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Drink This Now: Pestle Tea

definitely a rare sight in the states; it's more commonly known as lei cha:

Bronx Eats: Destination-Worthy Tamales & More From Tamales Ebenezer, Mott Haven

i love this thread because . . . . I wrote up on Neo and his tamales many years ago on Chowhound, and it got seen by James Boo, who then did a little thing on The Eaten Path, which then got blown up a lil' bit on SE and, here we are, one author removed. Years later, I still stop by whenever I am in the neighborhood (about once a month) and pick up a half-dozen tamales at minimum; they are still doin' it. I haven't seen that chivo before though; insane.

A Pizza My Mind: The World Should Have More Garlic Knots

best knots are in Elmhurst, at Gino's, the old-style place at 86-35 Broadway. They do mini-pies but the knots are amazing.

Biang!, the Restaurant from Xi'an Famous Foods: A Younger, Modern Edge to Flushing

"biang" was a slang term big in taiwan maybe 15 years ago but it was only big for about a year, basically means "cool" or "awesome" or "slick" like, that guy is so biang, he must get all the chicks. funnee.

Lunch Today: New Malaysia

I used to think New Malaysia was Ol' Faithful but I really don't like the food there anymore and basically gave up on Chinatown Malaysian. Taste Good is the current standard-bearer, unless you want to go upscale (worth it) and go to Laut.

Indonesian food? Java Village is extremely low-key although they hooked up their dining room and is the best of the lot, better than those 3 elmhurst places unfortunately; upi jaya was a disappointment; minang asli with its new management is no good and Mie Jakarta is no longer fresh. The only place to get good Indonesian is at the summer outdoor bazaar at the Astoria mosque (

What's Next for LaFrieda? Decipher This Ad

maybe an app where you, as a restauranteur, can order your own blend, adjusting the amounts of fat, lean, sirloin, etc. with cute iphone gestures and then sending that over to pick up/deliver the next day, etc.

Searching For the Best Pandebono in Queens

ivy7577, I passed a place in upper manhattan called Cachapas y Mas on Dyckman but I dunno if that is literally what they sell there versus . . . . mas. but I do love the one from Caracas Arepa Bar.

indeed, I do like the place on 82nd street, a storefront or two away from the movie theater (the one with 4 ovens going at all times); it's a different one from the brazilian ones in astoria and I do recall having the Calle Ocho ones that were in their "bread" basket during brunch. my sister always used to get these from a brazilian place in astoria, I wonder if that is the one listed above.

The Best Ramen in New York City


Souen, the macrobiotic joint, opened a ramen shop on east 6th, deep in the mix of all the indian places. reviews are so-so but definitely, they've got the non-meat varieties down.

The Best Ramen in New York City

is the mega-ton ramen at hide-chan not worth getting? I'm tempted cuz . . . it's big and it's $15 but will it have the same components as their hakata ramen?

my last ramen at terakawa was kinda lame unfortunately. but until I try hide-chan, ippudo has been tops so far.

Exploring Asian Cuisines in Queens: Asian Feastival

there is also fresh kaya to be had at Curry Leaf in Flushing (40th road, I think).

Where to Buy Indian Ingredients in New York City

great report; I love going to jheights and making my rounds between haat bazaar, apna, subzi and patel bros.

The Best Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York

fire and ice land number one? I thought their ice was alright; bit too granular. You should give the ice at Yi Jia a try; they only have one flavor, "ba-bao" or eight-treasure but it gets a bit monotonous since its mostly different jellies, but their ice is done perfectly. if you went there and just asked for red bean, condensed milk and grass jelly, it would make a fine ice.

mellie's glass plate definitely looks fancier, but I still found their stuff to be too watery. great survey though, good call on hitting up the bakeries for their shave ice although many of them seems to be selling shave ice from the same "kit" that comes with the same toppings and even the same marketing poster.

still, there must be other contenders, I can't imagine that Fire Ice Land's shave ice can be number 1.

Seriously Asian: Amaranth Greens

just like this recipe, I too am seriously asian and I endorse this recipe; this is grandma stuff; take notes.

Serious Salad: Patriotic Presidential Potato Salad

roasted sweet potato (diced into 3/4" cubes) + celery diced + red onion diced + jalape├▒o diced + balsamic + olive oil + walnuts. it's simple and killer.

A Sunset Park Taco Crawl

suadero is my new favorite for sure; I believe campechano is not so much a meat mix but usually a mix of typical non-offal meat, e.g. chorizo and carnitas, mixed, or something like that.

Guerrilla Ice Cream: A New Cart With Flavors Inspired by Social Movements

amazing flavors, that's awesome; I really hope they can be consistently located somewhere, I'd definitely hit up all those flavors.

What's Your Favorite Chinese/Taiwanese Shaved Ice?

myinnerfatty; the snow ice does not exist in NYC. and why wouldn't it? seems almost silly that someone doesn't do that, seriously. luckily, I'm going to taiwan in a month; yes!

otherwise, stick with koryodang's similar patbingsu; there just ain't no good bao-bing place around and I've tried to hunt down a good one every summer to no avail. if anything, try Yi Jia in Flushing, on Kissena Blvd for a simple one.

Japanese Curry Rice

this is a crazy recipe right here:

I've not attempted it yet.

Sunday Brunch: Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

i usually do a triple-slice if the bagel is fat enough, esp. on an inferior bagel where toasting is necessary. for crunch geeks, it's fairly obvious the reason: more surface area!

International Hot Dog Search, Part Two

there must be a ramen variation that proudly touts hot dogs as an ingredient or, is that strictly a dorm/bachelor thing?

The Forest Hills Festival of the Arts: A Queens Tradition

i would have attended but well, no publicity, at least in neighboring rego park. was it different than the typical corporate crap? I bet there was still a mozzarepa® vendor.

Greatest Hits of 'A Sandwich A Day': Top 6 Vegetarian Sandwiches

why is that pylos sandwich listed here if it has meat in it?

A Sandwich a Day: Greek Grilled Cheese at Pylos

why is this listed in vegetarian sandwiches if it has meat in it?


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