drink when home from college, sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen while my dad finished washing the dishes and we listened to jazz on NPR. He'd tell me stories about when he was in New Zealand with the Navy, and then get the photographs he took there down from the attic to show me. Or the cheap red wine my friends and I drank at parties in their tiny little student apartment in Galway, the year I studied abroad. I felt so bohemian, drinking wine out of coffee mugs around their little coal fire while we listened to folk music. Or the cheap red wine I drank by myself after pouring a slug into the pasta sauce I was making. It was an impractically large pot of it considering my boyfriend was away on deployment and not around to help me eat it, but a nice gesture towards self-care when I was feeling alone.

Sometimes deep memories can form around tastes that are really nothing special, and those memories can elevate them ever after. Thanks for writing this article.