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Do you have a food project for 2010?

I think this sounds like a great idea! My project is to spend more time in the kitchen. I LOVE eating, but am not as well versed in the cooking aspect. Good luck with your project!


Hi, thanks for your help. I googled it and found someone on yelp (I think) that said it ran about $3K for four people, including drinks and everything. I think the least you could spend was something like $370/person. Anyways, good to know. I'll start saving my pennies.

Any Web Designers out there?

Thanks so much. I have definitely been making much use of the help ticket system. I just don't want people over there to hate me :) because I keep sending tickets. Thanks again, I will check out that link and email you directly if I have any questions!

Any Web Designers out there?

I initially set my blog up on blogger but recently switched it to Typepad. I liked my template and everything on blogger but had heard from a number of people that typepad is more user-friendly and offers more options. Currently I am just frustrated with it, but I am sure that's because I don't really understand how to use it. I want to do certain things with the formatting but am struggling to figure out how. I thought maybe someone here would be more familiar with it and would be able to lend a helping hand.

Freaking Out, Can't Find Blog

Hi, Thanks so much for your responses. Luckily I was able to get my blogger account back and am now discussing with the people at typepad about how to more efficiently move over to typepad. Do you suggest typepad ovet blogger? I am new the the blogging world. My current url is I look forward to hearing frm you. Thanks again for your help!

Got a Per Se reservation- have questions

yes, definitely see if they'll give you a tour. The kitchen is awesome and has a live video of the French Laundry.

Dinner in East Village?

I would try Supper (2nd and A), Caracas (7th btwn 1st and A), Max (B btwn 3rd and 4th), Veselka, Criff Dogs (yum!).... there are soo many!

Halloween Punch & Other Treats

Thanks for your responses. I was thinking more like appetizers and sweet treats, ie, dips and cookies, etc. Hope that is helpful. Thanks again!

Bagels & Pizza in the East Village

For food on the go, I usually go to Nicky's (Bahn Mi on 2nd St/Ave A), Snack Dragon (3rd St/Ave B), Solo Pizza (Ave B btwn B and C), Piada (Clinton/Houston), Cafe Rhaka (Ave B/3rd St and one on St. Marks), Caracas on 7th btwn 1st and A has a to go part I think. Sorry, those are a little further Southeast but still very good. Ohh, also, Puebla and Downtown Bakery (two different mexican place with the same menu about a block a part) on 1st Ave around 4th.

Halloween Punch & Other Treats

My apologies for not including this in the initial post... it's an adult party. Thanks!

Blanking on Dinner

I love ham and cheese, but unfortunately, it's not kosher (the whole meat and dairy thing, on top of ham being pig). I saw a recipe on SE last year for a pretzel crusted chicken. I made it and it was delicious! I would try that. Good luck!

7th Street and 1st Ave

This block is amazing. I second everyone's feeling about Pylos, Caracas, 7A, Porchetta, and now Luke's. Also, we shouldn't forget Desnuda, with they're delicious ceviche and truffle oil popcorn.

Book Giveaway: Mike Colameco's Food Lover's Guide to NYC

I would go with Puebla or Downtown Bakery (basically the same place). I also really like Piada in the LES, although that may not be "of the radar". Nicky's is awesome for Bahn Mi.

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

@ fieryfudge - great! email me at to discuss.

So far there haven't been a lot of responses via email and I'd like to get the email group going so please email if you're interested.

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

@FeliciaLovesFood - I hope you're still interested in developing this. After all, you started the post! Shoot me an email. Hope to hear from you soon!

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

Nope, not just 7. At that point only 7 had responded. Feel free to send me an email at and tell me a little about your food taste. The group is still developing and it would be neat to have people with different backgrounds. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

I found a clip about the segment in Seattle....
"I sent the following e-mail to Tony Bourdain's people:

"Flying under the radar of the authorities...this (underground restaurant) is where Seattle chefs come to play! The clientele is sophisticated foodies who appreciate all the chef's creativity--no worrying about profit margins or what will sell. Two nights a month, this crowd gathers, underground at an undisclosed location, for pure culinary magic! "

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

Additionally, I think the idea would be to get an small email group (I started one on gmail) outside of seriouseasts to keep this a more exclusive/small/private group. Thoughts?

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

That is an option that I'd consider. I really enjoyed the concept in the Bourdain No Reservations Pacific Northwest episode. I wish I could locate a good description of it online, but I can't. Basically it was a group with a varied background who met occassionally to eat and present different concepts. They fix an elaborate dinner that everyone contributes to one way or another.

This group could meet at underground restaurants, restaurants in general, etc etc.

I think the main idea is to get a small group together of people in NYC who are interested in exploring the foodie scene here, but in a more "underground" fashion.

Is that correct, FeliciaLoveFood?

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

Email me at and we can discuss limitations, size of the group, etc. Since we are still only 7 members we should be able to shape this however we want.

Eating Fruit for Dinner

@ dbcurrie - Yeah it's not the most comfortable/enjoyable thing I've put myself through, but ohh well. What's 7 days?!

I love beans, but unfortunately the diet requires you avoid them because they tend to be high in calories, even though they're good for you.

Being someone who truly enjoyes eating almost anything, this is tough, but day one is almost over.

Thanks for the help!

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

@ FeliciaLovesFood, alainakunin, simon, Lorenzo -

If you're interested, should we set up an email for our small group. One of us, I can volunteer, can provide their email address, you can email me and I will set up an email group of the 2, 3, 4 + of us who are interested and we can go from there, rather than on this public post. Let me know what you think and I'll send my email in my next post to this chain.

Eating Fruit for Dinner

@ dbcurrie - Yeah, I'm definitely going to be hungry. Good idea with the potato. I forgot, I'm actually allowed a backed potato with a "pat" of butter. Sounds delightul (NOT).

Anyways, thanks for the suggestions, and yes, corn is allowed =)

Anyone Interested in Starting an Underground Supper Club in NYC?

@ simon, @ Lorenzo - I agree


This sounds like the Seattle Bourdain episode and the group I was so jealous of. Let me know how you'd like to implement this.


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