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Pittsburgh-style pizza: is this accurate?

healthytouch101, thanks so much for that (how DID I miss that in the regional styles post?!?). Any idea where it started, eastern Ohio or Pittsburgh?

lastbatch, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for: more places to visit to eat more of this amazing pizza! Thanks so much!

Hawk, buffetbuster from Roadfood mentioned a place in WV with this style; I'll get back to you...

Best Ice Cream in New England: Roadfood's Search

Yes, we did visit Kimball Farms...and could not believe their HUGE portions! All 50 places just simply couldn't fit in the short article above! For the full list, check out and click on The Best New England Ice Cream!

Best Ice Cream in New England: Roadfood's Search

We used to swear that Ashley's Coffee Oreo was quite possibly the greatest single scoop of ice cream ever made, so we certainly hear you! After visiting so many ice cream shops around New England though, it still ranks highly but just isn't at the very top of our list.

The best part of doing the ice cream tour was finding out all of these additional suggestions from everyone! We are hoping to visit a bunch more (in a less formal sort of way!) in the future!


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