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Our Favorite Dried Seafood Snacks

From kimchi-flavored dried scallop gills to vacuum-packed salted fish slices, there's a wide variety of seafood snacks out there. But in my book, it all boils down to two: shredded squid and dried fish. We tasted our way through Chinatown's available brands in a search for the very best of each. More

This Week in Recipes

Macaroni and cheese waffles, ultra-smashed cheeseburgers, white chocolate-dipped lemon macaroons, and more sweet, savory, and satisfying recipes we made this week! More

Does Refrigeration Really Ruin Bread?

I kept baguettes in the freezer for half a year wrapped in plastic wrap inside a tight plastic bag. Recently unloaded them to use--they were still spongy, not too hard. I steamed them until soft to "restore" the moisture (did the same with my old refrigerated rockl-like ciabatta) then popped them back in the oven to re-crisp the outside crust. Works really well but needs that extra steam work.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

That Snyder's swag is on the piñata!

Our Favorite Dried Seafood Snacks

@knici I've never dipped these snacks in mayo before, must try...

@missmochi That box of dried cuttlefish sounds like a box of happiness, did you find any distinctive flavors?

What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

I third (or whatever number of mentions) Ippudo. That price is just not worth it. Maybe Momofuku (I haven't been, nor do I plan anytime soon because of mixed reviews + incessant complain about its prices).

Chinese Cooking 101: How to Marinate Meat for Stir Fries

I wash mine too, something I learned from my parents. I would like to say it's an Asian thing (but I'm not sure if it is). We wash our rice, vegetables and meat. I do it to get rid of any surface bacteria/dirt or the extra blood oozing out. The extra blood creates unwanted protein blood curds when cooked. Also, you never know what hands have touched the meat or if it dropped to the floor during packaging and was slapped back into the package.

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

This had me lol'ing : Max is frustrated. I offer no solace; I just go, "That sucks." Thanks for the good chuckle!

Where's the Best Oyster Happy Hour in NYC?

Lure Fishbar - happy hour shucked oysters at $1.50 ea & drinks all under $8.

The Best (Mostly Cheap) Eats on St. Marks Place in the East Village

@lacerise S'Mac is still around, it's on 12th street, not St. Marks.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Brian Tsao's Flushing

Rumor has it that Flushing Mall will be closing soon for a parking lot... not sure if the rumors are true but try the "Ah Zhong Mian Xian" stall before it goes. As for bubble tea, Quickly's bubbles/tapioca are not the best in Flushing anymore, even though they have reigned supreme for a while. Nowadays, Kungfu Tea is the best for bubble tea.

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