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The Daily Artichoke

oops sorry. just trying to help out a friend. just ignore it then. don't know how to delete this though

New Kitchen Obsession

That site "lekue" is making me drool.....if i had a million dollars, i would spend most of it on kitchen utensils.

Food myths

hold on, so for the fish myths, any dairy but butter can be eaten with fish? must test these myths!

Food myths

huh? interesting myths! never knew half of these. thanks everybody.

Four random ingredients, one course...

hey, i'm doing my best here. i've done a few but haven't posted it just yet. will do soon. i just want to make sure it's good. oh, my new blog is it's a better blog site in my opinion, but soon! it is coming...

Four random ingredients, one course...

well, the four ingredients i'm asking you are ones that i have to absolutely put, however i will be incorporating other ingredients to marry them all together.

Four random ingredients, one course...

haha. you're never too late. heck, you can list things as long as you want! this will be keeping me busy all year!

Four random ingredients, one course...

Thank you so much! I'm gonna have fun with these! but it'll take time, of course, so i'll tell you all when I have finished the dishes!

Four random ingredients, one course...

Thanks! These are really interesting stuff to work with! Haha. No, no time restraints. Lucky me huh? Lol. But if I do become quite an acclaimed chef one day, I hope, maybe I'll try competing! Thanks again!

A memorable anniversary dinner for parents...

They like to eat everything and budget, well...less than fifty bucks.

Pad See-Ew

I love this dish. In Malaysia, its called Fried Kuey Teow and it can be prepared in many different ways depending on what you want. We do have broccoli however it's not the preferred vegetable in the dish. Usually we would put spring onions/scallions or chinese mustard leaves (sawi) and even put seafood such as shrimp, squid, and even cockles. There is not actually a specific dark soy sauce. It's just the brand names are different but they all have about the same taste. What's important is the texture which would end in the result you want.


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