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Taste Test: British Digestives

@roboppy: But they ARE. They ARE like crackers and cookies mixed together.

@AJStewart: >.< I wish they'd done a round up on the jammier and more chocolaty biscuits. I am such a peon when it comes to biscuits. MOAR chocolate! MOAR sugar!

Taste Test: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

On the Target Market Pantry cookies -- funny, since just a few months ago, I was testing oreo wannabes, too! -- I had a markedly different experience here in Los Angeles, where the air is much drier.

When comparing to Oreo, Joe Joe's (STALE! They're good for a day before going south) and Whole Foods 365, it was the lightest, crispiest cookie. SUPER crispy. Like... almost as crispy as a fried cracker, so I'm SUPER surprised by the "dense and chewy" and "hard to chew" comments.

My issue with the Market Pantry cookies were that they weren't dense enough and lacked the firmness of a Nabisco Oreo.

365 Whole Foods must be the greasiest, oiliest fillings, but otherwise not a horrible cookie. If you can get past the taste of canola oil.

But yeah, Oreos hands down. I swear to God, they must put MSG in that sh*t!

And the Market Pantry cookies must vary depending upon the humidity of the area. (NYC can get kinda dank and schweaty, if you know what I mean.) They get soggy in milk real fast because they're so airy/crispy.

Things I Learned While Working on the Kogi BBQ Taco Truck

The piece was written back in January. It was 38 degrees back then, no heat and onLy the stove to warm us!!! CaLifornia beach bunnies or not, that's fricken COLD!!!

Most people wear just a sweatshirt or just a tee because too many layers sLow down the process and sLeeves get aLL grody with taco juices.

On Banning Photography from Restaurants



Seriously -- "banning photography from restaurants" is not an issue, it's more specific than that. It's "banning photography from high-end, upscale restaurants."

Etiquette and protocol for enjoying your restaurant experience is so friggin bourgeois, I find it as a turn-off.

That said -- when in Rome... So when in an egotistically-charged, rockstar headlining eats place, ok -- mebbe I can understand the upside-down smile. They want the food to be eaten, not be visually dissected like a zoo animal.

THAT said, if we're PAYING that much for a meal, why are we not allowed to snap a photo? It's MINE, I ORDERED it. Plus, food photography and pornography does play a heavy role in whetting the appetites of those who are attracted to come that such a high-end or gem-of-a-find establishment. Chances are, it's a special occasion, and camera clickers just want to document and share the joy.

Sigh, sigh, and SIGH. Unabashed joy be banned. It must be restrained enjoyment.

THAT said... I DO think there can be something to an effect of a compromise.

Like a smoking, non-smoking section, there can be a photography-non-photography section of a restaurant.

The thing is -- it's also not taking the patron's enjoyment into account if the patron is made to feel dirty and unwanted as soon as he or she whips out a camera. It's not filling the air with cancer or horribly, horribly loud.

At the same time, I can see how the chef or waitstaff (at very specific KINDS of eateries) would see it as an obnoxious sort of phenomenon... I GUESS... urrrrgh.

But in the end, there should be some kind of consensus.

Yeah, Chang can say, "It's FOOD. EAT IT." at the same time, patrons can also say, "It's FOOD. COOK IT." Yeah. Don't think that'd go over too well with the chef, me thinks.

In the end, it's a battle of control/egos as well. Chang and co want their patrons to enjoy food a certain way and some of the patrons of the food blogging breed feel a fundamental way of enjoying the food is to document it and waxing poetic (or NOT) about what was eaten.

Best Boba Teahouses in Southern Cali

I think it's very telling that

1) all the boba houses listed are chains
2) the correspondent is based in Washington DC

Not that Tea Station is bad or that Lollicup is horrible -- they're alright, but anybody who regularly drinks boba knows that they've had better. Even the Guppy House is better than what's listed above.

::shakes head::

Wouldn't it make more sense anyway for a DC-based correspondent to give us all the skinny on the best boba joints in DC?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Bacon of the Month Club

Crisp and diced with veggies, pliant when wrapped over meat.


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